Oily Mama

Have you heard of essential oils? I’m sure you have. I feel like they’re part of every mom’s arsenal lately. At least it seems that way. Well, like many people, I was wary of trying something new, something seemingly very hippie, granola, whatever you want to call it. But after a few of my good friends started using essential oils I decided to try them myself. And let’s just say I was hooked. Like instantly. I now use oils for everything.

Here’s a picture of my stash. I may have a slight addiction. But I use all of them I promise!


Here’s a short list of how I use oils every single day:

  • for kids – Young Living has a kids line and I use them every single day. Oils to sleep, owies, sniffles, and upset bellies. My boys ask for their oils, especially when they get an owie!
  • skincare – oils on my face every night for even, clear skin; also for breakouts
  • wellness – oils on our feet and in the diffuser to promote healthy immune systems
  • sleep – SLEEP! This is the big one y’all! I use oils for the boys every single night. And they actually sleep. I put oils on their feet (actually they do it themselves) and in a diffuser in their room. And they sleep! Also for myself because I too love sleep
  • respiratory support – who doesn’t like to breathe?! Guess what? There’s an oil for that. Actually lots of oils for that. I have roll-ons, homemade creams, kids oils, diffuser recipes, and the list goes on. But I can breathe and oils help!
  • calmness – yes. Calmness can be achieved. Turns out you can’t make toddlers not act like toddlers, but oils can help. They help keep me calmer and take a deep breath. One of my favorite oils . . . stress away. It’s called stress away. They could have just named it after me.
  • pain relief – I’m a crazy runner so my legs hurt quite often. I use a premade roll-on I use almost every night. And a pain cream. Think Icy-Hot but waaayyy better.

I started with a Premium Starter Kit. It comes with 10 of the most popular oils, a diffuser, and samples. And it’s an amazing deal. Here’s what you get in the starter kit!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From there I basically order a wellness box every month. I love learning how to make my home healthier, using more natural products. So I do a lot of research. Turns out, in almost every instance #theresanoilforthat. So I’m constantly adding to my oily stash. Also, it turns out I like making things. I’ve made roll-ons, creams, bath salts, sugar scrubs, and even face masks! And I love to share so if you have questions please ask! Ready to get started? Just click here.

Oh and guess what?! Young Living is more than just oils. My favorite non-oil thing is definitely Ningxia Red. What’s Ningxia Red? Well it look like blood, tastes like heaven, and provides total antioxidant support. With some essential oils included of course.


I use Young Living protein powder, post-workout amino support, supplements and vitamins too. I love it.

Oh AND natural, chemical-free makeup! Savvy Minerals is amazing! It’s pretty new but I’ve already switched my powder, mineral veil, bronzer and eyeshadow and I’m still adding to my collection! Want some for yourself? Hit me up.DSC_9546

So let me know if you want to know more or if you want to start your oily journey. Click on this link HERE to learn more or to get started, or just email me and I’ll answer any questions you have and/or walk you through the process to get started!


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