Halloween 17

Halloween was soooo fun this year! The boys loved everything about Halloween. They loved the trick-or-treating, the candy, the decorations, witches, pumpkins, all of it. Which is why we still have witches in the living room (did you sing Snoop Dogg in your head when you read that? Because I did. And now you did too. So you’re welcome). Mason is OBSESSED with witches. He chose “Room on the Broom” for his bedtime book every night for the entire month of October (and the days since then too). I went to buy him a witch a few weeks back and they only had tiny decorative witches at Hobby Lobby. You know, the ones they are acrylic and they say “not a toy” on them. Yeah that’s what I got him.


He loved her. But she was tiny. And she broke. Of course. Because she’s “not a toy.” But then my friends it was like the Halloween gods heard Mason’s wish and they presented him with a newer, bigger, freer witch. He loves his witch. And don’t mess with her. He’ll yell at you. And what will he say you might ask? Well of course he’ll say “buzz off! That’s my witch!” Because that’s what you say when someone messes with your witch.


We did all of the Halloween fun things this year. We went to the pumpkin patch. #sobasic. We went to the Fall Festival at the boys’ school. We went to our neighborhood party. So fun. We went to Boo at the Zoo. And of course we went trick-or-treating! And I have pictures of all of it. Mostly pictures of my uncooperative children. But still pictures.

Fall Festival

The boys’ new school has a Fall Festival. This was our first time. The boys loved it. They were a little scared of the animals though. Logan refused to even go in. And James thought the bunnies were terrifying. That’s right. Bunnies. Tiny rabbits.



And they had face paint!

Pumpkin Patch Fun

We’ve been going to Motley’s every year since we moved to Little Rock. We took Addison when she was little and still thought pumpkins were cool. The weather here this year was horrible so we had a hard time finding the right time to go. Of course it was humid and gross the day we went. And it rained on us for like 4 minutes. But we still had so much fun.

We watched the pig races, fed some farm animals, tried to take some nice fall family group photos (see how well that turned out), rode a hay ride, jumped on a giant pillow thing, rode the cow train, and only bought 4 tiny pumpkins.


Halloween Party – Cul-de-sac Edition

We have a big Halloween party for our neighbors every year. And we look forward to it every year. Thank you so much Don and Tracy for loving Halloween as much as you do! Seriously, Mason, Logan and James asked to go see Mr. Don’s decorations every day on the way home from school. So we did. And almost every single day Mr. Don was outside. Luckily we’re friends. Otherwise it might have gotten awkward. Ha! But anyways, the party was amazing. Usually the moms have a little dance party where we sing and dance to Bohemian Rhapsody (and other great dance songs). This year we added a group costume.


That’s right. Spice girls, 2017 reunion, cul-de-sac edition. I loved it. And I rocked that wig the whole night,


The boys dressed up too of course. They picked their own costumes this year. I was sad because I wanted matching. But this was close enough.


And I made graveyard dip. See I am a little crafty. And I make good dip.


And a few more party pics


And the girls sang Bohemian Rhapsody this year. They practiced apparently.


I just love these girls. It’s been so fun watching them grow up together.

Boo at the Zoo

We almost didn’t make it to the zoo this year. But we finally made it happen. On October 30, the day before Halloween. The boys loved it. I think they’ll love it more next year. It was dark so I didn’t get many pictures, but here’s a few.


And finally the main event . . .

Trick or Treating!!!

James was really into it. He was definitely the leader of this group. He even said trick or treat and thank you at most houses!


Mason declared it a Halloween success! I told him he could have 1 more piece of candy. He already had a sucker so he decided to have . . . 2 suckers!


And Logan somehow managed to take a tiny pumpkin from someone’s porch. Oops! Sorry!

We didn’t manage to carve our pumpkins this year. We bought them. Big ones to carve and small ones to paint. We now have 2 large pumpkins and 4 small pumpkins that are still just pumpkins. Oh well! The boys did carve a pumpkin at school at least! They told me the insides were slimy. So I guess it was a hands-on lesson.


We did make Halloween cookies! Addison and I made the cookies and the frosting ahead and then I let the boys make their own. With knives. No one died. No injuries even. Except the minor heart attack Brian had when he saw three 3 year olds with knives.

And it may be November but we’re still celebrating Halloween. This was this morning.