Runner Down!

What do you call yourself when you’re a runner who can’t run?! Really sad. That’s basically the best description. But don’t worry . . .  I’ll be back!

I knew it was bad when my ortho dr. called me on Saturday morning. And it was. Way worse than I expected. So what did I do you’re probably wondering? Well . . . I have stress fractured not 1, not 2, but 6 (that’s SIX) bones in my foot. Special. I’ve always been an overachiever. And I guess my injuries are no exception. I ran on it for 3 weeks, about 60-70 miles, after I first hurt it. That probably didn’t help things.

So now I have to use crutches and a walking boot for 6 weeks. Completely non-weight bearing. So that’s fun.


As a runner my first question was “now what can I do?” And the answer was basically nothing. But not exactly nothing. I can swim. I can swim but I can’t kick. I have to use a Pull Buoy, which I learned is a foam flotation device that you hold between your legs to immobilize your legs. Also I can do weight training as long as it doesn’t require standing. No yoga, no barre, no squats, and of course no running or walking.

So I went out and bought a swimsuit. A one piece. And it’s a Speedo. But that’s not even the best part of my one-piece swimsuit story. I pulled up to the store (Academy Sports in Benton – super nice people) and a guy sees me getting out of my car and offers to bring me the motorized cart. I kindly declined. No thanks. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He had it waiting for me when I got inside. And he basically MADE me get in it. So here I am motoring around the sporting goods store shopping for a one-piece. In my work clothes.


But I did find a one-piece. After trying on at least 6.


I got this one. Dressing room selfies are cool right? Ha! Only if I’m laughing at myself. Which was definitely happening in this dressing room. I haven’t worn a one-piece since I was probably 9.


And I got an awesome mirror selfie on the motorized cart. The first picture didn’t show my face and I was informed by multiple friends that it was not acceptable documentation of this amazing shopping experience.


I had to back up to get the mirror selfie. Which caused some loud beeping. Because of course the motorized cart beeps when you go in reverse. Someone definitely saw me. I’m basically over being embarrassed luckily. Thanks kids.

Turns out swimming is hard. Luckily the cover is still on the pool so not many people see this disaster. I’m getting better thanks to a super nice cousin and the swim coach at the Athletic Club who has given me a few pointers.


In other related news: If you’ve never used crutches consider yourself lucky. It’s basically the worst thing ever. Not to make light of actual disabilities, but I’m basically disabled. I feel like Michael Scott from The Office. I can’t do ANYTHING with crutches. Seriously. Nothing. Like I can’t carry my own coffee. Luckily Brian is an amazing husband and he’s taken over pretty much 100% of the family/household duties. I hope he doesn’t hate me before this is over.

Among the struggles with crutches . . . carrying a purse. Yep. My purse presents an extra obstacle. So I ordered myself 2 backpacks. One casual. One fancy-ish. The first one came today and Mason decided it belongs to him. Ha! He eventually gave it back after informing me at least 10 times that it’s too big for him.

I’ve also done a few home workouts. Otis isn’t a fan.


So I’m a few weeks in of no running and I’m super sad. I miss it. I never thought I’d miss running, but I do. I’m crazy. I’m hoping 4 more weeks of non-weight bearing, then 1 week weight bearing, and then I can start running again. At the beginning. I’m missing 2 races between now and the end of May. Hopefully I’ll be back and ready for another 1/2 marathon this fall. But for now I’ll hobble around on 1 foot and swim.

Potty Training Triplets

Potty training triplets is probably one of the worst parts of having triplets. Trust me. Potty training sucks. For one kid. Potty training times three is definitely not for the weak. But I have good news! It can be done! I’ve learned a few things so I figured I’ll share. Because of course I love to share. Disclaimer though: we’re not perfect. And there’s no right or wrong way. Even though we were pretty successful, we’re not completely potty trained. I think it’s safe to say James is fully potty trained. But Lolo still poops in his pants. Pretty much every day. Mason JUST figured out pooping like last week. And they all still have accidents. So it’s still a work in progress.

We tried several approaches before we found one that ultimately worked for all 3. We tried casually introducing the potty first. Huge failure. They hated it. They started using potties at school last fall. And by “using potties” I mean they had them in the classroom and sometimes they looked at them.

About 6 months after we introduced potties at home and school, Mason caught on at school so we started sending him to school in undies. Everyone said “oh once one gets it the other two will imitate and catch right on.” Well guess what? Everyone lied. Or they don’t have triplets so they should offer opinions on these types of matters. Needless to say, Mason has been wearing undies for several months. No one wanted to be like Mason though so we had to do something else. 

Next we tried the “just send them to school in undies and they’ll hate being wet” method. Guess what? Didn’t work. Logan gave zero f**ks (edited for the old people ya know) about being wet. This method resulted in me cleaning out like 9 sets of shorts and undies each night.  Shoot me now. Seriously I threw away so many undies.

So what ultimately worked? I know you’re dying to know. If you’re still reading. NAKED POTTY TRAINING. Seriously. Naked potty training is THE. WAY. TO. GO. Trust me. Just do it.

So you’re probably wondering what naked potty training entails. Well, it’s pretty simple. The kids stay naked and you watch for tells and direct them to the potty when you notice they need to go. We picked up on the tells pretty quickly. You’re supposed to carry them to the potty even mid stream if you catch them in the act. This leads to some trails of pee but it does work. The thinking behind naked potty training is that kids can feel that they need to go when they aren’t wearing clothes. My kids are much less likely to pee on the floor while naked than if they’re wearing undies.

Technically most naked potty training programs (like the Oh Crap method) entail a 3 day boot camp. And you don’t introduce undies for a while. We didn’t have 3 days. And I’m pretty sure free ballin isn’t daycare approved. So … we did 2 days of naked potty training.


James caught on at the end of Day 1. No accidents Day 2. (And for the record I didn’t allow him to wear rain boots until he stopped peeing everywhere). Day 3 was Monday and he had no accidents at school. Y’all this is a kid who had pottied like 2 times ever. And I’m sure each time was an accident. Oh and James discovered that he can pee standing up. So that’s fun. He’s learned to aim though so that’s super helpful. Any by aim I mean he at least attempts to get it all in the potty. So I guess that’s better than lots of guys. 

He tried this method too. Luckily he quickly abandoned this method. IMG_8150

Logan peed in the potty at the end of Day 2 one time. But 2 days later he stayed dry all day at school. And Mason was already somewhat potty trained when we did the naked weekend.

We ended up doing a second naked weekend about a month after the first one because we had some regression. And by “we” I mean Brian. I was out of town. NOT potty training my kids. Get yourself a Brian when potty training time comes. You can’t have mine though. He’s mine. After the second weekend of naked time we’re almost completely trained.

One downside to naked potty training – James discovered that he likes being naked. In the afternoons when we get home, he tells me “I wanna be naked” and takes all of his clothes off.  Chances are, if you come to my house, at least one of my kids will be naked. Also, they’ve rubbed their little balls and penises on everything. So if that bothers you maybe don’t come over. Ha! Some day I’ll have a clean house without boy parts out on display.

Some tips/life lessons/fun facts on potty training:

  1. Just. Go. Naked. 
  2. You cannot have too many potties. And you definitely shouldn’t require that all potty-ing must occur in the bathroom. My kids will seek out their potty of choice. And it’s never the same one.
  3. Bribery works. My kids got 2 skittles, 2 jelly beans, 2 m&ms, whatever for going potty. They can pick their own candy from the “purple bowl” for poop. James sometimes picks raisins. I haven’t told him those aren’t candy. They’ve recently discovered the Lindor truffles in the purple bowl. So I expect that those will be gone soon.
  4. Don’t let your kid/kids have your phone during potty time. They’ll never get up. And definitely don’t let them watch egg videos on YouTube. If you’ve never seen these egg videos consider yourself lucky. In case you’re wondering, it’s an adult opening Easter eggs to find toys inside. Sometimes the eggs are covered in play doh. It’s as horrible as it sounds. 
  5. Take your potty with you when you leave the house. My kids refused to sit on public toilets for a while. So that’s fun. But they will sit on a potty in the van like it’s totally normal.
  6. And speaking of public toilets . . . they don’t catch boy pee so you have to teach them to point it down. Mason is a pro. The other 2 not so much. James sometimes expects us to hold him hovering over the big toilet so he doesn’t have to sit down.
  7. Cleaning: I rinse out undies with hand soap. Soak in a sink with thieves household cleaner if I’m not washing kids laundry that day. And clean floors with thieves household cleaner too. Hardwoods and carpets. Seriously thieves cleaner is amazing. I mean it. Same cleaner on all surfaces. Safe for my kids. Gets all the things clean and non stinky. 
  8. Poop undies from school go in the trash. Again. Trust me. It’s not worth it. Buy more. 
  9. Boxer briefs on little boys are the cutest thing ever. I got mine at and I love them. Kinda expensive so I’m waiting until they get a little more consistent on the pooping in the potty because I don’t want to throw those away.
  10. Little boys don’t know that they have to aim when standing up. I haven’t figured out how to fix this. Do I teach them to hold their little penis and point it? That seems pretty impossible. There must be a way. Regardless, aiming is clearly not something boys just do (Yeah we all knew that).
  11. If you have stool in your bathroom, little boys will stand on it to pee in the big potty. Standing up of course. And see above. They won’t aim.
  12. Bring paper towels or something to clean up pee when you go out in public. Or your kid will pee in the middle of Sam’s on a Sunday and you’ll have to guard the pee on the floor while also getting paper towels, all while attempting to remain incognito.
  13. Just laugh at the pee everywhere. You have no choice anyway. The other option is to take it personally and get upset. And no one wants that.

Oh and huge bonus. Little boys in undies are adorable. 

So the moral of this story is . . . potty training can be done. It’s a shit show. Literally and figuratively. But it can be done. Don’t forget the wine or whatever you drink. You’ll need it. And my pediatrician told me “every kid ends up potty trained so don’t stress about it.”

Three x Three

Have you ever heard anyone call a three year old a “threenager?” Well it’s a thing. What exactly is a threenager? Well the official definition is this:

Threenager (three-na-ger): a 3-year-old who acts out, pouts, complains, and has the general attitude, angst, and mood swings of a teenager.

And I have three of these. They’re lucky they’re very cute.

And in case you don’t believe that my kids have attitudes, here’s exhibit 1 and exhibit 2:


I also have a real teenager. She fits the definition perfectly.


They do things that make me want to strangle them, run away, drink heavily, and the list goes on. But I just drink. And not so heavily. Just a little.


So the question everyone asks all the time – and I mean ALL. THE. TIME. – is how do we do it. Well here’s a typical day:

We wake up, sometimes before 6 because James hates us and likes to wake up to see the sunrise, and always with Logan in our bed. Yes, we’ve made the switch to toddler beds.


It’s not fun. I don’t recommend it. I bought a wake up clock and set it to 6:20 and that works about half the time. Just for James though. Logan pays no attention to the clock. he does whatever he wants. Anyways, James wakes Mason up (we hear him over the monitor saying “May-May time to get up!”) One morning they were quiet. I should have known better. But I came out and found Mason and James painting. PAINTING. With paint. On my dining room table. Luckily it was Crayola paint and it came right up. But still. Paint. Before I had coffee. They’re trying to kill me. I’m convinced.

Every morning James comes in and demands cereal. Every. Single. Morning. That kid loves cereal. His faves – Crapton Crunch, Fruity Pedals, and Daddy’s Cereal. Logan likes to sleep in so he’s the last one up.


Luckily Brian is a morning person. Me? Not so much. I’ve been told I’m mean in the mornings. I don’t believe it. But now we get up a little earlier than before and we get ready with 3 little people running around. One morning I went to get in the shower and turned around to this:


I couldn’t even be mad. Ha! He thought it was hilarious. Some mornings the boys like to help with makeup.


He has the open mouth thing going and everything.

Mason and James also request spiky hair most mornings. They get to choose between “just in the front” or “all over” spiky hair. And Mason can do Blue Steel. Because he’s awesome like that.

IMG_7932On the way to school we watch movies. They LOVE Zootopia so we watch that one a lot. Logan thinks the bunny’s name is Zootopia. So he says things like “Zootopia’s sad” and “Zootopia fell down.” James knows her actual name is Officer Judy Hopps. I just bought them the movie Cars which they absolutely love too.

You know what else they do in the car? They argue. About everything. Even made up things. Like the type of fake lego cake that James has brought to the car. Or whether it’s raining or not raining. And whether that’s daddy’s car even when they can clearly see that it’s a woman driving. And they claim things as their own. For example, if a firetruck drives by, Logan will yell firetruck! And then claim “that’s my firetruck!” and of course James will want it to be HIS firetruck. Oh and Mason likes to sing songs. Which is awesome and very cute. Except that James does not like when Mason sings songs. Especially when he sings “Down at the Dizzle.” And I can only assume he made this song up because I cannot figure out what it is, where it came from, or if it has any other lyrics. When I asked the boys, James told me “I don’t know. They’re French words.” So yeah. Unhelpful.

Logan also knows where every single excavator is located in the city. He identifies them by yelling EXCAVATOR!!! Very cute. Very very loud.

After school they get a Popsicle if they make it all day in big boy undies without any accidents. On Fridays we still go to Starbucks. They all know this. They don’t always get cake pops though. I let them pick. Mason’s favorite is the octopus cookie. Logan usually gets a chocolate cake pop or a chocolate chip cookie. And James usually gets a pink cake pop. And about half the time he changes his mind AFTER I’ve paid and then he demands that “Mommy change it” so I end up with an extra cake pop. If you live by me and you want a cake pop on Fridays, there’s about a 50% chance I have an extra one.


Oh yes. We’re also potty training. Stay tuned for a separate post about that. Oh and they demand cereal for dinner every night. They don’t like to eat much else. After dinner we take a bath (or shower), watch a little tv (Daniel Tiger or Mickey), then story time, then bed. And by bed I mean we lock them in their room until they fall asleep. Trust me on this one. We tried staying in the room until they fell asleep. Nightmare. This way works better for everyone. We take a lamp in for story time then take it back out with us. And I’ve removed pretty much everything from the room. They have a sound machine, wake up clock, and a diffuser. That’s it. And it’s working. They tend to fall asleep within 15 minutes. And we watch them on the monitor.

One night I looked on the monitor and couldn’t find Logan. So I went in. He was in the chair. Passed out. I’ve found Mason under his bed before. But if they’re asleep, I’m happy. Asleep is really my only goal.

IMG_0431‘As sleepy as this kid is though, he wakes up around 11 every night. Sometimes I’m still up when he wakes up. So he interrupts my only quiet, alone time. Ever. But again, he’s very cute.


Mason and James don’t sleep in my bed if I can help it. They are horrible bed mates. Luckily Mason rarely wakes up and James usually chooses Daddy’s side of the bed.

Here’s a few more pictures from the summer time. I have lots of catching up to do and I’m going to try harder to post more often! For now, more pictures of my kids.




Mason loves socks. Ha! And my shoes. But mostly my socks. When people ask me what my kids like I struggle with an answer for Mason. But I finally figured it out. He’s mischievous and he just likes to get into stuff. Usually stuff that’s not his. But he’s very happy, independent, and can always find something to play with. He asks me “I’m your sweet boy Mommy?” Love! And he’s so smart.


Logan is a tiny little dictator. Ha! He LOVES all things that go. Trucks, cars, construction equipment, emergency vehicles. His favorite – excavators. We have lots of excavators in Little Rock. Oh and chocolate. This kid is my son for sure. And he’s a sleepy, snuggly little guy.


James is the self-appointed leader of the 3 and he also thinks he’s an only child sometimes. He wants what he wants and he wants it now! He loves play food (and most real food too!) and legos. He has the sweetest smile, but he’s known as “whiny James” a lot of the time. This one tests my patience. A lot. Then he asks for hugs and kisses. He knows my limits the most I think.

What else have we been up to? Well a lot. Potty training, toddler beds, summer time, dance competitions, a somewhat new law practice, lots of trials, my sister has been living with us for the summer, I did the Whole 30, and I’m training for a half marathon. Crazy. I may have lost my mind. Luckily I have wine. I missed it so much during my Whole 30. I’ll write about that experience soon too.


Confessions of a Triplet Mom

Almost once a day someone asks me how we do it. “It” being raising triplets. The short answer is “we just do it.” The long answer includes lots of mistakes and mishaps. And lots of coffee.

So here’s how we do it. Full disclosure. If you know me in person you probably won’t be surprised by most of these because, well, I’m kinda a mess.

I still do all the things I’ve always done, like trip over my own feet, run into walls, etc. I just do those things more often now.

I live on coffee.
Sometimes I forget that I live on coffee so I forget to drink my coffee and it gets cold. Then I microwave my coffee (I know kinda gross). Then I forget that I microwaved my coffee so an hour later I microwave it again (I know even grosser).

Speaking of forgetting things, one day I forgot to put on my bra. And I had court that day. I was able to keep my jacket on all day and my secret was safe (except I told everyone because . . . full disclosure and it was too funny not to share). But I was able to hide the fact that I FORGOT TO WEAR A BRA and no one actually saw the evidence! Who does this? I’ve been wearing a bra since I was 11! (And no I definitely did not need one then)!

I probably take way too many pictures of babies. And I probably overshare. But I don’t care. Here’s one of my favorites from today.

I have spit up, drool, baby food, or something of that nature in my hair pretty much every day. I just brush it out, sometimes I restraighten my hair if it’s bad, and I go about my day. If it’s throw up in there I will put it back in a ponytail at some point because I have to draw the line somewhere. I love my kids but throw up is throw up and it smells gross, especially when it’s in your face.
I’ve had throw up into mouth that wasn’t mine. True story. Gross. Thanks James! Good thing he’s cute.
We use bottle props to feed the babies. Except . . . I learned on Friday that Mason and James can hold their own bottles! They’ve been holding out on us! Check this guy out!

Logan does not hold his own bottle. He prefers to play with it, even with the prop.

Swings. This is the only reason we get out the door at a reasonable time in the morning. James’s swing doesn’t even swing anymore but he still just hangs out in it. (I need to call Fisher Price and get this fixed!)

I make food for the babies but not the big people in my house. Good thing Brian can cook. We also eat a lot of Campbell’s soup.

I also wash clothes for the babies way more than I wash clothes for the big people. It’s a problem. One week I think I washed 10 loads of baby clothes and 0 loads of big people clothes.

The babies have to be in ABC order. All the time. (Except their swings, which are in the order they came home). Brian puts them in the van in the wrong order and claims that he doesn’t know the right order. He totally knows. I’m smarter than that.

Brian is in charge of making lunches. Sometimes he makes me a lunch. My favorite part is that he draws pictures on the napkin and sometimes on the bag. And more often than not he draws or writes something wildly inappropriate. This makes my day. It’s the little things. This is why we married each other right?

We sing really inappropriate songs to the babies. And they love it. Kinda like that episode of Friends where Ross sings Baby Got Back. But worse.
Sometimes I hide in the bathroom and just play on my phone.

I fall asleep breastfeeding at least once a week. More when they boys were younger! Sometimes I’m just holding a sleeping baby and playing on my phone.

Speaking of breastfeeding, I’m still at it and Mason and Logan aren’t fans. I hear all these moms who say their babies won’t wean and they’re soooo attached. This is NOT my kids. They think it’s play time. It’s for me really at this point I think. Only a few more weeks until their first bday though so I can’t stop now!

Most of my undershirts have holes cut out from when I was pumping because who has time to stop everything and hold the pump? Not me. Hands free all they way. I even pumped while driving. Unfortunately now I’m left with holey undershirts. I was wearing one of said undershirts on the day I forgot my bra. Yep. Just when you thought the forgotten bra story couldn’t get better, it totally gets better.

The boys have a set of baby keys that look like penises. So we don’t let them play with those.
I still check to make sure the babies are alive every night before I go to bed. Even Logan, who is still hooked up to the pulse ox monitor so he’s obviously still alive. Brian also does this. Sometimes right before me. But I still have to check for myself.

I sort of like the pulse ox monitor. Crazy I know! But see the point above. It helps me know he’s alive.

We use our vacuum cleaner more to suck boogers than to clean floors. I’m not kidding. The tool part of our vacuum broke and Brian lasted about 1.5 days before he bought a new one. (See below for evidence). The actual floor vacuum part of the old one still works.

I secretly like my van. I don’t feel particularly cool driving it, but it’s pretty awesome. And it’s the Mann Van so that’s pretty cool.
Sometimes I only take a shower every other day. And shaving? Ha! Summer is coming though so this will change! I did cut AND paint my toenails the other day though. #winning? I think so.
I don’t brush Mason’s hair sometimes just so it will stick straight up. Brian pretty much refuses to brush it at all times.
I call James Jamesipoo. Brian calls him Lebron. It’s a fun game we play. No one else is allowed to give my kids nicknames.

Logan has bitchy resting face. It’s hilarious. He probably got that from me. He’s really sweet I promise! (I’m a lost cause though). He’s also a pro at duck lips. Also hilarious.

I also have bitchy resting face. But I’m really kinda mean. Just not always when my face says so. I’m the nicest of my siblings but that means nothing.

I eat a disgusting amount of candy. My faves – lemonheads, lindor truffles (chocolate balls), and well anything chocolate. To help with this problem I gave up candy for Lent. Huge fail. I replaced candy with Oreos. Delicious Oreos. Now I eat both candy AND Oreos in excess. Oreos always in sets of 4 (I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m a mess). I have clearly failed at my New Years resolution to not be fat on the inside. (I’ve failed at all of my other resolutions too).
Brian might be a better triplet mom than me.
Sometimes I just want to go to Target. Target makes me happy. And Target has coffee.


I compare myself to others moms. Moms of triplets, twins and singletons (just 1 baby). I know everyone says don’t do this, but I do anyway. And it usually makes me feel better about myself! You should try it sometime. Start off with a low bar if you’re scared.

And last but definitely not least . . . I take lots of selfies for my own enjoyment. And I’m not kidding when I say a lot. Probably enough to put any preteen to shame. But unlike preteens I don’t post them on Facebook or Instagram (usually). I just send them to Brian and a few select friends. But today I’ll make an exception. Here are a few for your enjoyment.

Yay! Selfie time!
Duck lips selfie – Logan’s duck lips are better!
Yikes selfie!
Mason likes selfies too
James refused to look for this one
Of course this one LOVES selfies

And the best selfie ever:

Brian for real sent me this new vacuum cleaner selfie
So now you know how we do it. We make mistakes, we forget basic things, and we just do it. And laugh at ourselves. That’s the only way I think.

Adventures in Baby Food Making

You may think that I have  finally lost my mind. You may be thinking “she’s making baby food for 3 babies!” And, well, yes. Yes I am. And no I’m not crazy. Well, I may be crazy, but this isn’t why.

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard about approximately 1 million people who are making their own baby food. Some of them (most of them really it seems) claim to do this because it’s “better” for their baby, they want to feed their baby only organic, they want only the best for their baby. That’s great and all. (And I think pretty much every mom wants the best for her baby.) But that’s not why I decided to make baby food. I have nothing against baby food in a jar. My boys eat it at school for lunch every day. I decided to make my own baby food because baby food is expensive!!

So I did what every self-respecting 30-something-year-old mom does – I went to Facebook. And like every triplet mom, I asked my triplet mom friends for advice. Then I also asked a friend from high school whom I really trust with stuff like this what she does. And I basically did what she said. Oh, and one of the best pieces of advice she gave me – the Wholesome Baby Food website. This website pretty much tells you everything you need to know about making baby food, including how to make each specific food and the order in which you should feed these foods to your baby. You can check it out here.

Here’s the basic process:
1. Buy food – fresh or frozen
2. Cook it somehow if you’re going to freeze it
3. Puree in the blender or however you feel like pureeing it
4. Freeze it – I prefer ice cube trays. Each cube is 1 oz. A jar of baby food is 4 oz. So 4 cubes = 1 jar of baby food
5. Pop the baby food ice cubes out and store in a ziplock freezer bag
6. Take out however many cubes you want to feed and either thaw in the fridge or microwave
See, it’s easy! I’m not crazy!

So first I made sweet potatoes. It was super easy. I peeled them, diced them, the boiled/steamed (I don’t know the difference) until soft, and blended. Then I stuck the pureed sweet potatoes in the little breast milk bottles from the NICU and froze them. It made a lot!

Then I made apples, pears, carrots, squash, peas, and green beans. These were the only foods the boys had tried at that point. The squash didn’t turn out right (because I bought the wrong kind of squash) but everything else went great!

Cooking Apples
Peas in the blender
Baby Food Making in Progress
Baby Food Making Round 1 Complete!

Oh and the best part . . . I made all of that during nap time!

Logan approved too!

Mommy’s pears are yummy!

I also “make” the boys avocado and bananas. But there’s no cooking or preparing ahead on those. I just stick them in my little single serving blender cup, add a little water, and puree.

Since Round 1, I’ve made pears and carrots a second time and I’ve made butternut squash. This past weekend I bought a bunch of frozen fruits and veggies plus some fresh organic spinach (organic only matters to me if it’s something that I don’t peel). I haven’t made all of it yet because I mostly bought stuff they haven’t tried yet.

I wasn’t kidding! I bought a LOT of frozen stuff!

I made the blueberries, mangos, and lima beans the other day. We tried mangos and they LOVE them! I think we’ll try lima beans in the next few days. I’m still scared to try blueberries! I made a HUGE mess making them! I may or may not have left the heat too high and the pot may or may not have boiled over and turned everything remotely close to my stovetop blue. But they made my house smell super yummy!


Here are some of the most important baby food making lessons I learned:

It’s ok to use frozen fruits/veggies as long as they don’t have additives like salt (most frozen fruits/veggies don’t but most canned fruits/veggies do)

If you buy frozen fruit and you’re going to refreeze it, you have to cook it, even if you wouldn’t otherwise cook that particular fruit

You only need to buy organic if you aren’t going to peel the fruit/veggie. So, for example, you don’t need organic squash but you do want to use organic spinach

When people say “squash” in connection with baby-food-making they mean BIG squash, like butternut or acorn squash, not summer squash (yellow squash). I bought yellow squash the first time and we ended up eating it for dinner ourselves. Once you remove the seeds and the skin there’s basically nothing left of a yellow squash. Butternut squash is WAAAYYY better for baby food. And my babies love it.

You don’t need the fancy baby food making stuff. I use my regular Ninja blender (it is pretty nice though in my opinion) and I freeze the baby food in regular ice cube trays from Wal-Mart.

Peas are VERY dry so they need lots of water or my babies will refuse to eat them

May babies will eat green stuff but they may need to be tricked into thinking it’s something else like carrots or butternut squash

And most importantly, keep it simple! I didn’t have enough ice cube trays when I made Round 1 so I froze some baby food in breast milk bottles and breast milk bags (because I had them and it seemed like a good idea). Well the breast milk bags are great for storage but it’s hard to get the baby food into an out of the bags. The little bottles are great but it’s harder to thaw them quickly. The ice cube trays are the way to go!

Our favorite foods right now:
Butternut squash
Yogurt (I get yobaby or just plain full fat Stonyfield yogurt for Mason and Logan and soy for James)
And they all like oatmeal again. Yay!
And here’s a few pictures of dinner time at our house:
Before dinner

And yes that’s 5 bowls on the table. 1 bowl of yogurt each (we add calorie powder to Mason’s and Logan’s yogurt to fatten them up and James gets soy) and a fruit and a veggie to share. The green in the picture is actually avocado and banana and the other shared bowl that night was mango, another fruit. So no veggies that night!

Mason with half his dinner on his face

Oh and to wrap this up, I really enjoy making baby food! I don’t make food for the big people in my house often because it’s crazy town from the time I get home from work until the babies go to bed then I’m just beat and Brian usually makes dinner! So I get the satisfaction of making someone’s food! And Brian helps when needed too!

First Fever, First Wreck and First Trip to the ER

Today is one of those days I wish we had “do overs.” Well I wish my poor little Logan could have a do over. He had a rough day! But I’ll go ahead and share the ending – we’re home and we’re good. 

Today started like every other day. Well sort of. We got up around 6:30 (Logan and I were up off and on from 2:30-5:30 too). We fed the boys, they swang, we got ready for work, and we took everyone to school. 
Then the school called. Logan had a fever. First fever. Poor little guy! I was actually surprised they called about Logan. See Mason and James have been snotty for the last few days and we’ve been sucking snot every few hours. FYI they make this new nose sucker called a Nose Frida where you literally suck the snot out (there’s a filter so the boogers don’t go in your mouth of course). It’s awesome. Whoever bought this for us thank you!
Back to my story. Logan has not been snotty. He has been cranky (see above – he was up off and on half the night). So I was surprised. But I picked him up and took him to work with me. And I called the pediatrician! I know it may seem crazy to call the dr for just a fever but we have ex-27 weekers with chronic lung disease. And Logan is still on oxygen. So we will probably call the dr every time just to be safe. You see, a normal cold can send these little guys back to the hospital. (We ended up there today but not for that reason. Keep reading). 
Logan was so good today. I was able to work a full day and I was productive too. Yay Logan! He didn’t feel too great at first  so he just slept in his car seat. 


He played under his play gym then he took a nap. 

So then we headed to the doctor. We didn’t make it. I made a left turn at a light and a lady ran the light and hit the Mann Van. First wreck. The light had already turned red and I was still in the intersection because the a-hold in the lane next to me – which was not a turn lane – turned left in front of me. Who does that?! Anyways, she hit the back passenger side and all the airbags went off on that side of the van. And Logan was on that side too. He was startled but otherwise ok. 

So I pulled over onto a side street. And while I was moving my van, the lady who hit me fled the scene. That’s right. A hit and run. Again who does that?!
Did I say this was my first wreck? Well it was. Well first wreck if you don’t count the time we hit a deer last thanksgiving. First ever when I was driving. I was pretty scared! 
Luckily the Mann Van was still drivable once the cop cut the airbags out for me so I could see out the passenger side. 
By this time it was too late to take Logan to the pediatrician. Brian talked to the ped and he said take Logan to the after hours clinic. Well turns out they won’t see kids who have been in a wreck. So we had to go to the ER. First trip to the ER. Luckily Brian met me at the boys’ school and went too. 
Mason and James went for moral support. (Mason was eating so not in the picture). 


By the time we got to the ER, Logan’s fever was gone. And his lungs sounded clear! That was my concern so I was so relieved! They kept us for a few hours for observation due to the airbag deploring right by Logan. Then we got to go home finally! I’ve never been so happy to be home! I’m sure Logan felt the same way too! 
I’m just glad this day is over. I feel like I’ve earned a grown up drink. But I’m too tired. Maybe tomorrow.
Note: this is also my first blog post straight from my phone so if the formatting is off or if it’s not edited like my  other posts, that’s why. (Update – I had to fix the formatting because I’m OCD and it was driving me crazy just thinking about it!)