Easter 2018

Easter is one of my favorite holidays each year. It’s also the one holiday that we host at our own house. But mostly I love Easter because it’s the start of Spring and warm weather. And it’s a spring weekend when we get to slow down and stay home and spend time with family. Also Jesus. Of course.

We woke up Easter morning to the sound of someone digging through Easter baskets (actually buckets, but whatevs). It was James. Ha! He was just looking!


The boys LOVED Easter. They ate at least 1/2 of their chocolate BEFORE breakfast. And that was just the beginning. I only got pics of Logan, but his brothers ate almost as much chocolate as he did. Also, side note: if you haven’t tried Kinder Joy eggs run, don’t walk, and go get you some. You can thank me later.

After a slow easy start to the morning we got dressed and went to church. The boys wore seersucker suits. Because . . . well because. That’s all. They looked amazing. I actually bought these 2 years ago and they just now fit! And they may fit next year too. Yay!


We tried to get a nice family picture after church. Didn’t happen. This may be better though. About as close to real life as it gets.


I tried to get a picture of the boys in their suits too. Also didn’t work out. (I got one later though. Yay!)


After church we had 20 people over at our house for lunch. And me . . . I made nothing. I do like to cook, but everyone else made the Easter food. #winning.

After lunch we did a HUGE Easter egg hunt for the little kids. 160 eggs I think. All filled with candy.

As you can see Mason stopped to eat candy as he went. And somehow he managed to find all the peanut butter cups. Lucky kid.

After we finished they went through their buckets to see what they got.


And then Coco colored on Mason’s face with chalk. At least that’s the story I got from Mason.


Nicholas tried to teach James how to skateboard. Seems safe right?


And Grandpa tried on the Easter bunny ears and it was basically one of the best things ever.


And I got a good picture of the boys in their suits. I’m so in love with these suits!


And this one too. Actually lots of outtakes. But this is my fav.IMG_8046

And the best picture of the day goes to Lolo. So many things I could say about this one. But I’m definitely saving it for his wedding, high school yearbook, whatever opportunity presents itself.


Oh and we dyed eggs.


They were amazing. Read about that in this separate Egg Dying post!

Egg Dying

We dyed eggs a little differently this year! With Cool Whip! (You have to say it like Stewie of course. Addison had no idea why we were saying it like that. Ha!) This is seriously the best way to dye eggs. Waaayyyy better than using the dye tablets with vinegar that you have to let the eggs soak in for basically an hour to get the color you want. And these turn out so much cooler too!


Here’s what we used (instructions at the end!):


Brian made the boys watch a YouTube tutorial first.


I think they paid attention. A little. They kinda understood what to do.


I think Logan ate more Cool Whip than he used for egg dying.


Then Mason tried to eat an entire egg. Kids are crazy y’all.


After we cleaned up we had to eat the rest of the Cool Whip. Straight from the container of course. The way my mom taught me.


Otis got some too.IMG_7917

So I’m going to teach you how to do this. Because you will want to do it next year.

  1. Boil your eggs like normal
  2. Soak eggs in a vinegar bath. This will help the color stick
  3. Make the dye trays – fill with Cool Whip, then drop food coloring throughout.
  4. Swirl the food coloring around with a toothpick.
  5. Roll the eggs around in the Cool Whip so they are coated.
  6. Let the eggs sit for 15 minutes or so.
  7. Rinse the eggs off with cold water.

Seriously that’s it. Best part . . . it’s edible. Which is a good thing because Logan ate at least half of his Cool Whip. Ha!

Potty Training Triplets

Potty training triplets is probably one of the worst parts of having triplets. Trust me. Potty training sucks. For one kid. Potty training times three is definitely not for the weak. But I have good news! It can be done! I’ve learned a few things so I figured I’ll share. Because of course I love to share. Disclaimer though: we’re not perfect. And there’s no right or wrong way. Even though we were pretty successful, we’re not completely potty trained. I think it’s safe to say James is fully potty trained. But Lolo still poops in his pants. Pretty much every day. Mason JUST figured out pooping like last week. And they all still have accidents. So it’s still a work in progress.

We tried several approaches before we found one that ultimately worked for all 3. We tried casually introducing the potty first. Huge failure. They hated it. They started using potties at school last fall. And by “using potties” I mean they had them in the classroom and sometimes they looked at them.

About 6 months after we introduced potties at home and school, Mason caught on at school so we started sending him to school in undies. Everyone said “oh once one gets it the other two will imitate and catch right on.” Well guess what? Everyone lied. Or they don’t have triplets so they should offer opinions on these types of matters. Needless to say, Mason has been wearing undies for several months. No one wanted to be like Mason though so we had to do something else. 

Next we tried the “just send them to school in undies and they’ll hate being wet” method. Guess what? Didn’t work. Logan gave zero f**ks (edited for the old people ya know) about being wet. This method resulted in me cleaning out like 9 sets of shorts and undies each night.  Shoot me now. Seriously I threw away so many undies.

So what ultimately worked? I know you’re dying to know. If you’re still reading. NAKED POTTY TRAINING. Seriously. Naked potty training is THE. WAY. TO. GO. Trust me. Just do it.

So you’re probably wondering what naked potty training entails. Well, it’s pretty simple. The kids stay naked and you watch for tells and direct them to the potty when you notice they need to go. We picked up on the tells pretty quickly. You’re supposed to carry them to the potty even mid stream if you catch them in the act. This leads to some trails of pee but it does work. The thinking behind naked potty training is that kids can feel that they need to go when they aren’t wearing clothes. My kids are much less likely to pee on the floor while naked than if they’re wearing undies.

Technically most naked potty training programs (like the Oh Crap method) entail a 3 day boot camp. And you don’t introduce undies for a while. We didn’t have 3 days. And I’m pretty sure free ballin isn’t daycare approved. So … we did 2 days of naked potty training.


James caught on at the end of Day 1. No accidents Day 2. (And for the record I didn’t allow him to wear rain boots until he stopped peeing everywhere). Day 3 was Monday and he had no accidents at school. Y’all this is a kid who had pottied like 2 times ever. And I’m sure each time was an accident. Oh and James discovered that he can pee standing up. So that’s fun. He’s learned to aim though so that’s super helpful. Any by aim I mean he at least attempts to get it all in the potty. So I guess that’s better than lots of guys. 

He tried this method too. Luckily he quickly abandoned this method. IMG_8150

Logan peed in the potty at the end of Day 2 one time. But 2 days later he stayed dry all day at school. And Mason was already somewhat potty trained when we did the naked weekend.

We ended up doing a second naked weekend about a month after the first one because we had some regression. And by “we” I mean Brian. I was out of town. NOT potty training my kids. Get yourself a Brian when potty training time comes. You can’t have mine though. He’s mine. After the second weekend of naked time we’re almost completely trained.

One downside to naked potty training – James discovered that he likes being naked. In the afternoons when we get home, he tells me “I wanna be naked” and takes all of his clothes off.  Chances are, if you come to my house, at least one of my kids will be naked. Also, they’ve rubbed their little balls and penises on everything. So if that bothers you maybe don’t come over. Ha! Some day I’ll have a clean house without boy parts out on display.

Some tips/life lessons/fun facts on potty training:

  1. Just. Go. Naked. 
  2. You cannot have too many potties. And you definitely shouldn’t require that all potty-ing must occur in the bathroom. My kids will seek out their potty of choice. And it’s never the same one.
  3. Bribery works. My kids got 2 skittles, 2 jelly beans, 2 m&ms, whatever for going potty. They can pick their own candy from the “purple bowl” for poop. James sometimes picks raisins. I haven’t told him those aren’t candy. They’ve recently discovered the Lindor truffles in the purple bowl. So I expect that those will be gone soon.
  4. Don’t let your kid/kids have your phone during potty time. They’ll never get up. And definitely don’t let them watch egg videos on YouTube. If you’ve never seen these egg videos consider yourself lucky. In case you’re wondering, it’s an adult opening Easter eggs to find toys inside. Sometimes the eggs are covered in play doh. It’s as horrible as it sounds. 
  5. Take your potty with you when you leave the house. My kids refused to sit on public toilets for a while. So that’s fun. But they will sit on a potty in the van like it’s totally normal.
  6. And speaking of public toilets . . . they don’t catch boy pee so you have to teach them to point it down. Mason is a pro. The other 2 not so much. James sometimes expects us to hold him hovering over the big toilet so he doesn’t have to sit down.
  7. Cleaning: I rinse out undies with hand soap. Soak in a sink with thieves household cleaner if I’m not washing kids laundry that day. And clean floors with thieves household cleaner too. Hardwoods and carpets. Seriously thieves cleaner is amazing. I mean it. Same cleaner on all surfaces. Safe for my kids. Gets all the things clean and non stinky. 
  8. Poop undies from school go in the trash. Again. Trust me. It’s not worth it. Buy more. 
  9. Boxer briefs on little boys are the cutest thing ever. I got mine at primary.com and I love them. Kinda expensive so I’m waiting until they get a little more consistent on the pooping in the potty because I don’t want to throw those away.
  10. Little boys don’t know that they have to aim when standing up. I haven’t figured out how to fix this. Do I teach them to hold their little penis and point it? That seems pretty impossible. There must be a way. Regardless, aiming is clearly not something boys just do (Yeah we all knew that).
  11. If you have stool in your bathroom, little boys will stand on it to pee in the big potty. Standing up of course. And see above. They won’t aim.
  12. Bring paper towels or something to clean up pee when you go out in public. Or your kid will pee in the middle of Sam’s on a Sunday and you’ll have to guard the pee on the floor while also getting paper towels, all while attempting to remain incognito.
  13. Just laugh at the pee everywhere. You have no choice anyway. The other option is to take it personally and get upset. And no one wants that.

Oh and huge bonus. Little boys in undies are adorable. 

So the moral of this story is . . . potty training can be done. It’s a shit show. Literally and figuratively. But it can be done. Don’t forget the wine or whatever you drink. You’ll need it. And my pediatrician told me “every kid ends up potty trained so don’t stress about it.”

A Few of My Favorite Things

With 3 babies we use lots and lots of baby products. Some are great, some are so-so, and others I don’t think we could live without. So I thought i would share a few of my favorites! Links on each one too! Mostly to Amazon but you can get these things anywhere! Note: This is my list for NON-MOBILE babies! I’ll do another one once we start moving!


Bugaboo Bliss bottle props. Best thing ever! This is how we feed 3 babies at once. I asked my triplet mom friends what they recommended and the overwhelming majority recommended these. And now I recommend them any time someone asks! They work great and the lady who makes them is great. And she gave me a triplet mom discount! You can order from her Etsy shop here!

Here’s some pictures of my boys using these bottle props:

Dr. Brown’s Pitcher. Another best thing ever! We make lots of bottles so we mix lots of formula. We use a special recipe to add more calories so we couldn’t use a Baby Brezza. This is just as great though. Not super expensive and makes bottle making so much easier and really cuts down our bottle making time! It also mixes all the powder and doesn’t make lots of bubbles.

Baby Vac. Sounds weird right? Well it is. It’s a booger sucker that attaches to the vacuum. It’s the closest thing to hospital suction that you can get for home. It works so well. Brian tried it on himself too (PSA don’t use it if you have grown man nose hair).

Addison and one of her friends tried it out too! It’s ok to try baby products on our older kid right?

We also have a Nose Frida. This is another snot sucker. This one you suck the boogers out through a straw like thing. Don’t worry it has a filter so the boogers stay away from your mouth! (Addison didn’t know this at first so she thought we were eating baby boogers.)

WubbanubsOmg you need these if you have a baby. At first I thought they were just cute. I mean they’re adorable. But they also work well! The little animals help keep the paci close to their  mouth when they’re little. When they’re bigger it helps them find the paci and put it in their mouth. It also saves pacis from disappearing behind the bed and other places I don’t care to go. Only 1 of my babies still uses the paci regularly (Mason) but the other 2 still like their wubbanubs! Logan chews on the feet mostly. James uses his as a lovie and also loves the tag. We started with 3 but ended up with 9! You can’t have too many of these things!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

Aden+Anais Muslin Blankets. LOVE these! We use them ALL THE TIME. They’re really big but they’re thin enough that I can fold them. I use them in car seats, swings, everywhere really. You can use them to swaddle too but we use Halos for that (see below). I bought lots of these and we use all of them!


Sophie the Giraffe. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Sophie the Giraffe. And you’ve probably thought she’s way to expensive for basically a dog toy. But she’s worth it! We have 3 and we use them every day! One of ours actually broke – squeaker quit squeaking – and the company replaced it for free! You need a Sophie if you don’t have one already. You may need more than 1.

Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing. We have 3 of these and we use them every day. We got one as a gift then I bought 2 more at a consignment sale. These swings go side to side and front to back. We use side to side mostly but when the babies get super cranky I can turn it the other way to distract them. (It works!)

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Seat. We only have 1 of these and we just got it about a month ago but it’s one of my favorites! I wish we had 3! It’s kinda like a bumbo but better. I think it positions babies in a more correct sitting position. It also has toys on it. I called it the magic seat when we first got it because seriously all 3 of my boys really really liked sitting in it.

Play Gym. I don’t know that it matters which one you get on this one. We had this one from Baby Einstein and my boys have loved it since day 1.

Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer. We didn’t get this one until very recently but it makes my list because it’s AMAZING! I actually got to be a product tester for this one. We almost bought an automatic bouncer when the boys were little but didn’t. Now I wish we had! I mean, it bounces by itself! My boys love it! The one we tested isn’t out yet but they have similar ones available on Amazon and at Babies R Us!
Rainforest Jumper. We have 2 of these (only one makes noise unfortunately) but we LOVE them! James especially loves to jump! This is the best jumper that I know of! We have another jumper (Baby Einstein) and we like that one too but it doesn’t jump as well.
Otis likes when the boys jump too!
Halo Sleepsacks. The NICU got us hooked on Sleepsacks and we still use them at 9 months (we swaddle with arms out now). This is one of the best things for sleeping babies! It also helps with fussy babies (like angry Mason when he first came home)! For tiny babies we liked the Swaddle Me swaddles better but we quickly outgrew the newborn size then we liked the halos better.

And here’s how they sleep now:

James – if you look close you can see that he’s holding the tag on his giraffe

Sound Machine. This is one of the keys to sleeping babies (which helps with sleeping mom and dad). We have this one and we love it. We use it EVERY NIGHT.

Snap n Go Strollers. Triple strollers are expensive, bulky, and create lots of attention. Triplet moms recommended getting a single and double snap n go stroller so we did. Best decision ever! These strollers are really just frames that you stick the infant carriers in. And they hold pretty much any infant carrier out there. You just strap them in if they don’t snap on. They’re super lightweight and simple too. Brian and I don’t take all 3 babies out alone ever so this works great for us! This also gives us an easy way to take 1 or 2 to dr appointments. Oh and they both fit in the back of my van easily with extra room.

The day we took Mason home!
The single is super lightweight even a baby can push it!


Bourbon and Scotch. For the dads of course. Ha! I asked Brian if I forgot anything so this is his contribution to the list.


Oreos. A triplet mom staple. This one doesn’t need any more explanation.
Do you have any other amazing baby products to add to this list?

Babies in Pumpkins

It’s not fall until you put babies in pumpkins right?! Ok maybe I made that up. But it should be a real thing.
So several of my triplet mommy friends on Facebook have posted pics of their trio in pumpkins over the last few weeks and they’re adorable! (Sorry can’t share other peoples pics. But just know that their babies are super cute too!) Anyways, I didn’t think we could do it because the boys can’t really sit. Actually they can’t sit at all. James can sit in a bumbo seat. Mason and Logan can only keep their heads up for about 30 seconds before they get tired and lose control of their heads (maybe a little longer I haven’t timed them). But I found out that, guess what?! They don’t have to be able to hold their heads up to sit in pumpkins. Yay! So needless to say I was pretty excited! This was my one goal for the weekend. (I also cleaned bathrooms, did laundry, went running, and other productive things).
So Addison and I went to Kroger for pumpkins yesterday. Of course they were almost out. But not quite! They had just a few left at the bottom of the pumpkin box. I almost fell in trying to get them out! Sorry no pictures! But here’s some help for your mental picture – they keep the pumpkins in this big cardboard box that sits on pallets. Sounds nice, but the box is about 4 feet tall. So I had to lean my entire body over the side to reach the pumpkins at the bottom. And they weren’t small pumpkins either.
Then the fun part! We got to make the pumpkins! And Brian got to use power tools! I think he used more than 1 power tool. (See, arts and crafts are fun for men too!)
And Addison helped scoop out the pumpkin guts!
Then of course I wrote on the pumpkins. With the fanciest crafting tool ever. A sharpie.
And finally . . . Picture time!!! This went waaaayyyy better than I expected! Only 1 baby cried (Mason) and no one fell out of his pumpkin. Also no one got stuck IN the pumpkin (although Logan’s pumpkin was a little snug). I call that a success! I posted the best one at the top. Here’s a few outtakes.





I’m pretty happy with the picture! I hope you like it too!
Oh and I’ll leave you with one sad pup in his Halloween costume. He’s been wearing it all day. And he’s not happy with me at all!