James Day!

James was soooo excited for James Day! He was last to come home, and therefore last to get his day. But he knew what to do. His day was technically September 26, a Tuesday this year. So we celebrated the following Saturday. So Friday night, I told him “James tomorrow is your day!” And he was beyond excited. He immediately said he wanted Cracker Barrel and a new puppy (Paw Patrol, from Cracker Barrel). So that’s what we did. Cracker Barrel. And the zoo. James also requested to go to Nana’s house. But that was a little far. So we settled for the zoo.

James is pretty needy. At Cracker Barrel, he refused to let me open his biscuit, but he definitely still wanted jelly. So I had to put jelly on the side before each bite. #rotten


He got a new Paw Patrol puppy too but I didn’t get a picture. Oops. (Also, for the record, my kids have never actually seen Paw Patrol but they love it still).

The zoo was sooo fun! Brian took a day to rest so I took the kids by myself. With Addison. She was a huge help. I thought MLJ would last 2 hours max, but they last 4 hours! And they walked the whole time. I even convinced them to carry their backpacks so I didn’t have to carry their things. It worked out well until the end, when I ended up carrying 3 backpacks. Oh well, I’m calling it a huge success.

Here’s some zoo pics!


We got snowcones too. They were huge, but they boys loved them! Logan kept trying to trade though.

And my favorite zoo pic – the result when I asked them to smile for 1 nice picture. This is better though.


The zoo wore Logan out! He passed out before I even got into the driver seat.


And I decided we needed ice cream on the way home too. James requested a Frosty. Because “they’re one of Nina’s favorites.” Ha! I didn’t even know that. But now I do!


So about James . . . James is very smart, very stubborn, very talkative, and the most difficult of my 3. By far. I can usually talk some sense into him. He actually does have the ability to reason. But it takes a lot sometimes.

James thinks he’s in charge. (But he’s not.) He always wants to pick. But he does understand that Mason and Logan get turns to pick too. And he’ll let them pick. Sometimes he provides suggestions though.

James loves essential oils. He always asks to be in charge of the nighttime oil (Tranquil Roll-On). And if I forget he remembers. Ha! And he asks for oils for his owies. He totally gets me.

James throws epic tantrums. This morning’s tantrum was over pants. Yep. Pants. Epic meltdown because I made him wear pants. You know, because it was chilly outside (ok not really but I thought it was supposed to be cool).

James claims he likes soccer. I’m not so sure.

James "loving soccer"

James hates clothes. I’m not sure why. Maybe we ruined him with naked potty training. He’s fully potty trained. But now he hates clothes. He seriously takes his clothes off the minute he walks in the house. Sometimes before he even makes it upstairs.


And he hangs out naked as much as possible.


James loves school. And Ms. June and Ms. Sarah. He apparently really works hard and doesn’t throw tantrums at school. He even made it on the school’s Facebook page. Just doing big boy lessons. Like a boss.


James has recently become very brave. He does all the scary things on the playground. Like climb monkey bars taller than me. And climb rocks also taller than me where he could fall and DIE! (jk he wouldn’t actually die. Probably. But that’s what this mommy feels when he’s up there being so brave!)


James’s also loves food. His favorite – cereal. And he’s renamed all cereals. Sponge Bob Cereal = Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Crapton Crunch = Cap’n Crunch. Daddy’s Cereal = anything Brian buys for himself. His fave is Sponge Bob Cereal. James also loves play food. Like he hoards it and carries it around the house.

Ok now some of my favorite James pics from the last few months 🙂


And of course, we can’t forget where this guy started. 151 days in NICU. Last to come home. Super ornery from the beginning. But so so sweet. And a big mama’s boy.

Mann Fam Pics – Summer 2017

I just got our summer family photos back this week and I. AM. IN. LOVE! They are so perfect! I always feel like there’s absolutely no way we got good shots but somehow Miranda always comes through with some amazing pictures. I mean my kids were NOT cooperating. Not at all. We bribed them with ice cream. Didn’t help much. And we had a penguin friend along for our photo shoot. And he made it into some pictures too. Ha!



This is pretty much how MLJ act when asked to take a picture. Escape time!


We got some great shots of the boys too! I’m not sure how . . .


My absolute fave! 20

And the aftermath. Mason did not fall down. But he did think it was funny that Logan and James fell down.21


And of course Addison took some beautiful pictures. Before you scroll, be prepared. She basically looks grown.


Addison and Mason. Because she’s the best big sister!


And this one with me. Another fave!


The boys took some individuals too.


Mason loves pictures. Well, not when I’m taking them. But these are so perfect. They capture my mischievous, friendly, little guy perfectly.


Mason took one with me too!



Lolo was not cooperative. At all. Notice him running away. With the penguin stowed in his shorts.



James is my difficult kid. But he’s so photogenic. I’ve been told I can’t say he’s “pretty” so we’ll go with “he’s so handsome.”


And proof that he’s difficult:


And some candids.


Thanks again Miranda for always capturing my family so perfectly and for dealing with our craziness!

Happy Birthday America!

We had a great 4th of July weekend! Brian’s brother and his family moved back to Arkansas, we went to the zoo, the boys played in the water a few times, and of course we played with cousins. So fun! Oh and we watched fireworks. Of course there were fireworks!
Of course we started the weekend with cake pops. Because the weekend starts on Friday and on Fridays we get cake pops.
James holds onto his for a while then hides to eat it. So no pics of James and his cake pop. But don’t worry. He had one too and he definitely liked it.
Saturday we had a laid back day at home. First we played outside in the water. The boys LOVE outside. They aren’t so sure about the pool though. They must get that from Brian. My favorite picture in a while though is this first one. Lolo LOVES the hose!

Mason actually does like the pool.

James just loves being outside in general.

And I got a Mason-Mommy selfie 🙂

Before we went outside we played inside. The boys moved their chairs to a new location. Still in order. But James always sits in Lolo’s chair. Unless Logan wants to sit there. Then Logan gets it. Because he’s the boss.

We did a little reading too. And he got up there all by himself.

They sat like this on their own! Not in order. But they sat right next to each other!

And a new obsession – wearing big people shoes. They love my heels! Ha! Brian does NOT love that they love my heels.

They also love their aunt Zizzie. They all took a fake nap in the kitchen because Zizzie did it.

Sunday we went to the zoo! And we took a few friends! 14 Manns in all! The boys loved the zoo this time! Every time we left an exhibit James said and signed more! 🙂
I look like a giant in that picture! Yikes! I’m not I promise! The Manns are all just really little. I’m normal sized!
Another favorite picture! The boys LOVE Nina and Pop! And they loved feeding the fish (or dropping fish food NEAR the fish).
I got a few other zoo pics but not many!

The boys got out of the wagon for a few minutes and looked at the lions.

And this was my attempt at getting a pic of my 4 kids (OMG I have 4 kids – that thought crosses my mind every time I say that I have 4 kids!)

After the zoo we just took it easy the rest of the day. Until the boys learned a new trick. At first it was ok when it was just these 2.

Then their little friend joined them. And decided it would be fun to STOMP STOMP! They had to get down once that became the fun new game. We still have a coffee table but I’m thinking it’s nearing the end of life.

Then we made it to the 4th! The sat together again! And out of order again!
The boys got new haircuts again. They did great. And Brian did much better too! No bald spots!
Brian HAD to do fireworks so he got out some daytime fireworks as soon as he could! Mason was asleep but Lolo and James watched from inside. Lolo loved it the most!

Addison isn’t a huge fan. She developed a weird fear of fireworks last year. But she pretended to like them pretty well.

Then we went to Nina and Pop’s house for a cookout and more outside fun! The boys had a blast!

Our niece Josie is apparently a big fan of my blog and she wanted to be “famous” so she made sure I took lots of pictures! The boys loved playing in the bubbles too so it was a win-win.

Josie also helped take pictures so here’s one of me!

The big people had fun too! Until Baby Caroline stole the bean bags from the Baggo game.

Then this happened. Ha! They were empty I promise! But this is my future in about 20 years I’m sure!

Look at this smile!

And this one!

See I wasn’t lying! They were empty!

Then this happened! They ALL 3 GOT IN THE POOL!

Oh and we attempted a family picture. It was a fail.

Brian and Addison stayed and went to a fireworks show and shot off some fireworks. The boys and I went home for bedtime. For them. I watched fireworks from my front porch. Happy 4th!

2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated the boys’ 2nd birthday yesterday and we had the best time! This year we didn’t plan out every detail and we didn’t go overboard on decorations. We lucked out with a beautiful day so we had water toys for the kids and we had the whole party outside mostly. Everything was perfect! Luckily my mom got some pictures because I was busy the whole time and only got a few. Thanks Nana!
The boys started playing in the water a little early. In their regular clothes. They didn’t seem to mind.
They hung out with the big people some too. They think they’re big. (I’m still pretending they’re not).

And they ate lunch with the big kids. They thought they were so cool.

Mason loves pizza. Ha!

Then we played in the water for real. So fun! James refused to get in the pool. His bathing suit was dry at the end of the party. Mason on the other hand spent the entire day in the water.

We had lots of kids at the party! So fun!

And of course we had cake! Yum! I LOVE CAKE! (I’m really a fat kid on the inside).

The boys had cupcakes that matched the cake. They were really excited about the cupcakes too.

Then this happened. James did NOT want his cupcake. I tried to give it back to him a few times then I gave up. And I ate it.

Mason LOVED his cupcake. Ha!

This was the aftermath. He even rubbed it on his belly!

Then Brian sprayed him off with the hose. Mason did NOT appreciate that. At all.

Logan didn’t eat his cupcake either. He was mostly just interested in the water bottle.

Funny story about the water bottles. Mason must have opened at least half of the water bottles in the water cooler. I’m not sure if he opened them himself (I don’t think he knows how to do this) or if he convinced other people to open them for him. He also doesn’t know how to drink out of water bottles so he pretty much took one sip then poured the rest out. Silly boy.
The boys also found the other coolers. Lucky for them Uncle John knows how to work juice boxes. They don’t ever drink juice so this was the best thing ever.

They found the beer cooler too. Oops! Ha! (He put it back right I promise. After the picture of course).

And this is how I felt after party. Yep. It’s a post birthday party selfie. You’re welcome 😉
I was exhausted. But it was worth it. We had a great party. The boys had fun. And we loved seeing everyone and their kids.

Roadtrip to NW Arkansas

Brian had a work trip in NW Arkansas (about 3 hours away) so we all went with him for a little weekend trip! We had fun but it was tiring to say the least! The boys were super good for the ride up there and back! And we got this awesome picture. Awesome except that Brian ruined it. He’s lucky I like him (most of the time).
The boys LOVED the hotel! We stayed at Embassy Suites so we had 2 rooms which was perfect for us! I don’t think we’ll ever stay in a non-suite hotel again if we can help it! The boys slept great and we didn’t have to stay super quiet! But the boys’ favorite part of the hotel – exploring! They especially loved the cabinets and the room safe.
And they also loved the microwave buttons
I think they liked looking out of the glass elevator too!
We had to improvise a little with feeding but we made it work! Here’s how they drank bottles:
And here’s how they ate dinner. In travel high chairs in the floor!
We were kind of a big deal around the hotel. Everyone knew about us! Ha! The staff was very accommodating and even the other guests knew “the triplets.” I was in the lobby one day with the kids and Brian had to go back up to our room. Someone spotted us from the elevator and said something like “there’s the triplets” and someone else said “yeah they’re on my floor!” And of course Brian said “they’re mine.” Ha! I guess we do cause a bit of a scene. Especially when we travel around like this:
Brian had to work during this trip but we got out and did a few fun things! Friday night I went to dinner with some triplet moms from NW Arkansas! I had a great time! They have dinner together regularly and they scheduled one because I was coming up there! So sweet!
On Saturday I took Addison and the boys to the Bentonville Farmers Market while Brian worked. This was my first time to take them all by myself! And it went great! We got out, walked around, Addison got a giant sno cone, and the boys had their first sno cone too! Logan loved it. Mason hated it and tried to remove it from his mouth with his hand! Ha! James didn’t care for it much either. Oh well. We’ll try again when they’re older.
And we took a selfie of course!

And we learned that James must be strapped in at all times. Or he’ll stand up in the stroller. Oops!

Brian and Addison went to a baseball game that night and I stayed in with the boys.
This mascot is super creepy right?!
We had a great weekend. James approved. Most of the time!

Then we came home and went to our friend Gigi’s first birthday party! She was too busy for a picture but I got this super cute one of Brian with the boys!

Memphis Trip

My Grandma turned 80 this month so we went to Memphis to celebrate with her! We had such a great time! We got to spend time with my family. Everyone was there too so it was kind of like Christmas. 

Eating at Nana’s in our new highchairs. In the wrong order.
And we went to the Memphis Zoo. And used our new stroller! Thanks Joanna for letting it go and thanks Alan for picking it up and bringing it to us! Here are a few pictures from the zoo! The boys loved it!

Addison got to pet the sting rays! I did too! They felt REALLY weird.

It was pretty hot so Mason got a baby mohawk!
My mom took advantage of the fact that we were all in the same place at once so we took family photos. Coordinating outfits too! Matching if you’re my brothers and my dad. (They should have thought this one out a little better maybe.) I apologize in advance for the Griffith Family Photos

Nice matching shirts guys!
And this one is my favorite I think. Ha!


And some more non-posed pictures from Memphis!

Logan and Teresa
Mason and Grandma


Alan teaching James he can do whatever he wants
Mason and Lizzie – LOVE THIS ONE!
Selfie with Addison
Then on the way home we got stuck in traffic so we ended up stopping to let the boys get out of their seats. And we took them to McDonald’s. Don’t judge. We don’t eat McDonald’s EVER but that was the best option at the time. The boys weren’t impressed. As you can maybe tell from the picture, Mason was more impressed with his placemat than his food. But they were super great travellers so that’s the most important thing!