In-Out Day

Today’s our “in-out” day! You probably have no idea what I’m talking about unless you’re a triplet mama or maybe if you have a preemie. I didn’t realize this until earlier today when Brian looked at me like I was losing my mind when I told him what today is. While it’s true I may be losing my mind, I didn’t make this up! “In-out” day is the day the babies have been here the same amount of time mama was pregnant! I guess most people don’t celebrate “in-out” day because they stay pregnant for 40 weeks so maybe it’s not as special. But for me, it’s pretty special! We celebrate everyone’s “in-out” day in my triplet mama Facebook group! (BTW best Facebook group ever. You should be jealous). 
So here are my pictures:
27 weeks, 6 days out!
Last preggo picture – 27 weeks in
Mason – 1 day old (with his cotton ball diaper)
Logan – 1 day old
James – 1 day old
It’s crazy to think that the boys have been here as long as I was pregnant! Even crazier because I didn’t even know that I was pregnant until December! (We got pregnant in October! So just over a year ago!) 
We’ve been through so much in the past year! We went from a small family of 3 to pregnant with spontaneous triplets to a NICU family with 27 weekers to finally all together as a family of 6 after 5 months in the NICU to now. What’s now? Well now is when we’re finally settling in to a somewhat normal routine and finally getting used to our new big family of 6!
Here’s where we started the last 27 weeks and 6 days:

And now this:


It’s hard to believe they started so tiny! (They’re still tiny but they seem HUGE to us compared to where they started around 2 lbs.!)

Also, after 27 weeks and 6 days, we finally got our first family photos done today! I can’t wait to see them! Our photographer was great and super patient! And I had spit up in my hair like always but I think I’m the only one who noticed!

I Can’t Reach My Feet Anymore!

25 Weeks today! And I feel fantastic this week! I really feel like I can make it at least 5 more weeks. But I’m still praying, keeping my fingers crossed, and all that good stuff. Thank you to everyone else who is doing the same! We really appreciate it!

The babies seem to be doing great too! This week they are supposedly the size of a . . . wait for it . . . rutabaga. Really? If you’re like me, you have no idea what a rutabaga is or what it looks like. Lucky for you, I googled it. A rutabaga is “a root vegetable that originated as a cross between the cabbage and the turnip.” If you want to know more, click here to get some good ole Wikipedia info, where I conduct my research for most important facts (but not at work. Before anyone thinks I’m committing malpractice, I assure you that I use Westlaw for that). I would post a picture but the rutabaga is probably the ugliest vegetable out there (it does look kinda like a turnip). I will probably never try this one out. Now back to the babies. The babies are really growing now! This week they should be about 13.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs each. Apparently the rutabaga also weighs about 1.5 lbs. Hopefully that knowledge will be useful to someone someday. Probably not though. 

I don’t have any new baby pictures today, but here’s a picture of my biggest baby – my little princess. She may kill me for saying that because she is way too cool for princesses. BUT she’ll never know!

She’s a professional flower girl. This was her third time! She loves it! And she definitely knows what to do. I’m a little sad that she won’t get to do it again and that I won’t have any more little princesses who can be flower girls. I guess the boys can be ring bearers. But that will be an interesting wedding that needs 3 ring bearers. Maybe they don’t each need to carry a separate ring?
Here’s a few more pictures from the wedding. Congrats Niki and Kyle! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!
Thanks Amy for the dress! Buying a maternity dress for a wedding was not something I wanted to do. And this one was perfect. I felt like the prettiest pregnant girl at the wedding! And that’s not gratuitous or anything because I saw at least 3 other pregnant girls. I wanted to have this conversation with them: “How many babies are you having? Oh just 1? I’m having 3.” Just to one-up everyone else. Then just see how they respond. But I didn’t do that. I would never. But it’s fun to pretend sometimes.
I got an at-home pedicure this week too. Brian cut my toenails for me (I’m sure that’s something he never thought he would get to do). And Addison painted my toenails.
She did a great job! I can only reach about 2 of my toes now so it would have not looked very good if I did it myself!
So as you may have guessed, I can’t reach my feet anymore. This makes for some difficult times getting dressed and undressed. Especially because it’s still cold outside and I have to wear socks still. I also have trouble taking my maternity jeggings off sometimes so Brian gets to help with that too. He’s such a good sport about all of this. He also gets to pick things up when I drop them. This happens a lot. I especially like to drop the Apple TV remote in the couch (which means he has to get under the couch to find it. And it’s tiny so not easy to find). And he just came home with flowers so I guess he enjoys doing all these fun things for me!
Here’s my weekly picture. I’m pretty sure the only thing growing is my belly. And I’m not sure how much more it can grow!
I’ve been having a little trouble sleeping and getting comfortable at night lately because either my back or my ribs hurt depending on my position. But Brian got me another special maternity pillow (this is the third one) so now I have my snoogle and a wedge pillow for under my belly. I sleep much better now that I’m surrounded by pillows.
Next doctor’s appointment is next Tuesday with Dr. Dora. Hoping for a good visit. I really want to keep working and just doing what I’ve been doing. Time has been going by pretty fast which is great. I can’t wait to meet these little guys (but I do want to wait at least 5 more weeks. Hopefully at least 7 more weeks).


24 Weeks

Huge milestone this week! The babies are now considered “viable.”  That means that they have a 50/50 chance of survival if they are born now! Obviously we don’t want them to come this early but it’s still a huge milestone, especially for multiples. According to Dr. Wendel the next 4 weeks are very important. 

This week the babies are almost a foot long and should weigh about 1 lb. 3-4 oz. That is right on track with their measurements last week at the ultrasound. (If you missed my post about the ultrasound you can read it here.) The babies are supposedly the size of an ear of corn. That’s the length comparison. Sometimes it feels like there are 3 ears of corn in there. Especially in my ribs!
The babies are moving a lot now! According to my internet resources they should be the most active over the next 4 weeks. I love feeling them kick so I’m pretty excited about that. But I have started having trouble sleeping and staying comfortable in general because it feels like my ribs are going to break! Front and back! I wish Baby B would just turn sideways like his brothers! I think he’s going to be my stubborn one. 
The babies made it into their first family tree today too. Addison had to make a family tree for Spanish class and all the babies are included. I love it!
Not much new to report. In other news Addison came home on Sunday! Yay! We missed her a lot! A week alone is not the same as it used to be for sure. Plus Brian was gone one night too so I was home all by myself. I didn’t know what to do with myself! 

We had some family time on Sunday after Addison got home. She had a soccer game. And she played every position and scored a goal! So I lost $5 because she gets paid for goals. (Yes. I bribe my child to play hard. This backfired on me the first week we had this deal a few years ago because she scored 4 goals that day!). Then Brian and Addison cooked dinner. Aren’t they cute in their aprons?
Brian’s pleather is a little disturbing I know. He likes it though. And he doesn’t wear it out of the house or backyard so it’s fine with me. 
We also got these last week. 
Another surprise delivery! We now have 3 carseats! Thanks Tim! 
Here’s my weekly picture. 


I feel huge this week! I know I’m supposed to be big but my face is starting to look big too! I made Addison take several pictures before I settled on this one. I told her they made me look huge and she asked me how to make me not look huge! I don’t know the answer to that unfortunately. Oh well. It’s all for my boys!

23 Weeks!

23 weeks today! This week the babies are a little over 1 lb. each. So huge! And they are between 11 and 12 inches long now. This week’s fruit is large mango. I think that refers to weight not length (because a foot long mango would be weird). I do know what a mango looks like. Thanks to Adrienne I also now know what a spaghetti squash (last week’s food) looks like, both before and after the “spaghetti” is taken out. It’s pretty big! Maybe I’ll cook it some time if I can convince Brian to be adventurous with me.

The babies are all doing great. Lots of kicking this week. And Brian finally felt one of them kick over the weekend. I think he felt Baby C (which is weird because he is usually the calmest of the 3 babies). Yay! I can feel them all the time now. Baby B is not only in my ribs all day, now he’s kicking me in the ribs all day too. I kind of like the kicking part though.

I’m feeling huge. It’s hard to get comfortable and stay comfortable for very long now. And I have a while to go too! Basically I have to alternate between sitting and standing then I’m ok. If I sit too long I have Baby B in my ribs. If I stand too long my back starts to hurt. I can stay on my couch in my recliner (yes my couch reclines and it’s awesome) for a pretty long time. I fall asleep there almost every night. I highly recommend the recliner couch if anyone is looking for a new couch.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that leggings may be pants, at least for pregnant people. I only have 1 pair of pants (maternity jeggings to be exact) that actually fit me now.

We had a very busy week. Yesterday when I got home from work I had 2 packages on my front porch. One from Pottery Barn and the other was a mystery package. From Pottery Barn, we got our baby bedding! Yay! Thanks Mom! Here’s a picture of the crib blankets that we had monogrammed with their names.

I’m in love! I haven’t made the beds yet so no pictures of that yet. I figured that my doctors (and Brian) probably don’t want me lifting crib mattresses and leaning over crib rails so I had to wait until Brian got back in town to do that. Now that he’s back, on the agenda tonight – make baby beds!

The other package was a gift from a grade school friend. Really made my day! I almost cried it was so sweet. So thanks!

We also made some major acquisitions in baby gear this week. Last Friday we bought 2 used triplet strollers. One is a frame that holds 3 Graco infant carriers. The other is a back to back triplet stroller that we can use once the babies are a little bigger and can sit up on their own. We got a really good deal on these too which is a huge relief to both of us. Triplet strollers are hard to come by and they are pretty expensive, especially the infant ones. Here’s a picture of the back to back stroller:

I’m sure we’ll be a spectacle with either stroller but we need to get around! I want to make sure we still go to all of Addison’s activities. My parents did that for me and I was the oldest of 5 and it really meant a lot to me. I don’t want Addison to feel left out now that she has to share us with 3 babies!

Oh and we found a nanny! She was referred to us through the grapevine because the family she works for now is moving. Brian called all of her references and everyone had great things to say so we’re pretty happy. One more thing done!

I also took my last trip before the babies get here. We drove to Memphis for the weekend to see my family. Every time we go I am reminded how much I love Memphis and how much I miss it. But I love it here too so I’m good. (But I do tear up every time the song “Walking in Memphis” comes on the radio because I’m a huge baby – even when I’m not pregnant). We had a great trip. I’m not allowed to travel after 24 weeks so I won’t be leaving Little Rock again until well after the babies get here. Probably a good thing though because riding in the car was very uncomfortable. And we got stuck in traffic on I-40 both ways (we even took the detour on the way back).

We left Addison in Memphis for the week so it’s been really quiet around here. I miss her when she’s not here! I think Addison forgets we exist as soon as we leave though. It’s out of sight out of mind for her I think. She promised to call or text me every day. Guess how many times she’s called me? One. And no texts. But she’s having a great time. Today my mom took her to the zoo and she got to ride a camel.

She looks a little scared. I guess maybe I would be scared too.
And last but not least, here’s the weekly picture of me. I almost didn’t post it this week but changed my mind at the last minute.

Next up – Dr. Wendel on Friday! I’m super excited to see my boys again on the big ultrasound! One more reason to look forward to Friday too!

22 Weeks

I’m on time this week! 22 weeks today. The babies are each about 11 inches long (almost 1 ft tall!) and about 1 lb.! They’re growing for sure. This week’s food baby analogy is spaghetti squash. Now I’m pretty adventurous with my food  but I’ve never had spaghetti squash. Nor do I know what one looks like. I assume the inside is like spaghetti? Maybe my baby app needs to reconsider their food choices. Luckily it tells me actual length and weight too.

We went to see Dr. Dora yesterday. Everything is going perfectly still. Yay! I’ve gained 29 lbs. total now (16 in the last month) so the doctors are happy with me. I’m on track to gain the 60 lbs. Dr. Wendel wants me to gain. I’m pretty happy too. I feel like that’s what I needed to gain this month. My blood pressure is still good too. So I get to just keep doing what I’ve been doing for now. Next appointment with Dr. Dora is April 15 (Tax Day) so unless things change I’ll stick with my normal routine until at least then!
Best part of this week is that we saw the babies again! Yay! I cried the whole time. I couldn’t stop the tears! This hasn’t happened before so it was new to me! But in my defense, I haven’t seen them in what seems like forever! They are so much bigger than last time we saw them! Dr. Dora couldn’t get all 3 in one picture anymore! But she did get 3 individual pictures.
Baby A:
Baby B:
Baby C:


As you can see, they didn’t want their pictures taken this time! Dr. Dora worked really hard to get these pictures. They were moving a lot though! Baby A is still really low and he’s starting to get squished. Supposedly this won’t affect his growth or development. Baby B is on my side up and down (head down butt in my ribs) and Baby C is on my left side a little under my ribs. Baby A and Baby B are in pretty small areas but Baby C has lots and lots of room. Hopefully Baby B will shift and use some of that extra room! But the good news is that they all really have plenty of room because they have lots of fluid in their sacs. Dr. Dora said it’s like they each have their own little swimming pool.
I’ve been feeling the babies move a lot this week. I can feel Baby B shift positions but I usually don’t feel when Baby A or Baby C shift positions. I think it’s because of where they are. But I feel all 3 of them kick all the time. Brian hasn’t felt them kick yet. Every time he puts his hands on my belly they stop moving! Maybe he has a calming effect on the babies. That will come in handy!
I’m still growing too. Here’s my picture for the week:

I thought I would try out a new pose if we’re gonna do the same picture every week! Ha! Addison will be so proud.

In other news, I’m losing my belly button. I still have one but it’s steadily shrinking. And in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) it really hurts when you lose your belly button. You’re welcome for that fun fact. I didn’t lose my belly button with Addison so this is new to me. Dr. Dora assured me it’s normal. I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn into an outie!
Also I bought a bunch of baby pants today at Target. $2.50 each so I had to buy like 15 pairs of course. (I didn’t buy “like 15 pair” . . . I actually bought 15 pairs). In different sizes though so I’m being practical. Hopefully Brian believes that.
We’ve made some progress on the nursery this week too! My parents came through town Monday night and Brian and my dad moved the extra furniture out of the baby room and then we put the cribs where they’ll go. I love it! Then my mom ordered the baby bedding so that should be here soon too! Oh and we decided how we will paint the room. I’ll post pictures when it’s done. I’m so excited to get this done!
Next appointment is next Friday, March 28, We’ll get the big ultrasound and see Dr. Wendel.

21 (and a half) weeks

A few days late but 21 weeks this week (on Wednesday). The babies are the size of carrots. Seems like a weird food for comparison because carrots come in all different sizes so I guess that probably doesn’t help much. The babies are the size of 10-11 inch long carrots. To me they just feel big!

I made the mistake of saying that the babies have been nice this week a few days ago. Baby B has lived in my ribs for the last 2 days now. Ouch! To give you an idea, they are situated like this: Baby A is the lowest and he lays side to side. I don’t feel him shift positions much but I do feel him kick pretty often. Baby B sits up and down on my right side. He’s the one in my ribs. He makes sure I know  he’s there every day, all day long. Baby C is more on my right side and he’s the highest. He lays side to side too. I do feel him shift positions and I can see his outline move (kind of) if I watch my belly at night. I feel him all the time. He does not like it when I sneeze, yawn, cough, or make any other sudden movements that cause my stomach muscles to tense up. I’m doing my best to make more room for them!

Here’s this week’s picture (I did take the picture on Wednesday, in my suit):

We’ve been really busy since my last post (at home and at work). You can’t tell from the picture but I finally got my hair cut and my highlights fixed! Someone recently told me I had the ombre look going on. I wasn’t going for that look at all! My hair stylist also told me that I have a lot of “new growth” which means my hair fell out and now it’s growing back. This has happened to me a few times before (like when I took the bar and when I had back surgery). This time it fell out a few months ago when we found out we were having triplets!

We went on a short weekend trip to Hot Springs last weekend and went to Oaklawn to bet on the races Saturday. Brian and Addison take the horse races very seriously.

Addison won $8 I think. I won about $35 (that doesn’t include what I lost). Best bet of the day – I picked a trifecta box (the top 3 horses) on the last race! Yay me! I also bet on a horse that cheated earlier in the day. Fun fact about my horse betting skills – I’m not very good but I always bet on the horses that cheat. I guess I’m drawn to the “whatever-it-takes-to-win” type. It worked out this time though because he wasn’t disqualified he just got 2nd place instead of 1st place. I won more money that way anyways.

This week didn’t start off well at all! It was a Monday that tops most Mondays. First, I tried on 4 or 5 pairs of jeans that morning, with the belly band of course, and none of them zipped at all! That means I can’t wear them. Period. And these were my big jeans. So no more jeans for me. So after I figured out what to wear Monday morning (leggings as pants) I went to the DMV to transfer my vehicle registration. That didn’t turn out well at all! After waiting an hour (I know that isn’t long for my Memphis friends), the lady called my number. I went through the entire process, including the fact that she was charging me a fine (and wouldn’t waive it) because I didn’t transfer my tags within 30 days. I just said ok, no big deal. Then we got the payment part, I handed her my credit card to pay (they have “we accept credit card” signs all over the place) and she runs it. But then she says “oh, our credit card system has been down all morning. Do you have cash or a check?” I said no and asked if there was any way she could run my card (like the old fashioned way where they imprint the card or something). She said no you can only pay with cash or a check. Then she yelled at me because I didn’t have a check. In her ghetto-fabulous voice. Picture it in your mind. Not a good way to start the morning. Everyone in the place was staring at me – the visibly pregnant girl. I was so embarrassed. She continued yelling at me. Because I didn’t have a check! I was starting to cry when I left (without transferring my registration of course) but I didn’t let her see. She couldn’t win. Brian took care of everything of course later that day. She may be getting fired. I hope so. Apparently she had 2 complaints just that morning! Brian also brought me these awesome flowers. The card is the best!

Other than that, we just had a busy week. I got home from work after 8 on Wednesday and Thursday night (the reason for no blog post this week). This weekend has been pretty relaxing so far though. I do have to work some and get a brief started but I enjoy that so no big deal. Fellow lawyers and law school friends probably think this is crazy but brief writing is my happy place.

And we registered for baby stuff this week! Registering for baby stuff is pretty overwhelming because there’s so much stuff! But I did my research before we went so I knew what I wanted for the most part.  We still spent several hours in Babies R Us last weekend and Target last night! But I love all the super cute baby stuff. I only bought a few things so I’m doing pretty good (so far).I wanted to buy these but I didn’t.

I mean really . . . how cute is a baby in seersucker? Brian would have killed me though!

And last but not least, we have an appointment with Dr. Dora this Tuesday. Feels like forever since we’ve been to the doctor. I’m going to request that we not go this long again between appointments. I think it just fell this way but the appointments make me feel better and take away some of my stress so I want more of them! I’m really looking forward to Tuesday morning so I can see my boys again! I’ll update after that (hopefully on Wednesday this week!)