James Day!

James was soooo excited for James Day! He was last to come home, and therefore last to get his day. But he knew what to do. His day was technically September 26, a Tuesday this year. So we celebrated the following Saturday. So Friday night, I told him “James tomorrow is your day!” And he was beyond excited. He immediately said he wanted Cracker Barrel and a new puppy (Paw Patrol, from Cracker Barrel). So that’s what we did. Cracker Barrel. And the zoo. James also requested to go to Nana’s house. But that was a little far. So we settled for the zoo.

James is pretty needy. At Cracker Barrel, he refused to let me open his biscuit, but he definitely still wanted jelly. So I had to put jelly on the side before each bite. #rotten


He got a new Paw Patrol puppy too but I didn’t get a picture. Oops. (Also, for the record, my kids have never actually seen Paw Patrol but they love it still).

The zoo was sooo fun! Brian took a day to rest so I took the kids by myself. With Addison. She was a huge help. I thought MLJ would last 2 hours max, but they last 4 hours! And they walked the whole time. I even convinced them to carry their backpacks so I didn’t have to carry their things. It worked out well until the end, when I ended up carrying 3 backpacks. Oh well, I’m calling it a huge success.

Here’s some zoo pics!


We got snowcones too. They were huge, but they boys loved them! Logan kept trying to trade though.

And my favorite zoo pic – the result when I asked them to smile for 1 nice picture. This is better though.


The zoo wore Logan out! He passed out before I even got into the driver seat.


And I decided we needed ice cream on the way home too. James requested a Frosty. Because “they’re one of Nina’s favorites.” Ha! I didn’t even know that. But now I do!


So about James . . . James is very smart, very stubborn, very talkative, and the most difficult of my 3. By far. I can usually talk some sense into him. He actually does have the ability to reason. But it takes a lot sometimes.

James thinks he’s in charge. (But he’s not.) He always wants to pick. But he does understand that Mason and Logan get turns to pick too. And he’ll let them pick. Sometimes he provides suggestions though.

James loves essential oils. He always asks to be in charge of the nighttime oil (Tranquil Roll-On). And if I forget he remembers. Ha! And he asks for oils for his owies. He totally gets me.

James throws epic tantrums. This morning’s tantrum was over pants. Yep. Pants. Epic meltdown because I made him wear pants. You know, because it was chilly outside (ok not really but I thought it was supposed to be cool).

James claims he likes soccer. I’m not so sure.

James "loving soccer"

James hates clothes. I’m not sure why. Maybe we ruined him with naked potty training. He’s fully potty trained. But now he hates clothes. He seriously takes his clothes off the minute he walks in the house. Sometimes before he even makes it upstairs.


And he hangs out naked as much as possible.


James loves school. And Ms. June and Ms. Sarah. He apparently really works hard and doesn’t throw tantrums at school. He even made it on the school’s Facebook page. Just doing big boy lessons. Like a boss.


James has recently become very brave. He does all the scary things on the playground. Like climb monkey bars taller than me. And climb rocks also taller than me where he could fall and DIE! (jk he wouldn’t actually die. Probably. But that’s what this mommy feels when he’s up there being so brave!)


James’s also loves food. His favorite – cereal. And he’s renamed all cereals. Sponge Bob Cereal = Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Crapton Crunch = Cap’n Crunch. Daddy’s Cereal = anything Brian buys for himself. His fave is Sponge Bob Cereal. James also loves play food. Like he hoards it and carries it around the house.

Ok now some of my favorite James pics from the last few months 🙂


And of course, we can’t forget where this guy started. 151 days in NICU. Last to come home. Super ornery from the beginning. But so so sweet. And a big mama’s boy.

Lolo Day 2017

Today was Lolo day! A day all about Lolo. In case you don’t remember from the last few years, we celebrate each of the boys on the days they came home from the NICU. Lolo was first, August 6, at 99 days old. Remember this guy?


He was so little! I remember being so terrified when we brought him home! I mean really? Some days I wasn’t sure he would ever even come home at all. And then he came home first?! And somehow we were supposed to now keep him alive?! Well we did it. And now 3 years later he’s our funny, sweet, little Lolo.


Even at 3 Lolo is still my little guy, He weighs a whopping 25 lbs. And that’s with shoes on. And holding 5 trucks. So probably closer to 24 lbs. He’s a little guy. But so so cute. And he makes up for the tiny size with his big personality and super loud voice.


Lolo LOVES his monkeys blanket and takes it everywhere. Lolo still sucks his thumb. But only when he has a blanket. Lolo always holds the corner of the blanket to soothe himself. Sometimes he holds 2 corners. Sometimes he puts a corner between his toes too. And where does Lolo sleep? In my bed. He comes in at around midnight every single night. And he must be up against me at all times. So basically I can’t roll over or he’ll push me out of bed.

He’s also my only kid who will voluntarily nap. He’ll just lay down and go to sleep. On the couch, in Mason’s bed. And naked naps are his jam. He’s a sleepy little guy.

Lolo is OBSESSED with trucks, cars, trains, excavators, firetrucks, ambulances, police cars, etc. Pretty much anything that moves. Sometimes Lolo may sleep with a firetruck in his bed. And for a while he insisted that we read “A Crack in Track,” which is a Thomas the Train book, every single night.

Logan loves Minnie Mouse. He has a little Minnie who goes everywhere with him. He made me buy her at Cracker Barrel. See, here’s what happened: he was playing with her while we waited for our table. Then when they called us to go sit down, he put her down. I thought that was the end of Minnie. I was wrong. When we finished eating Lolo announced that he needed “to go get my Minnie.” So she came home with us. Because I’m a sucker. And he’s super cute.

Logan loves movies. We just got Cars (the movie) and he loves it but he calls Lightning McQueen Mater. And I have been unable to convince him that’s not right. Lolo also loves Zootopia. And he calls the bunny “Zootopia.” And he calls 101 Dalmatians “Down Down Dalmatian.”

Lolo also likes TV. His favorites are Mickey and Daniel Tiger. He likes to sing the songs from Daniel Tiger too. So freaking cute. Except when he sang “a tiger family trip” the entire way to Memphis a few months ago. Ha!

Logan is also very demanding. He always “needs” something. Usually “I need Mommy” or “I need to go downstairs” or “I need to get in mommy’s bed” or “I need candy.”

Logan has the most country accent you’ve ever heard. Red is 2 syllables. He also pronounces some of his letters in really weird ways. So sometimes he’s hard to understand. I have him figured out though.

And Lolo is a pretty picky eater. He usually announces he’s done and throws his plate in the sink after only a few bites. A few things I’ve learned he likes are hamburgers, PB&J, and chocolate. Of course chocolate. Oh and cookies.


Today for Lolo Day we did things Logan loves. First, we went out for donuts. Chocolate of course.


We brought brothers along too. They had chocolate donuts too.

Then we went to the fire station. Where Logan was so excited he could hardly contain himself. And of course he announced “I need to drive the fire truck!” And he did.


Logan actually told me “no more pictures!” today! Too bad for him because I’m in charge here. And I like pictures. But this was his no pictures face.


Then for dinner we let Lolo pick where to go and he picked pizza. He also learned that crackers and ranch are delicious together.


And of course Lolo took a nap. Without pants on. Oh and in Mason’s bed. Mason was NOT happy about this.


Ok and here’s a bunch of random pictures of Lolo. Sort of a compilation of my faves.


2 Years at Home for James

James came home 2 years ago today, after 151 days in NICU. And our family was finally all under 1 roof. Look at this little guy! Big for a NICU baby though!
He took his dear sweet time, but he’s worth the wait . . . most of the time. Ha! James is spoiled rotten. He’s only the baby by 1 minute but he certainly acts like it. He’s lovingly called whiny James. Often. But he’s also so sweet. To me. Not always to other people, like Brian. Ok he’s a mama’s boy. Like the epitome of a mama’s boy. His favorite thing to say is “Mommy do it.” Cute the first few times. Now not so much. Especially because he says “Mommy do it” for things I don’t actually WANT to do. Like change his diaper. Thanks James.
Seriously James is a cranky little dude. He can throw an amazing tantrum. He used to hold his breath. Luckily he’s stopped doing that. It’s not good when your kid turns blue from holding his breath. Trust me. But sometimes I do take pictures to commemorate the tantrums and time outs. Because . . . well just because.
He’s very mistreated.
James is very smart. He knows lots of his letters, he can count to 10 (sometimes), he knows everyone’s name, he knows his colors, and he knows everyone in our family. He asks to see random people. Nina, Pop, Coco, Liam, Nana, Grandad, Lizzie, Lou Lou. He knows Addison is at dance when she’s not home after school. And he understands that he has to be patient so I can actually cook his dinner. (Well sometimes he’ll just go sit at his table and wait like a little beggar but at least he’s not standing at my feet crying).
James is obsessed with shoes. He especially loves his batman shoes. He asks for them. They’re super stinky though so I have to wash them All. The. Time. I’ve posted these pictures before but here’s James in his batman shoes, cheesing for the camera.
James loves cake pops. We go to Starbucks every Friday for cake pops. And he knows this. He asks for Starbucks. He recognizes Starbucks. And he knows that we don’t get cake pops except on Fridays. And today of course for James’s Coming Home Day!  The bag is almost as awesome as the cake pops themselves.
James saves the bag after he’s done. Then he fills it with other things, like fake food. Fake food is probably his favorite toy. Even better if he can carry the fake food around in a bag, like a ziplock. I’m so glad we have actual toys so he can play with Ziplock baggies. He loves real food too. I’m sure no one can tell with those cheeks.
James also LOVES taking selfies and making videos. He especially loves making videos to send to Coco. Ha! I have lots of pictures of James that look like this. And some that are even closer close-ups.
James also LOVES Church and Jesus. Or Gesus to James. He recognizes churches and crosses and yells Gesus! He also refers to my Tory Burch shoes as Jesus (I mean Gesus) shoes. Smart kid.
James also has a pretty long list of things he doesn’t like. His second favorite thing to say after “Mommy do it” is “I don’t like it.” Currently on his list of don’t likes: tags in shirts, tags on towels, blankets other than Aden and Anais blankets, duck tape on his diaper (yep he’s joined the stripping naked club with Mason so he’s also involuntarily joined the duck tape club), and lots of food. I guess it’s good that he knows what he likes and doesn’t like, but seriously he’s cranky and very particular.
James is also very talkative. He has recently started speaking in complete sentences. Including “Mommy do it” and “I don’t like it.” He also answers questions with yeah or ok. Ha! That’s probably my favorite thing. But James and Logan gang up on me in the car and make me sing. Logan will request the song usually. Almost always “Mommy McDonald” which is Old McDonald of course. Then James picks the animals. We went through a phase where Old McDonald apparently ran a dairy farm. Because every verse was “one more cow.” Now we have snakes, cows, and horses. Weird farm. But whatever. They love it.
James talks a lot but he’s very quiet. He’s so soft spoken that sometimes you can’t hear him. Especially when his brothers are around. Because they are VERY loud.
James is also painfully shy. He does not like new people. I have to hand him to a teacher pretty much every morning at school. Last weekend we went to see Elmo. James was soooo excited. Then this happened.
This is actually where James lives. On my hip. All the time. He wanted to get away from Elmo as fast as possible. Then today he asked to go see Elmo again. Of course. Lolo was fascinated by Elmo as you can see. And Mason loved him too. No fear.
Here’s a few more pictures of James. Just because. I mean he’s pretty stinking cute. I just love his bleach blond hair and chubby cheeks.
I’m pretty sure he’s actually saying cheese in these.

He used to sit on the stairs on the way up every day and say “picture” or “cheese” so of course sometimes I actually complied. He’s too cute to say no.

Ok just a few more. Because he’s my Jamesy. This is probably the most typical James look. Serious, studying something.
And then he smiled. Because he loves pictures. And he has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen ever.

Mason Day!

Mason came home from the NICU 2 years ago, after 110 days in the NICU. This picture popped up on my Timehop app this morning and I teared up a little.

I mean look at this tiny guy!

I remember everything about that day. It was terrifying. For different reasons than the day we took Logan home. But we now had 2 babies. And 2 oxygen tanks, 2 pulse ox machines, 2 sets of tubes. It seems like forever ago.
Now Mason is a crazy 2 year old. He has the cutest personality. He’s happy, friendly, smiley, and super mischievous. I mean look at this face. He’s clearly up to no good! And notice he isn’t wearing pants.This is how he looked at me when I asked him where his pants were. (We had been home about 3 minutes before he took his pants off).
Mason makes friends everywhere he goes. He’s also super happy to play by himself. His favorite toys are blocks, puzzles, and books. He’s very good at building and working puzzles. And he loves playing outside and in the pool!

And of course he loves America. If you haven’t seen his video you’ve missed out. I tried to post it here but videos never work on here for me! He says USA! (pronounced ooh-eth-ay)

He’s probably the best behaved out of the 3, except when it comes to mealtime. Then he throws his food on the floor or feeds it to the dogs.
And sometimes he rubs his food in his hair. This day it was yogurt.
Mason hates shoes, pants (see above), and veggies. He’s pretty much ok with everything else. His favorite thing ever is probably ketchup. That’s kind of a veggie right? Well it’s the only thing slightly resembling a veggie that ever enters his body except in squeezy pouch form. Pants? Mason takes his pants off immediately when we put him in bed at night. So far he’s keeping his diaper on so I’m ok with it.
Mason is starting to really talk. He calls himself Sason. (Logan calls him Mason (I know his actual name!) and James calls him Nason). Mason speaks in complete sentences now too! I am super impressed. His first sentence was “I boke it” which obviously means “I broke it.” His most frequent sentence is “I want this” or “I wear this.” And lately “I want to eat ice.” He loves ice. And he knows how to ask for it. He does have a lisp which is also super cute. And makes him hard to understand. But we’re making progress so I’ll take it!
Oh and speaking of ice, he always wants to ice his knee when I ice my knee. Usually I just put the wrap on his leg (because he says “I wear this” but sometimes he gets the actual ice pack).
He also loves pictures. He’ll look at me and say “cheese” at least once every few days. Lots of times I miss it because he doesn’t hold the “cheese” very long! But here’s a recent one! Love! He actually brought his living room chair to the table because I took the other chairs away (they are perfect weight and height for carrying around the house to reach various light switches). So Mason is smart and cute.
Oh and Mason absolutely LOVES his Zizzie. He named her Zizzie, which will be her name FOREVER.
Oh and selfies. Mason is the best at taking selfies.
And he likes to line things up. Maybe he’s catching some of my OCD tendencies. Oops! He actually rearranged the chairs to this table in various formations for about an hour the day we got it. Ha! This was before they (Logan) discovered the alternate use for the chairs.

He also knows which chair is his and where it goes. This picture cracks me up because the chairs are out of order but Mason still sat in his. He just pushed them down so his chair was where it belongs. He’s definitely my child. Things have a place!

Oh and he climbs too. He saw Logan climb up on the barstools so he immediately followed him up. So I guess Mason is partially to blame for the lack of barstools too.
I have lots of pictures of Mason eating. I guess because he’s a funny eater. So here’s a few more pics of Mason eating.
Cake pops!

Mason also loves shoes. Mine and his own. Although his shoes come off immediately when we get in the car. And at least once he popped his shoes off in church, in the communion line. Thanks dude.

Ok here are some more of my favorite Mason pictures. Always up to no good! And he makes the best faces!

Notice the 1 shoe. This was first thing in the morning.
And no pants in this one

And little Mason the last time he had a lot of hair! I miss his hair! Maybe I’ll let it grow out again when it’s cold outside!

Lolo Day!

2 years ago today, after 99 days in the NICU, they let us bring Logan home. This tiny guy right here:

That first night was TERRIFYING! I stared at him all night. And he stared back.

I was sure we weren’t ready. But I guess I was wrong.
Here’s my favorite Lolo picture. On my rocking horse from when I was little! He LOVES it!
2 years later, Logan is a funny, sassy, happy little dude. He loves ceiling fans, lights, light switches, cars, animals (and the farmer), and shoes that aren’t his. He is a big jumper. He jumps so high in his bed that he’s basically parallel to the top rail. Yikes! Oh, and he climbs. So we no longer have barstools. Ugh. Thanks Logan! But he makes up for it by giving sweet kisses. And there’s always a hug to follow. And he says “aww” with the hug.
He is the smallest of his brothers but he is definitely the boss. His teachers confirmed this for school too. He will straight up push someone out of his way. And they will move.
He is starting to talk too. He’s always babbled but now he is starting to attempt complete sentences, although he usually gets the words mixed up.
He goes by Lolo now. If you ask him his name he says “I Lolo.” Mason and James sometimes pretend they too are Lolo. James has started calling Logan by his actual name now which makes me sad but also makes me happy because it’s super cute. Mason calls him Lolo or Gogan. Also super cute.
We celebrated Lolo Day today of course. First Nana, Grandad and Loulou came by with brunch. And Coming Home Day presents! Lolo LOVED his new Mickey Legos!
Mason and James got presents too! And James decided Loulou is the coolest!

Lolo also watched the Olympics with Daddy!

And because it was Lolo Day we let him turn the lights on and off. (insert eye roll).

Then we went to Senor Tequila for dinner. We drive by Senor’s every day after school and we have the following conversation. James always spots Senors and says dee-yup! Then Lolo says “mmm dip!” Lolo loves dip. He loves salsa the best. So we had to go.

Mason loves Mexican food too!

Here’s some recent pictures of Lolo. My love.

Helping Zizzie make smoothies 🙂

Yum cake! My kids LOVE cake!

Lolo found Lolo! And he was actually pointing to . . . a ceiling fan of course. Ha!

This big kid eats cereal. With a spoon.

Pants optional.

Coolest kid on the block.

Lolo loves to rock rock (wah-wock) and read books

I have proof of the climbing too. This all happened over the course of about 24 hours. First he climbed up on the triplet table and got into his chair, put his bib on, and asked for dinner. That was Friday night. Then Saturday morning he climbed up on a barstool to get the Apple TV remote. Then later that day, Brian came into the living room and found Lolo ON TOP of the counter! Seriously this kid is crazy!
And I wasn’t joking about the shoes. If Lolo sees shoes that aren’t his, he will sit down, take his own shoes off, and put the newly-discovered grown up shoes on.

This particular day he found mommy’s shoes, then he found daddy’s shoes so he switched.

And I saved the best one for last. He’s going to kill me when he gets older! Ha!

James’s Coming Home Day!

One year ago from yesterday, our family was finally all home. Together. James spent 151 days in the NICU and I honestly felt like he would NEVER come home. But he did. And he’s trouble, but we expected that!

Here’s a few pictures from last year! It seems like forever ago!

And one more – James’s first night in his own bed! He still sleeps with his giraffe!

James is a super sweet baby. Probably the sweetest of all 3. He gives hugs and kisses (with his mouth wide open of course). He loves his mommy. Maybe too much! He is super clingy. I’m usually holding James whenever we go somewhere. He has a little stranger anxiety, but we’re working on it.
James is usually the first to do new things. He’s ALMOST walking. He talks quite a bit. And he signs a few words. He’s in to EVERYTHING! His favorite thing ever is the dog bowl. Here’s a picture from when he first discovered it. He knew it was bad then. He doesn’t care. Today he spilled the entire bowl of water on himself though and he did not like that. I laughed at him. Then I helped of course.
 James also throws epic tantrums. His teachers say he’s “in his feelings” whatever that means. But he’s definitely a sensitive one.
He also has the best and biggest smile, sometimes a smirk, when he’s happy!
Of course we celebrated James’s coming home day! We went to the zoo! It was hot but we had a great time!

The boys liked the alligator best!

We also ate a snack at the zoo and I let James try ketchup for the first time. He loved it. And he’s a pro. He dipped his french fry all by himself. (And of course licked the ketchup off and redipped over and over again).

We tried to take a selfie but James wasn’t in the mood. He just wanted the phone I think.

Addison took a normal picture of us instead.

And a selfie of herself. Ha!

We also got a great picture of all 4 kids! All looking! Yay!

And of course Addison always takes great pictures!
We went to a birthday party last night for our neighbor Cooper. James was in a cranky James mood. We tried out the swing but James did NOT like it! Ha! (Mason LOVED it btw). We ate dinner at the party too so we had to improvise for the boys. This worked out pretty well though.
And like the other coming home day posts, here are my favorite James pictures!