Free from Three in Mile High City

It’s that time again! Time for my annual 2014 triplet mama trip! This year we went to Denver. And It. Was. So. Fun!!! I had the best time ever. I think this was my favorite trip so far! 45 triplet moms went on the trip this year! I think I had met a little over half in person at previous trips. And I definitely made some new forever friends!

I love my triplet mama friends! I know I’ve said it before but my triplet mama friends are some of my best friends in the entire world. Yeah, we met on Facebook. Yeah, that may be a little weird. But we have triplets. Weird is basically our thing.

My roomies are basically 5 of my favorite people in the world. We talk every single day! But we live so far away from each other that we basically only see each other in person on these trips.


So some of what happens in Denver stays in Denver but here’s some of my favorite pictures and stories from the weekend (PG of course)!


Most of us arrived on Thursday, even though the official trip is Friday-Sunday. I paid extra to not have a 6 am flight, but all of my roomies did have 6 am flights so they arrived hours before me (and started the festivities hours before me too). But Melinda’s flight was delayed so we met up at the airport! Love this girl!


First picture after the airport – an elevator selfie of course!


Thursday night we went to dinner just our small group, plus another friend Jennifer. She probably legit thinks we’re insane. Ha! Denver has so many rooftop bars, restaurants, etc. I LOVE IT! We ate dinner outside Thursday night. Oh and Denver is also pretty hipster, which I also love.


Then we went to a country bar. Not my thing, but it was ladies night, so . . . free drinks! We didn’t stay long. But of course we had some shots first. This may not have been the first one, but it definitely wasn’t the last. Shondra (or maybe La’Shondra at this point) was super proud of the shots!


This is Maggie. She has the best hip hop dance face ever. Oh, and we told her to bring slutty clothes, so she brought her J. Crew gingham top. Apparently slutty isn’t Maggie’s thing. But dancing is totally her thing.

IMG_2141 (2)

We met Maggie in person for the first time on this trip! Maggie was my secret sister last year. (Another cool triplet mom thing – secret sisters – we send gifts, cards, texts, etc. all year). That’s how we met. She’s #blessed but also super awesome! Awesome enough that we let her in our little group! Ha!

We met a guy at the bar on Thursday who looked just like James. Ali made me show him a picture! Ha! I don’t have any pictures of adult James. That would be weird. Actually, I don’t have any other pictures from Thursday. Let’s just say it was a super fun night. Not the greatest morning on Friday though. Ha!


We had a super full day on Friday. First we went to Red Rocks and did an “easy” hike, then lunch at Red Rocks. Friday night we had our first group dinner. Then we did a pedal hopper after dinner and it was so fun!

Red Rocks

Red Rocks was so beautiful! The “easy” hike was not so easy, but it was definitely worth it. I also learned that I really need oxygen. Like way more oxygen that is in the air in Colorado. I struggled a little. Definitely didn’t attempt to run while in Denver!

Red Rocks group photo!



And of course a Red Rocks selfie


Roomie-besties Red Rocks photo


And one with Ali, my Asian twin (also the guy who took this picture was no older than 14. Pretty sure he should have been in school).


Friday Night

Friday night we had our casual group dinner. Mexican. Yum!

I think this is most of the group at dinner. Amber (the one on the far right) is actually part of our group too and not a photo bomber as it may seem from the picture.


A few of my favorites – Shalamar, Ali, and Jen. I’ve known Ali and Jen for what seems like my entire adult life. Ha! And I just met Shalamar and she’s now one of my faves too.


This place had a 3 marg limit. They were pretty delicious.


After dinner we went on a pedal hopper tour. I can’t even describe it. So here’s a picture:


It has seats all around, some have pedals like a bike that make it go. You can drink on these things but you have to bring your own drinks. Oh and you can get in the middle with the “driver.” I use the word “driver” loosely because he only has a brake and no reverse. We know this because our guy had to get out and push us to back up. And he wasn’t strong enough so he needed some triplet mom help. Ha! He did play some pretty awesome tunes, including some JT, so he’s cool.


And if you drop something you have to yell “man down” and the guy will stop. Regina lost her sweater more than once and had to run out into the street to retrieve it. Ha!


Here’s a few more pics from Friday. The pedal hopper stopped at 2 bars. One of them had an epic game of flip cup that we took over.


And they also had chalkboards, which we also took over.

This one is our hashtag #freefromthreeinmilehighcity


And this one started out as a penis and ended up as a war between the Gators and A&M.


Maggie and I also stumbled upon an Oktoberfest festival going on. In September. But whatever. They had an awesome statue.


And speaking of statues . . .

IMG_2128IMG_2110 (1)

I’m not sure how that cow didn’t come crashing down. But I know that we know it’s a cow because Shondra tried to milk it. And there may be a video of Shondra helping me get up there. Ha!

And of course another elevator selfie. From Friday this time.



Saturday was a much more low key day. We had no plans except our fancy dinner. So we went to brunch and walked around. And I found another statue.


Saturday dinner was our fancy dinner. By fancy dinner I mean we dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant. And dinner was steak with french fries. Kinda weird. The restaurant had fun shooters too, including one with coffee. Which I needed.

Here’s a group picture. We clean up pretty well right? It’s amazing what we can do without 3 tiny humans running around. Oh and don’t mind Courtney’s hand. No one knows. But we’re definitely all guessing.


I ordered my dress from Rent the Runway. I loved it! The whole thing was pretty amazing. The dress. The fact that I didn’t have to buy the dress for full price to only wear it once. My roomies ordered their dresses from Rent the Runway too. Love it!



Sunday we had to leave. 😦 I’m so sad to leave my friends! I can’t wait for the next trip! Savannah in May. It’s already on my calendar. (Our group actually does 2 trips per year. I’ve done 1 each year and I have missed 2. And don’t want to miss any more!)

And in case you’re wondering, they do have direct flights from Denver to Little Rock. But the planes are tiny. So tiny you have to walk outside to board. (It was so cold!)


But I had the best surprise waiting for me when I got home!


I’m not sure if they were more excited to see me or go up the escalators. Either way, I was excited to see them. And the sign is clearly written with invisible ink. I’m told it said “Hi Mom” but we’ll never know for sure.

A few fun facts about Denver and my trip:

  • Denver is flat. Who knew?
  • Oxygen is pretty amazing and there’s much less of it in Denver
  • Denver has 0 humidity. And it turns out I actually like humidity. At least a little.
  • You can buy marijuana in Colorado. You just walk into a dispensary. It’s very clean and professional. The people who work there are very knowledgeable. And obviously a friend told me all of this.
  • Maggie thinks gingham is slutty (you probably saw this above)
  • Melinda still loves grilled cheese but apparently she is ok with bread shaped grilled cheese now and no longer insists on teddy bear grilled cheese
  • Ali and I should never drink rumple. Ever.
  • Joanna Cline has a 9 pm bedtime but she CAN stay up past then. If she really wants.
  • My concept of ”easy” hike is way different than others
  • Triplet moms really know how to party. Like really party. Like we’re in college.
  • Elevator selfies are my jam
  • I’m still pretty good at flip cup. Amber apparently doesn’t know how to play though because she poured herself a full cup. And Melinda pours her beer under the table. #cheater
  • Football on Saturdays isn’t just a guy thing and it isn’t just a southern thing. Maggie yelled at the dinner table about something.
  • Far fewer people drive Subarus than I expected
  • The Denver airport is at least 10 miles long. I know this because my plane was at the very last gate when I arrived.

Ok I think that’s all. At least all I’m allowed to share. 😉



I escaped last weekend. For 4 whole glorious days. And why do I need to escape you ask? Because my kids do things like this:

And say “yay!” as if this is a good thing.
Last weekend was our 2014 triplet mom trip. This year we went to Nashville. 58 triplet and quad moms converged on Nashville. 58 triplet and quad moms with 2 year olds (or almost 2 year olds). I had the best time. I got to meet lots of new people in real life and spent time with friends I met in Chicago last year. Here’s a picture of most of us. In matching shirts of course.

Do you know what it’s like to tell strangers we all have triplets? Probably not. But everyone in Nashville wanted to know what we were doing there? Girls trip. And how we knew each other? We all have triplets. We met on Facebook. Ha! The responses were mostly like this guy.
He was awesome. Melinda actually took a video of me telling him but I just have the screenshots. Ha! Still amazing. Then there was Donna, the Wanda Sykes look-alike Uber driver. She almost killed us. For real. When we said we all have triplets, she slammed on the brakes. Then when we told her they’re all 2, slammed on the brakes again. After that we decided we probably shouldn’t share any more info with Donna/Wanda.
The official trip started Friday, but my friends and I went on Thursday and stayed through Monday. So. Much. Fun. Thursday morning I left town in time to stop in Memphis. And I took a picture of course. Also to let my friends know I was in the right state!
Then I got to Nashville just in time to meet up with Lindsay and Ali to go get Shondra from the airport. We screamed her name as loud as we could. The lady behind her was NOT impressed. Then we did a running hug. There’s a video but it’s just of Lindsay’s back because Ali is the worst videographer in the history of ever. Oh well.
These ladies are my “due date buddies” and yes that’s totally a real thing. Especially if you have triplets. It seems like everyone has or had a due date buddies. So we had to be due date buddies too. Actually we found each other around December, well after our kids were born. But we talk every single day. They make me feel normal. And totally call me out when I’m not. Just like we called Lindsay out when she struggled to get out of the parking deck at the airport because “the machine won’t take all my dollars.” And that’s how Lindsay learned that you put the dollars in one at a time instead of all at once stacked together.
About 1/3 of the group actually got to Nashville a day early so we met up with them. And Sumer. I heart Sumer (even though her mom can’t spell). Sumer may have attacked me.
Thursday night was soooo fun! Most of my favorite triplet mom friends are in this picture. See they ARE real! Also, FTR, this picture took at least 20 attempts. And most of it was Shondra’s fault.

We might have had some shots. And maybe lost Shondra.

And later that night we learned that Melinda LOVES teddy bear grilled cheese, but not pringles. Pringles taste like hot dogs.
Friday was the beginning of the real trip. And Sumer’s birthday. So we went for pedis. In the longest Uber ever. But it was so fun!

And of course we continued to talk to each other on FB chat during the pedicures. I mean we had to though. We couldn’t talk about Hope out loud. She already hated Ali. Janice loved me. But we had to stay quiet. Plus we were kinda far away.

Oh and of course we took an elevator selfie on the way.

Friday night we had a big group dinner. And we wore our matching shirts. Here’s a closer picture. Courtesy of my selfie stick. Thanks again Rachel!

Lindsay actually made the shirts. Aren’t they perfect?! Oh and someone, I’m not sure who, decided we should wear red heels with these shirts. So I ordered some on Poshmark because I didn’t want to pay much. The girl said they had 3 inch heels. She lied. They’re straight up stripper shoes. And I straight up LOVE them.

Shondra got stripper shoes too.

And a red shoe pic. Some people cheated as you can see.

We went out again that night. Our method of transportation? Golf cart. Here’s the view from the back. Fun. And also a bit terrifying. And just for Sumer, I made sure to include feet.
We also may have taken some pictures with a statue of naked people in the middle of a roundabout. But I was dared. So I had no choice really. And other people came with me. So it must have been a good idea.

Yeah so I wasn’t kidding when I said naked. I mean, they’re anatomically correct naked statues.

And I’m not sure who took this picture but it was posted in the trip group and it’s my favorite.

Then Sumer rode the bull.

And we drank moonshine. Well Rebecca, Shondra and I drank moonshine. Jenna drank a sip of moonshine and realllocated hers to the rest of us.

We found another statue. Oh and that’s a selfie. Impressive right?

Here’s another horse selfie. Our hotel had these creepy horses at the elevators. So I had to take a selfie with one.
On Saturday we toured the Ryman auditorium. Pretty cool place. I wish I could have seen a show there!

Here’s the group of triplet moms on the tour.

And the view from up top.

And I took a selfie in front of the stage. But this picture is much better. See, I wasn’t the only one! Thanks Jen and Joanne for making me look normal!

Then we found another statue. Are you sensing a theme? I kinda like – actually LOVE – statues.

I’m an amazing guitar teacher.

And then we found this dog on a building and took a picture with him. He looked lonely up there.

Saturday night we had our fancy dinner. We went to Virago and OMG it was amazing. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. And I even ate brussels sprouts. I haven’t eaten those since my cousin made himself throw up brussels sprouts when we were younger. I don’t think my mom ever made them again after that either. BUT look how good these look! They tasted even better.

Our table. This was actually our room Friday-Sunday (Melinda stayed with us Thursday so we had 5 each night). We just added a blow up mattress so we had room for 5! So fun! These are my people! No way we could separate.

And my favorite picture from the entire trip:

Of course that’s in the golf cart. Because why not. Oh and Sally was in charge of golf cart rides. I think the driver liked her. Ha!

And Saturday night we went out on Broadway again. And we went to Tootsies. Because we had to.
We didn’t stay there long though. We went to George Jones’s rooftop bar and it was soooo nice up there! But the stairs almost killed us. Of course we learned about the elevator once we reached the top.
Then Sunday almost everyone left. And I was sad. But we had one more day. And Sunday of last week I ate the best meal of my life. I’m not even kidding. Biscuit Love y’all. You MUST go there. They have these things:

Those things are called Bonuts, aka biscuit donuts. And they’re so amazing. We waited in line to get in for an hour. 60 minutes. But it was so worth it. The food came out in 5 minutes once we got inside. And all of it was delicious. The bonuts, the hash, the french toast that melted in my mouth, the bacon that was like bacon but 1 million times better.

So go to Biscuit Love. They also have shirts and coffee mugs that say “Resting Brunch Face” so you’ll need one of those too. I got the coffee mug.
And here’s another statue just for fun.

Shondra really liked Elvis.

Sunday night we did the most Nashville thing we could think of. We went to the Bluebird Cafe.

Sunday night they don’t take reservations so we had to wait in line to get in. We got there at 6 for an 8:00 show. But again it was worth it. This was the perfect ending to our trip. We were the last 6 left in Nashville too!

Meanwhile, in Little Rock, this was happening:
Yep. Best picture ever. But seriously Brian did a great job. Like always. I can’t wait til next year!

Triplet Moms Take Chicago

We all have triplets!

If you’ve talked to me at all in the past year you’ve probably heard me talk about my “triplet mom friends” and you’ve probably made fun of me because, well, I met them on Facebook. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would make friends with complete strangers on Facebook I would have said no way! That’s super weird. Well, things changed. I felt really lost when I found out I was having triplets. Then I found my triplet mom friends. These women mean the world to me. Some of these ladies have supported me, made me laugh, and probably cried with me during the hard times. And I’ve tried to do the same. They’ve provided a sense of normalcy to having triplets. Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to meet some of my triplet mom friends in person! 38 triplet moms with triplets born in 2014 (actually 37 triplet moms and 1 super awesome quad mom) met in Chicago. I was super nervous and so excited on the way there! But even though we had never met in person it was like meeting up with old friends. We’ve been through so much together and most of us are super close already! We had 146 kids among our group of moms! And we totally pretended we didn’t have kids for a few days! So fun!

I have become really close with 3 girls. My “due date buddies.” 2 of them came to Chicago! We missed our 4th friend Lindsay but we Facetimed her and took a picture in front of The Bean together!
Here’s a picture of my awesome roommates! Poor Sally probably didn’t know what hit her! We met for the first time on Friday and she was stuck with me all weekend!
Ok so Friday I got to leave Little Rock earlier than I originally expected which was super awesome! I was supposed to be in court all day but I ended up not having to be there! Yay! So I learned about same day flight changes (only $75!) and changed my flight super last minute and didn’t miss the whole first day! Yay! I also had to learn how to take a cab. I seriously asked and was told “get in the cab line.” I guess that’s easy enough!
Friday night the whole group went to Gino’s East for dinner. Here are a few pictures:
A bunch of triplet moms!
A selfie with my signature drink – The Selfie
One of the smarter moms in our group decided we should wear nametags because we had never actually met each other in person. Well I’m not a fan of nametags, so here’s mine.

And just in case I was wrong:

After dinner we went to a bar. Of course. We were kid (and husband) free!
Shondra may be doing the shocker
Love Mama Shea!
Saturday was super fun too! We started the day at the spa. Then we played tourists all day!

Oh and apparently everyone knows I love selfies so Rachel, one of my favorite triplet moms, got me a selfie stick! I LOVE IT!!! I used it a lot! You don’t have to ask anyone to take your picture which makes it super awesome. And yes, I’m totally aware that it looks super dumb.

Group selfie in front of the Chicago River. See it’s pretty awesome
Then we went to The Bean
We went to the Sears Tower too but the line was super long so we didn’t go up. But I got a picture from outside looking up. It’s soooooo tall!

We rode a rickshaw to the next location! It was super cold. But Antonio was pretty awesome. And not as scary as the other bike driver guy.

Shondra looks so scared!
We went to the Hancock Tower instead when we couldn’t go up in the Sears Tower. Oh and we did “The Tilt” on the 95th floor. The glass window tilts out and you’re leaning over the ground! Way scarier than I expected!
And a selfie of course
Saturday night we went to Ditka’s for a group dinner. It was super fun. And we got dressed up so even more fun!
Summer due date group
Then we went out again of course. Craziest thing ever happened on the way though! I ran into my friend Charles from Memphis randomly on the street! So random but awesome! Here’s some pics from Saturday night. I may have stayed up way past my bed time! But the bar we found had beer pong, a photo booth, karaoke, a lady who squirted soap on your hands for you in the bathroom, AND a dance floor (which we didn’t discover until we had been there for about 2 hours). Seriously so fun! And I may or may not have eaten pizza in the hallway of the hotel at 5 am.
Love Sumer!
Of course we took photo booth pictures!

And this statue. Shondra loved him.

And we took a group selfie at Walgreens too! With the now notorious selfie stick.
Sunday I had a late flight and so did Shondra and Sally so we went to Navy Pier.

And one last selfie before we said goodbye! An airport selfie!

Oh and then we sat on the runway for 2 hours before leaving because of weather. So I got home super late. But it was so worth it! I had the best time!

So on top of hanging out with my triplet mom friends in real life (so Brian can no longer say they aren’t real because I’ve seen them now!), I loved Chicago. Except that it was really cold! It’s supposed to be summer! But I still loved Chicago. They must dye the water in Lake Michigan and the Chicago River though because no way it’s that color in real life. Also apparently Chicago has a thing for revolving doors. They’re everywhere! And I HATE them! I’m a little scared of them actually. I tend to get stuck in them or outside them. True story.

And in case you’re wondering, Brian took care of the boys and Addison all weekend and he did great! He’s superdad in case you didn’t know. He even took them all to the Apple Store (plus one of Addison’s friends).

I can’t wait until our next triplet mom trip! We’ve already started planning! Yay! I loved meeting everyone! I only wish we had more time! And I didn’t get to say bye to everyone. So if I didn’t say bye give yourself a hug for me (maybe in private because you may look weird doing it)!