Mann Fam Pics – Summer 2017

I just got our summer family photos back this week and I. AM. IN. LOVE! They are so perfect! I always feel like there’s absolutely no way we got good shots but somehow Miranda always comes through with some amazing pictures. I mean my kids were NOT cooperating. Not at all. We bribed them with ice cream. Didn’t help much. And we had a penguin friend along for our photo shoot. And he made it into some pictures too. Ha!



This is pretty much how MLJ act when asked to take a picture. Escape time!


We got some great shots of the boys too! I’m not sure how . . .


My absolute fave! 20

And the aftermath. Mason did not fall down. But he did think it was funny that Logan and James fell down.21


And of course Addison took some beautiful pictures. Before you scroll, be prepared. She basically looks grown.


Addison and Mason. Because she’s the best big sister!


And this one with me. Another fave!


The boys took some individuals too.


Mason loves pictures. Well, not when I’m taking them. But these are so perfect. They capture my mischievous, friendly, little guy perfectly.


Mason took one with me too!



Lolo was not cooperative. At all. Notice him running away. With the penguin stowed in his shorts.



James is my difficult kid. But he’s so photogenic. I’ve been told I can’t say he’s “pretty” so we’ll go with “he’s so handsome.”


And proof that he’s difficult:


And some candids.


Thanks again Miranda for always capturing my family so perfectly and for dealing with our craziness!

Mann Fam Photos Fall 2016

I am in love! Seriously I LOVE family pictures. Every time we take them I am always a little scared we didn’t get anything good. Then I wait impatiently in anticipation to see what magic Miranda has done this time. And y’all . . . this time she outdid herself. This. Right. Here.
Ok so that’s probably my favorite picture ever. Like ever ever in the whole wide world. I bought a GIANT canvas of this one to put in the boys’ playroom.
And guess what? We got so many more great shots too!

Lolo’s face in this one is too precious. Remember RBF Lolo? Well he still exists but laughing, happy Lolo makes his appearance way more often.

A little ring-around-the rosies. LOVE!

And an accidental picture of all 3. They were playing and just happened to line up just right. (Plus some Miranda magic I’m sure).

And this one is just perfect. It’s going in a frame.

And a Daddy picture too. 🙂

She got lots of amazing individual shots too!
He insisted on wearing the hood for a while.

Silly boy!


And my favorite shot from the whole day!

And one with me and each of my boys! I love that Miranda gets these each time!
Thanks Miranda for exceeding all expectations again! I will cherish these forever! And I hope these kids get easier for you as they get older! I keep thinking next time will be easier and that’s just not the case. Ha! But it’s so worth it in to me!

2 Year (and 12 Year) Pictures!

I got the best thing ever in the mail this week! Pictures! These are from right before the boys turned 2. I LOVE THEM! Thanks again Miranda! Seriously if you live anywhere near Little Rock, you need to have Miranda take pictures of your kids. She’s amazing.

We got a few of all 6 of us. Thanks for cooperating boys! Lolo has weapons in this first one. Ha!

And this one is probably an accurate depiction of how difficult it is to take pictures of my family. But everyone is looking. And it shows real life so I love it.

We also got a few of all 3 boys together. This took A LOT of work! And lots of Doc McStuffins and Mickey on our phones.

This one is a pretty accurate depiction of all 3. Mason is happy, Logan looks super serious and a little mean, and James looks concerned and may be whining. Oh and Logan of course has something in his hands. He’s a little hoarder.

3 smiles! Yay!

The individual shots are my favorites!

Up to no good


So happy! I love this happy face!

And I was late with the boys so Addison had a little photo shoot before we got there. I love them all. She loves them too! We’ll call this her 12 year photos (her birthday was June 5)!

And lots of dance pictures. Of course 😉

We got some great ones of Brian with the boys too! They love their daddy! 🙂
They didn’t love it as much when I threw them up in the air!

Lolo held on for dear life! We do this at home all the time and I’ve never dropped anyone! I promise! They usually love it!

James liked me at least.
Thanks again Miranda! We love all of them!

I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ll post a big catch up soon! I promise! Someone please make me do it this week! I have a lot to say! Shocking I know!

Family Photo Time – Fall 2015 Edition

I’m so in love with our Fall pictures! I have the best photographer EVER! Thanks so much Miranda! Seriously she’s amazing. Logan and James were both sick and super uncooperative. Usually I just have to worry about Brian being uncooperative. For the record, he was good this time 😉 Mason, on the other hand, was all about it and we got some great Mason pictures!
Here’s my favorite one to start!
And this amazing one of the boys in their wagon!
This is real life right here. I felt like every picture would look a little like this – like cat wrangling, laughing, and a few tears (James). But I love it too!
Logan and James made some extra mean faces
And one attempted shot of me with the boys. I’m pretty happy with this one. They’re in order and looking at the camera and I look ok.
Ok so I’m just going to post pictures. You don’t have to read my rambling this time (edited: you don’t have to read AS MUCH OF my rambling this time).
So the pictures:
And the giraffe became part of the family for family pictures too. Of course. If you don’t know, Addison had a giraffe too when she was little. Hers was a stuffed animal, but still a giraffe. And I still have it because I’m a hoarder.
Miranda also got some great shots of me with each of the boys! I LOVE THESE!
And a few more with Mason because he was loving life that day!

And this one. This one is perfect. Brian is the best daddy and this captures it all!

And we got some of Addison and me too! And they’re beautiful!
And last but definitely not least, Addison took some amazing pictures by herself too. She’s so photogenic and I love it!
And one last one. They’re out of order. Miranda is good though. She realized it herself and immediately fixed it
I lied. One more. I took this one with my phone. But James was sooo tired all he wanted to do was sit in the wagon. I love this one too!

Memphis Trip

My Grandma turned 80 this month so we went to Memphis to celebrate with her! We had such a great time! We got to spend time with my family. Everyone was there too so it was kind of like Christmas. 

Eating at Nana’s in our new highchairs. In the wrong order.
And we went to the Memphis Zoo. And used our new stroller! Thanks Joanna for letting it go and thanks Alan for picking it up and bringing it to us! Here are a few pictures from the zoo! The boys loved it!

Addison got to pet the sting rays! I did too! They felt REALLY weird.

It was pretty hot so Mason got a baby mohawk!
My mom took advantage of the fact that we were all in the same place at once so we took family photos. Coordinating outfits too! Matching if you’re my brothers and my dad. (They should have thought this one out a little better maybe.) I apologize in advance for the Griffith Family Photos

Nice matching shirts guys!
And this one is my favorite I think. Ha!


And some more non-posed pictures from Memphis!

Logan and Teresa
Mason and Grandma


Alan teaching James he can do whatever he wants
Mason and Lizzie – LOVE THIS ONE!
Selfie with Addison
Then on the way home we got stuck in traffic so we ended up stopping to let the boys get out of their seats. And we took them to McDonald’s. Don’t judge. We don’t eat McDonald’s EVER but that was the best option at the time. The boys weren’t impressed. As you can maybe tell from the picture, Mason was more impressed with his placemat than his food. But they were super great travellers so that’s the most important thing!