So much to be thankful for this year. Right now I’m mostly thankful for sleep, coffee, wine . . . the usual. Oh and family. We love family! This year we went to Memphis for Thanksgiving. But before that, the boys had the entire week out of school. You know, because everyone gets an ENTIRE week off for Thanksgiving. BUT the boys had a blast. And they spent an entire day with Nina and Pop. They even went to the zoo! I received 1 picture. This one:


Basically that’s the best picture ever.

We left for Memphis on Wednesday afternoon. But first, Starbucks. Because it’s a staple around here. And they have Christmas drinks and snowman cakepops.


The boys did great in the car. Logan and James fell asleep. And Mason talked to himself the entire drive. Ha! Then Logan gave me the biggest smile ever.


MLJ were such big boys in Memphis. This was the first trip where I felt like it wasn’t a shitshow. They slept on cots! And they just hung out, played, ate, and in general they were like big kids.


Each night the boys picked someone to read books. The first night they picked Alan. The cutest ever. Oh and they actually went to sleep. As in didn’t get up once.


On Thursday morning, Joey, Lizzie, Teresa and I got up and ran a 4 miler. Joey and I are doing the St. Jude Half Marathon this weekend so I wanted to run in an actual organized race before that one! It was cold but it went great! Here’s a before and after pic (*we lost Teresa apparently):

And for the record, I was the Griffith family 4 mile champion. Go me!

Brian took the boys to breakfast while we ran. Because it was sooooo cold! They had pancakes and biscuits for breakfast. Carbs and sugar. Perfect. Thanks dad!


Thanksgiving dinner (actually lunch but I guess we call it dinner now even if it’s at 2:00) at my grandparents’ house was perfect. The boys ate. Kinda. Logan ate 2 pieces of pumpkin pie though. And some carrot cake. And multiple helpings of mashed potatoes. At least he ate more than a roll right? Here’s some pics:


And this one of the boys. Thanks to Jimmy. I tried to take a group pic and failed. At least 35 times. Then Jimmy walked up and the boys looked straight at the camera and smiled.


Oh and James helped cook Thanksgiving dinner (the 2:00 one that was really lunch)


Later that night we looked through the paper to make our Christmas lists. James was mostly interested in “shoe boots” but Mason took his shopping very seriously.

Then more Thanksgiving food. The boys brought their own chairs over so they could choose their dinner (the meal we ate at night time actually)


Friday was a free day! First the boys did some Christmas crafts with Nana

Then the girls went shopping. I only bought myself 1 pair of boots too so I call that a success. (I also bought some actual Christmas gifts too).


The boys went to the park while we were shopping. And they apparently played with sticks.


Friday night we went to the Germantown Christmas Tree Lighting with Liam, Steph and Uncle Cliff. And I got 0 pictures with Liam because he just refused every time I tried. I did get a few of my kids though.

I tried to get one of the boys with Teresa too. Only Teresa looked at the camera.


Then it got even worse when I tried to take a group shot inside. I think they hate me. Or pictures. Or I have too many kids. (That last one is definitely true!)


The boys also went on an adventure. In the ditch behind my parents’ house. Where we used to play baseball when we were kids. Oh and Mason found balls. Ha!

When we got home these guys were back.


We’re working on names. Currently their names are Buddy, Duke, and Smoby. That last one is the one we’re still working on. Ha! Leave it to James to make up a name.

And now that it’s officially Christmas time, here’s our first Santa pic. It was a family affair apparently. But don’t worry . . . I have at least 1 more Santa pic planned.

Right before this picture my kids (Logan actually) knocked over a 10 foot tall reindeer, which fell into at least a million pieces. At least it seemed that way. Fun times.

More Christmas to come! The boys are super excited about Santa. And they are convinced that Logan is on the naughty list. We’ll see if he gets presents . . . .

Festival Season

We love festivals! Ok maybe I love festivals and I drag my kids along. But they love them too. I promise. This year we went to several. I got a few pics each time. Our favorite was the Food Truck Festival. Logan now asks for food trucks and it’s pretty freaking adorable.

Food Truck Festival

I took all 4 of my kids to the food truck festival by myself. Yep. By myself. Brave? Maybe. Best idea ever? Definitely. So worth it.

We had ice cream first. Because of course. Ice cream is basically the best thing ever.


We had suckers too. Giant suckers. Which are called lollipops. Big suckers are lollipops. Little suckers are just suckers. Now you know.


And we had some other food too. Mostly desserts though. Oh and Coco met us there. Logan may have peed on her. Oops. Oh and Mason used a porta-potty for the first time. Like a champ. Logan maybe should have tried it out too. James refused because it was stinky. Good call James.


And probably my favorite picture from the food truck festival – Mason taking it all in . . .


We’ll be back next year. And maybe we’ll hit up some real food too. Maybe not. We love desserts.

Hillcrest Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest is one of my favorites every year! This year we decided to take the kids. It was soooo hot! Unseasonably hot for October. But we still had fun.


We make our kids carry their own stuff now. Total game changer.





Logan passed out. Hard.


Mason got tired of walking so he just sat down in the middle of the street


Mason tried to drive us home. Good try buddy.

Random Fall Pictures

I’ll go ahead and add in my fave fall pictures that haven’t made it into any other posts because, well, we all know I’m behind. And we also all know I love to share. So we’ll just call this random sharing time. Enjoy!

The boys played soccer this fall for the first time. And I use the term “played” loosely. They were not very cooperative. Maybe in the spring . . . . They did like the construction site across the street though. And Logan even touched the excavator!

Addison cheered this year so we went to some football games. The boys liked it. They especially loved playing in the field house. And of course they liked the mascot.

Ok and a few more randoms:


Candy in Mommy’s bed


Yep. This still happens. Please make it stop!! Or send wine . . .


The boys LOVED Eleanor!


Ok that’s it for this catch up!