Easter 2017

Ok so I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth I promise. I’ve been soooo busy I basically fall asleep the second I sit down every night. And I usually sleep on the couch, sometimes sitting up, until sometime between 1 am and 4 am when I eventually get up and go to bed for real. So I’ll catch up on everything over the past few months soon. But for now, here’s some cute Easter pics of my kids. None of me because I forgot to get a family pic. #momfail. Not my first either. My kids may have eaten candy for breakfast and dinner today. Not sure if that’s a #momfail or #momwin. Probably depends on who you ask.

The boys were really into the whole Easter holiday this year. They loved the Easter bunny. They loved Easter egg hunting. They loved church. And of course they loved the candy. So much candy. They were super excited to open their Easter buckets. Their most favorite thing in their buckets though was the “mac and roni” of course. Ha!


We had some bunny ears too.

After eating candy and a little real breakfast we went to church. And what do we wear to church? Just ask James. I learned this morning that James calls his church clothes his “Jesus costume.” Ha! Best. Thing. Ever. He came up with this on his own too which makes it so much better. And because I forgot to get a group shot, here’s a candid of James in his “Jesus costume” during the Easter egg hunt.


I hope Jesus approves.

We hosted Easter at our house this year like we’ve done the last few years. It’s exhausting, but so worth it. This year we had twice as many kids because my brother in law Jason and his family moved back to town last summer. More kids = more fun. And more noise. And more chaos. But so fun. Here’s a few pictures from the little kid Easter egg hunt.


James was definitely the best egg gatherer. All 3 boys have completely different egg hunting tactics. James was on a mission to fill his bucket. Mason only wanted to pick up certain eggs. And Logan opened every single egg before putting it in his bucket. And asked Nana to help when he couldn’t do it himself.

Of course opening the eggs and eating the candy was the highlight of the day.


And after that I slathered them in Tranquil oil and put them in bed. And I really hope they don’t wake up until morning. Because I’m so tired.

Oh but while I’m sharing, here’s some pictures from the boys’ Easter egg hunt at school this week too.


And they got to see the Easter bunny. And loved it! I am so in love with this picture!


They may have gotten into those buckets in the van on the way home too. Oops.


And by on the way home I mean on the way to Starbucks. For cake pops. Candy then cake pops. Sounds like good parenting to me. Oh except Logan asked for a cookie this time instead.


Oh and this may have happened yesterday. An Easter massacre.


Basically they hate me. But I won because they didn’t get any Easter grass this year. And probably never will ever again.

Last week they got to meet and play with a real bunny. James loved it. Mason wasn’t so sure. Ha! (I wasn’t there but this is what I assume based on the pictures and videos Brian sent me.)


Addison loves me. She did this for me. And made my OCD very very happy. She also dyed the eggs by herself this year. And they were all cooked this time too 😉


Ok so that’s all. I have some clothes to fold. Like always. But I’ll post again soon!

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know we did! We had Easter at our house again this year and we had the best time! And we had a beautiful day so we spent most of it outside! I took lots of pictures (with some help). Unfortunately I didn’t get one of all 4 of my kids together! Mom fail! Oops! Maybe next year. For now, here’s a bunch of pictures of my kids NOT together.
Happy Mason
Grumpy Logan. Ha!

And of course James. Not being whiny for a few minutes.

We started out with bubbles. These kids LOVE bubbles!

Even Addison loves bubbles!

And of course we had an Easter egg hunt. The boys did great! James lost interest pretty quickly, but Logan and Mason filled up their buckets! So fun!
James lost interest mostly because he realized the eggs had candy inside.

And of course Aunt Lizzie helped out with the candy. She was a fan favorite for sure.

Oh and that picture right there (above) is the only one I got of all 3 boys! The backs of their heads.
And Addison had her own Easter egg hunt. She got the real eggs. And funny story . . . we may have dyed some uncooked eggs accidentally. So that made things a little more interesting. (No eggs broke except the one we (Addison) dropped on Saturday night during the dying).
We had a few other people celebrate Easter with us too! Brian may disagree but I loved having everyone here! Contrary to what you may assume based on the mean face, Logan also had a great time.
And a few more pictures. Just because I love them.
Oh and I was there too. And I managed to get in a few pictures.

And this is how I look most of the time. Camera in hand, laughing (often at myself).

Oh and Brian doesn’t cooperate EVER for pictures but I got one.
And also, for the record, the boys are 23 months old today. Yep. They turn 2 in 1 month. I’m not ready for that AT. ALL. Maybe time will just stop between now and then. One can hope right?

Our First Easter

We had several firsts this Easter! The boys’ first Easter and our first Easter where we had family over to our house! Needless to say it was a busy day. But it was probably my favorite Easter so far! First we went to Easter Mass and we had to STAND even though we were 20 minutes early!! But Dr. Miquel, my favorite neo, was there and she stood with us! Yay! She’s the one who saved Logan’s life when he had the pneumothorax! She held Logan and I’m pretty sure he remembered because he loved her too! And she let him do whatever he wanted too so he now likes to stand in his carseat. Ha!

I took LOTS of pictures of our first family Easter so I just  have to share!

My favorite picture first! This shows all 3 personalities perfectly! And thanks to Ali, one of my triplet mom friends, for the bunny ears!

We loved having everyone over! Here’s my next favorite picture! The boys with all 4 grandparents! Idk what the prize would be but I probably deserve a prize for getting all 7 to look at the same time!

A few more group pictures:

Nana and the boys
Nana and Grandad with the boys

And lots of other random pictures:

Logan and Grandma
My dad and Otis
Logan didn’t nap! So he joined us for lunch!
Lizzie and Mason
James and Teresa – he had ham in the mesh feeder!
Logan tried a roll at lunch!
Addison and Joey – LOVE
Logan and Grandpa
James and Teresa again!
Grandpa and Pop – he looks interested doesn’t he?
And this pretty lady:

And because she’s in college and we all love selfies (come on, don’t kid yourself you know you like them too!), we took a selfie with Mason. He seemed pretty into it too!

The Easter bunny came of course!

The boys got straw sippy cups! They tried them out tonight and Mason loved them. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get anything out (it was water) but he decided all the cups were his! Ha!

The boys had a great time getting spoiled! They had lots of friends on their play mat!
And because everyone spoils these boys, someone (cough, cough Joey) gave Logan a beer. Ok it was a beer CAN. A closed beer can.
I felt bad taking it away from him because I know that cold can felt soooo good on his poor teething gums! Of course my Grandma instigated this whole thing. She told Joey “he looks like he wants it” so he should let him have it! Ha!
And we had an Easter egg hunt too of course! Addison was the only egg hunter. And she’s 10. So Teresa hid them REALLY well! Otis helped though so Addison found all of them!
And then after everyone left we took our bunny ears pictures!
Logan and Brian
Logan and James with Brian
Addison and Mason

And because trying to take pictures of 3 babies is a lot like herding cats, some outtakes of my picture with the boys! I thought letting them have plastic eggs was a good idea at first. Then I quickly realized it wasn’t.

I hope everyone had a great Easter like we did! I can’t even begin to imagine what next year will be like!




27 Weeks – We Have 2 Lb. Babies!!

27 weeks today! We’re getting close! According to my weekly email the babies should be “almost 2 lbs. this week.” This is the weight of a head of cauliflower, another food that we don’t eat in my house (Brian hates it; I think it doesn’t have much flavor. Either way, we don’t eat it). The babies should  be about 14-15 inches long. Getting huge!

We had another ultrasound this week. We apparently have some overachievers! Baby A and Baby C weigh about 2 lbs. already (more than my weekly email said). Baby B is our little guy. He weighs about 1 lb. 13 oz. this week. He’s also the only one who showed his face this week. Here’s his picture:


He’s a little blurry because he actually had his hand in front of his face (like every time) and the ultrasound girl had to “look through” his hand to see his face. Baby A and Baby C didn’t want their pictures taken this time. But everyone is doing great! We saw Dr. Wendel and he is happy with the babies’ growth and mine too. The babies all measured within a few days of each other, which is perfect. They all have strong heartbeats (all 148) and plenty of fluid. And they have eyebrows now (or eyelashes. I can’t remember). Baby C was even doing his practice breathing. This gets him ready to breathe for real after he’s born. 
Me? I’m hanging in there. I still feel pretty good actually. I have started having trouble sleeping and just getting comfortable in general at night (I’m usually ok during the day when I’m staying busy). And I get heartburn at night. Yuck! I feel bad for people who have heartburn all the time! I also woke up with a monster cramp in my calf yesterday morning. Apparently this is normal. But I’m pretty sure it is the absolute worst way to wake up ever!
I’m feeling bigger by the day. Dr. Wendel said I’m the size of a 38 week single pregnancy now! That means that the only place I have to grow is out. I can’t even imagine how that will work. We’ll see I guess!  Here’s my weekly picture:

Yes I did wear this to work today! Yoga pants and flip flops are perfect lawyer attire. At least at my office they are! Lucky me! Oh and yes I’m still working for the time being. I guess Dr. Dora will reevaluate next week. Dr. Wendel did say to avoid all stress. Most people have stress just going to work because they have to (1) get dressed up and (2) get there on time. I don’t have these issues luckily! I did scare Jack today when I was a little late though! He called to make sure everything was ok! Oops. 
We had a great Easter and a pretty relaxing week. Well I did. Brian stayed busy! We had our first Easter at home because we couldn’t travel. But we made the best of it. Addison and I made Easter dinner. I’ve never made a holiday meal before because my mom or Brian’s mom always does the cooking. First time for lots of things this year! Addison made the green bean casserole all by herself! And it tasted perfect! My in-laws will be happy to know that I even made gravy (the kind out of a little package where you just add water, but still gravy). I do not like gravy but I made it just for Addison because she doesn’t like mashed potatoes (unless Nina makes them and they have gravy). I couldn’t be Nina but I could make gravy. Here’s our spread complete with the gravy:

Then we had a nighttime Easter egg hunt. Even though we didn’t have any plans on Easter Sunday, we somehow didn’t get around to hiding eggs until about 9 pm. Addison had fun though:

And she gets all the eggs because she’s the only one to find them. Belly did try to eat one egg but I heard the crunch and stopped her just in time! The Easter bunny also hid eggs (filled with candy and money of course) but she found those in the morning. Here’s a picture from Addison’s morning Easter egg hunt:

In case you’re wondering . . . no, Addison did not break her arm. She sprained it during her soccer game on Saturday so she gets to wear this awesome splint. She feels cool wearing it I think. Luckily she’s doing much better and it doesn’t even really hurt anymore. So she’ll be back on the soccer field this weekend.
Finally, did anyone see Parks and Recreation this week? If not, stop reading so I don’t spoil it. If you don’t watch Parks and Recreation, you should. It’s hilarious. Well this week, the episode title was 1 in 8000. Guess what that means?! Even without reading the title, I already knew because several people said something to me the night it aired or the next day before we watched it. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Leslie (Amy Poehler) found out she’s having triplets! 1 in 8000 (really 1 in 8100). Just like us! If you watched the show, you now have a pretty good idea how we reacted to the news. I was like Leslie (kind of). Excited and optimistic (but terrified). But not as cheery as her because that’s not normal. Brian was definitely like Ben. Very overprotective and scared of everything – from work to sleep to food. He’s still like that but he’s tuned it down some. Thank God! I may have strangled him by now! Just kidding (kind of). I know he meant well.

Next up – Dr. Dora next Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted!