Christmas with Just the 6 of Us – Christmas Part 2

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home. Just the 6 of us. Side note: It’s still crazy that there are 6 of us! Ha! Remember me? The one who wasn’t going to have a bunch of kids? Yep. I’m part of “just the 6 of us” now. And I love it. Kids make Christmas magical. So the more the merrier. (Just this once though). But seriously, Christmas has a completely different meaning as a parent. And I honestly think it’s even better to be a parent on Christmas than it was to be a kid on Christmas.

We spent the few days leading up to Christmas in Memphis with my family.  You can read about it/check out our pictures here if you missed it: Christmas Part 1. We came home Christmas Eve so we could celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home. We’ll do this most years. Because it’s the best.

Christmas Eve we put out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Ok just Rudolph. And James initially wanted to leave out snowman cookies, milk, and coffee. Because “Santa needs it.” True James. Santa definitely needs coffee! Santa also got Oreos. Because check out that Santa cookies and milk mug in the middle. It’s made for Oreos! Brian found it knew we needed it. Because Oreos are the best thing ever. And a triplet mom staple (especially during the pregnancy and first year).


And of course we took another Christmas jammies Christmas tree picture! 2/3 looking and probably yelling. 1 looking away completely uninterested. #reallifeIMG_5002

After the boys went to bed it was wine time. Of course I had new Christmas wine glasses (Actually plastic. Can’t break! Thanks Target! Only the best, classiest for us.)


Then SANTA CAME! I caught him on camera. Ha! (I may have had way too much fun with this.) Capture the Magic moms! Write it down for next year! My kids LOVED it!


And then Christmas morning. My favorite morning of the entire year. (Ok the only morning I actually don’t hate of the entire year! Ha!)

And my favorite picture from Christmas morning:


Big kids love Christmas too. This look though. This is what it’s all about.

Also, in case you’re wondering: It was shoes. She got at least 3 new pairs of shoes. And LOVED every single one. This girl is my child for sure.

Oh and Brian got a special gift too. Actually special wrapping. You see, I’ll confess, I’m somewhat of a hoarder. And I keep things like receipts. Brian can’t stand it. He always asks why I need them. So . . .  I saved them just for him. Ha!


After presents we made muffins. That was not the plan though. Addison requested cinnamon rolls. You know the ones. The ones that you have to press the seam to open them and it’s super terrifying. Well our refrigerator decided to die on Christmas Eve. So no cinnamon rolls. But we had most of the ingredients for French Toast Breakfast Muffins and I substituted the rest.  Recipe here: Velvet Lava French Toast Breakfast Muffins. Seriously everyone should make these. Super easy. And amazing. You have to eat them right away. And I prefer mini muffins for these.

James helped.


We spent the rest of Christmas morning opening everything. Every. Single. Thing. We played games, worked puzzles, played cars, colored, the boys rode their new scooters around the house. Super fun morning just hanging around the house.


Sorry for the slightly risque pics. They were wearing undies I promise. The robes may look a little Hugh Hefner-ish but they love them. That’s all the matters right? Ha! And we all know James prefers to be naked. So undies is a major improvement. Especially when sitting on the furniture.

Christmas Part 3 is coming up soon!

Christmas 2017 – Part 1

We had an amazing Christmas this year! The boys really loved everything about the Christmas season, from the Christmas lights to Santa to presents to cookies. Everything. They loved all of it.

We saw Santa twice. I was a little worried they would call him out for being fake. Because my kids (all 4) love the movie Elf. Ha! And they talked nonstop about the fake santa and how fake Santas are bad. Oops. Luckily the Santas we saw looked legit.

Here are our pictures. The second Santa is the Santa we see every single year. He’s so great!


Oh and what did my kids ask for from Santa? Well … nothing normal. James asked for a black elf. I knew he meant an elf wearing a black shirt. But the mall Santa didn’t. Thanks James. Logan asked for a candy cane. Because he saw candy canes next to Santa. Luckily Santa knew what they wanted already.

We also saw Elsa, Olaf and Kristof from Frozen. The boys were a little starstruck. Ha! James would NOT turn around for the picture. IMG_4634

Brian and I went to our annual neighbor Christmas party (with our neighbors who moved away but we still count as neighbors). And we dressed up of course.


We went to Memphis for the beginning of Christmas. We stayed until Christmas Eve and had the best time.

We went to Zoo Lights the first night. I love seeing the boys so amazed by the lights. And I love the Memphis Zoo and Zoo Lights in particular. Brian proposed there 8 years ago!


And we rode the carousel. Logan made Lizzie ride the “sleigh” (aka a bench that didn’t go up and down) so no pics of him. And James rode a “cheetoh” HA!IMG_4812IMG_4813IMG_4823

Christmas at Lou Ann’s house was first. The boys got lots of cars. And their very first Starbucks gift cards. Mason was like what? Really?


The next day we made cookies. They boys LOVE making cookies!


Actually it turns out they love cooking in general. Especially James. He spent the entire trip in the kitchen helping Nana cook. Love it.


Mason and James both helped make lasagna. I guess this means I should let them help more at home?IMG_4888IMG_4889

That day we went to my grandparents house for another Christmas celebration.


Logan got an excavator so he was all set. This boy is legit obsessed with trucks, cars, and especially excavators.IMG_4920IMG_4922

And of course the boys wore their Christmas suits. I think I need to step up my game next year. Lizzie? You in?IMG_4909

That night we had Christmas at my parents’ house. And lasagna. And bread pudding. I gained at least 5 lbs in the 3 days we were in Memphis. For real. I didn’t get very many pictures that night unfortunately. But we had a great time.


And I attempted a group photo. Unsuccessfully of course.IMG_4943And I’ll end with a few more miscellaneous pictures from our Memphis trip.


And one more random Christmas picture. Because it’s probably my favorite from the whole Christmas season this year. This boy LOVES Christmas. I think he loves all holidays. But he loved this book in particular.IMG_4543

Christmas Cookies

I LOVE CHRISTMAS COOKIES! Addison and I started making Christmas cookies when she was about 4 years old and we’ve made them every year since then. And they get better every year too. This year we made our frosting. And last year we found the best sugar cookie recipe. It has almond extract in it AND you don’t have to chill the dough. If you’ve ever made cut-out sugar cookies you know how amazing that no-chilling-the-dough part is.

This year we let the boys help. They LOVE helping in the kitchen. And I love letting them help. I mean I love sharing my love of cooking and making cookies with them. Idk how much I love them actually helping. They have 6 hands. 6 hands that want to touch everything. And 6 hands that want to turn the mixer on/off/up/down . . . whatever setting I don’t want it on. But they loved it and so did I.


They especially loved eating the cookie dough. IMG_4450IMG_4455

And the hands.IMG_4456

And then I made a second batch without little people helping. Apparently I’m not much better on my own. So we ended up with a batch of red cookies. #cookiefail. So . . . maybe don’t put the vanilla right next to the red food coloring. Or maybe read the labels. I measured it out, poured it in, then busted out laughing. Ha! We had to make some white frosting after this but otherwise no big deal.IMG_4458IMG_4459

We let the boys decorate some cookies too. Don’t worry. They ate the ones they decorated. .James mostly just wanted to decorate his cookies. He didn’t actually eat them. (I threw them away. It’s still safe to eat our cookies).IMG_4462



And we ended the night with new Christmas jammies. I LOVE THEM! IMG_4479

Addison and I finished decorating the cookies after the boys went to bed. And we maybe ate cookies instead of dinner. Tis the season right?!IMG_4487

Oh and because it’s a milestone, here’s Mason and Logan with their first ever Frappaccinos today at Target.


Don’t worry. James was at Kroger with daddy and he had Starbucks too. Not a Frappaccino obvi because dad isn’t near as cool as mom (or he makes better decisions that me). But still he had a good time too.


Christmas 2016 Part 2

We had a very busy, but wonderful Christmas this year. We started in Little Rock with Brian’s family, then headed to Memphis for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. And everyone spoiled my kids. Addison especially. She deserves it though.

We started our Christmas with the Manns. We had brunch. The boys were a little confused. They kept asking for lunch. Ha! Brian’s Christmas suit made a re-appearance. And Brian tried to dance. As you can see he’s a really good dancer.

The boys did a great job waiting to open presents. The tree and presents were a HUGE temptation but they mostly held out. I only had to rewrap a few presents. A few times. (Sorry for the ghetto wrapping job Liam! I gave up). The boys LOVED Nina’s tree! And all the pretty presents under it!

And a few more pictures from Nina and Pop’s house!

Lolo LOVED the new dancing Mickey from Nina and Pop!

And Brian loved holding this sweet baby.

And we tried to get a picture of the cousins. Just missing Liam! 😦

Then we headed to Memphis. 2 of the boys slept.

But then there was Mason . . .

I kept giving him candy to keep him quiet. Ha! Mom of the year over here.

We went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house first for some chili. After the super scenic route because Brian is terrible with directions. And by terrible with directions I mean he’s terrible at listening to the directions I give as I give them. (He blames me, but we all know this is not my fault). So we drove over the scary bridge, then we drove through the hood. Then we missed another exit and had to turn around at a liquor store that keeps all liquor behind glass. James thought it was Starbucks. So not even close. But we made it.

Logan really liked the pecan bucket.

Everyone else played the piano. At the same time.

And Logan ate more pecans.

Christmas Eve we started the Griffith family Christmas tradition. It was so special that we were here for all of it this year. We will spend most Christmases in Little Rock because Brian and I decided we want to be home most years. So this year was extra special. So . . . our crazy Christmas tradition is this:

  • Christmas Eve – Christmas with Lou Ann and our cousins
  • Midnight Mass
  • After Midnight Mass – Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house
  • Back to Mom and Dad’s house for Santa
  • Christmas morning – Santa and Family Gifts
  • Christmas lunch – everyone comes over to Mom and Dad’s house
  • Christmas night – everyone passes out, sometimes on the couch, sometimes sitting up (usually Grandma)
So much fun! I love it! First, a picture of the boys. With matching Santas. And not just any matching Santas. One of these has lived at my parents’ house since I was little. Then my mom found 2 more this year so now she has 3.
Now pictures! First Addison and the boys made cookies with Zizzie. Lizzie looks scared. Ha!
Mickey cookies of course! Nana has the coolest stuff!
Christmas at Lou Ann’s house!

James helped everyone open their presents.

Mason got a tractor. Then he filled it with confetti. Because of course.

Jim liked Mason’s tractors too.

Then Christmas in the middle of the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s! And a rare picture of all 5 of us. And we’re dressed up.

A selfie with Lizzie.

And my 2 favorite girls.

And lots more pictures.

Mason’s cheese face. Ha! I can’t stop laughing at this one.

Group present!

Lolo in my dad’s rocking chair from when he was a kid. This thing belongs in a museum.

Patiently waiting for Alan to open their new toys.

Then we went home and waited for Santa. The boys even put out cookies. And James kept saying don’t touch them. And he checked to make sure Santa ate them in the morning. So cute! Did you see the Santa sacks at the top of this post?! My friend Sumer made them for us and I LOVE THEM! All 4 kids got a stocking and a Santa sack full of presents. And the boys also got a few bigger things. A kitchen, a tool bench, and a train table. They loved them!
And we opened presents too. And stickers. So many stickers.

And of course they loved Nana’s tree too.

And because we didn’t get much sleep the night before we thought naps were super important on Christmas Day. We found Logan like this. I mean I guess technically he did take a nap right?

Then we had Christmas lunch and spent the afternoon with everyone again. And then this happened . . .

Yep. More Christmas suits. Fun for the whole family. Oh and Brian and my brother Joey both got the same fun cat shirts for Christmas too. I’m pretty sure Joey has worn this out in public.

And of course Mason made another new friend. Ha!

And another fun picture from my parents’ house . . . this one lives in their back hall on their picture wall. Coincidence they placed this sign in front of this particular frame? Probably not. I feel like the asshole gene was inherited. Maybe.
And one final picture. Mickey waffles! Brian asked for a Mickey waffle maker for Christmas so he could make Mickey waffles for the boys. And he has used it more than once already.

Just kidding! That wasn’t the final picture. This one is though . . . my Christmas gift to myself.

I bought myself a Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit and I am soooo glad I did! I’m kind of obsessed and now I want all the oils. So far I’ve used my diffuser every day and night too. And I’ve made things. Yep things. I’ve made face serum for myself, sinus and asthma roll-ons, a cough and cold cream for the boys (like baby Vicks but better . . . even Addison loves it), and I’ve used my oils to clean the boys’ cribs. So basically I did a great job with my gift to myself. Let me know if you have any good tips or recipes for me to try!
I know it’s after New Years now so NYE post coming soon! Mann Olympics 2016 edition was amazing. And I won per usual.

Christmas 2016 – Part 1

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year! The boys loved everything about Christmas. The lights, the Christmas trees, the Elf on the Shelf (we have 4. See below if you don’t believe me), the cookies (because of course), Santa! And presents of course.

This year’s Christmas card turned out amazing! Thanks to Miranda for capturing the most amazing pictures of my family! (More of those coming soon!)

And I just LOVE all the cards we received this year too! (For the record, I keep all of them. Forever.)

Our tree actually survived the entire year. I can’t say the same for our ornaments (RIP Otis and Elf on the Shelf ornaments, and others without names). I had to remind myself they are 2 and they are sooooo curious and the tree is soooo pretty! Logan asked to turn it on every day. And he may have learned how to do that on his own too. Oops! I can’t even count the number of times I said “don’t touch the tree!” The boys started saying it too. But they still did it. Shocking I know.

Mason even put himself in time out for touching the tree. Ha!

Then I put presents under the tree and they just couldn’t control themselves. I had to rewrap a few of them more than once.

We upped our Elf on the Shelf game this year and got 3 new elves. They don’t have names. They’re assigned by color though. Every morning they asked to go find their elves! Mason especially wanted to find his “elp on shelp” every day. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Makes it all worth it.

Oh and we went to see Santa. And no tears!! I thought we weren’t going to make it for a minute though. We got to the front of the line and Lolo announced “I don’t like Santa.” Mason ran to him. And James was excited but a little timid. So they were all their normal selves.

I think it helped that Santa came to school the day before we went to see him at the mall. So bonus – a second Santa picture!

And what did they ask for? Cake pops of course. Hopefully they’ll always ask low. Makes it way easier for Santa to come through on the big day!

After Santa we walked through the mall because we had a little shopping to do there. And we made the big mistake of going in a toy store. Won’t happen again. Mason and Logan refused to leave. They wanted to take these cars home with them. Nope.

We loved looking at Christmas lights this year. We went the long way home from school most days. Of course they loved the blow up ones the most. James would identify all of them. Santa, snowmans (I couldn’t correct him because it was just too cute), Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joseph. And the Humpty Dumpty Snowman. Yep, there was a humpty dumpty snowman and my kids made special requests to go see him. Ha!

We went to Garvan Gardens with Nina and our cousins and they boys had a great time! I didn’t get many pictures because we were too busy looking at lights! But here’s a few!

Addison made Christmas cookies and they were amazing. I kinda wanted to make more. But guess who ate most of the first batch? Me. And I also ate most of the other cookies and candy. Candy cane Hershey kisses are my new addiction. Luckily they are only for Christmas time.
Brian and I also got into the Christmas spirit. With our neighbors. At an ugly sweater party. Brian and I took the dressing up to the next level. Ha! So fun!
We weren’t the only ones who dressed up! We have the best neighbors. New and old and honorary.

We tried to use a selfie stick but apparently we are special and we couldn’t figure it out. We called Addison to come over and take the group picture. Ha!

Oh and the boys had the 12 days of Christmas dress up so they dressed up several times over the last few weeks. Pj day, candy cane (red and white) day, Christmas socks day, and my favorite one – Christmas hair day. Red and green hairspray for the win. James of course didn’t like it so he didn’t participate.
And here’s a few more Christmas season pictures. Just because they’re cute.
And last but not least, a DB/LB airport Christmas tree picture. There will be a running airport hug upon return. I’m already preparing.
Stay tuned for Christmas Part 2!

Our First Christmas as a Family of 6!

Christmas was a lot different this year than last year! We knew we were pregnant last year, but we didn’t know it was three and we hadn’t told anyone yet! What a difference a year makes! The hectic Christmas family traditions are so much crazier with 3 babies! But we made it and we had a great Christmas! And we took our first roadtrip! (And it was a success!) We even made it to see Santa! And no one cried (they didn’t smile either but I’ll take it!)

I haven’t posted in almost a month because we’ve been so so so super busy! We ended up doing almost all of our Christmas shopping online and almost all the last week before Christmas. We had great intentions of shopping a few weeks ahead of time and getting everything done BEFORE the last minute. But that didn’t happen. Instead, we spent 3 nights at Children’s with James (1 night) and Mason (2 nights) the week before Christmas.

The boys will be 8 months tomorrow (December 29) so I’ll write another post about what we’ve been up to later this week (including why we spent 3 nights at the hospital). This one is just about Christmas!

Here’s our Christmas card! I love it! Thanks to Miranda Carr for taking the awesome photos! (She took the Ho Ho Ho one above too!)

And I put the babies in gift boxes too! I had visions of amazing photos. Kind of like the babies in pumpkins pics I did for fall. Well, it didn’t turn out as well this time! Ha! Here’s a collage I put together! Mason wasn’t in the mood!

James didn’t mind it though!

Addison and I went to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs to see the Christmas lights with Brian’s mom and his brother and his family. It was cold so the babies didn’t go. But Addison and I had a great time!


We spent Christmas Eve at Brian’s parents’ house in town with his family. I didn’t get any pictures but Brian got this one of Mason with his Aunt Katie and cousins Liam (11 months) and Emily (2). The babies were a big hit! Emily especially loved them!
And here’s one of all the cousins at Nina and Pop’s house together for the first time! The boys are out of order because Josie didn’t want to hold a baby so Emily is holding James instead!
Later that night we headed out of town for Memphis! Our first roadtrip! Yay! We packed so much into the Mann Van! Addison had one seat in the back row but other than that the entire back was full to the ceiling except for a small space for me to see out.
The boys did great in the van on the way to Memphis (not as good on the way home!) We got there about 9:30. Then we went to Midnight Mass. The boys slept through the whole thing. And we had the cry room to ourselves.
Then my favorite Christmas tradition – presents at my grandparents’ house after Midnight Mass. The boys were great for this too! Logan slept the whole time. Mason and James were awake most of the time but they were really good! Which is a good thing because we didn’t pack any bottles because they don’t eat in the middle of the night!
Here’s a few pictures:
Brian and James
My favorite gift – LEMONHEADS!
Then we went back to my parents’ house and went to sleep (around 5 am) and waited for Santa! I didn’t get any pictures from Christmas Day at my parents’ house (mom fail!) but it was a great day! The boys were perfect! Addison was perfect too of course! We had planned to stay until Friday (the day after Christmas) but because everyone was so good we ended up staying an extra day! Yay! So fun!
Brian took one picture. His “Reinbeer” that my sister gave him!
Here’s a few more pictures from the Christmas season!

And our Christmas ornaments (I actually have another set that my mom made but I put them on the tree right away before I took pictures!)


Oh and we have an Elf on the Shelf! Of course! His name is Buddy and he gets into a little trouble from time to time. Here’s a few pictures of Buddy from this year. He wasn’t too naughty!



Buddy turned the milk green! Ew!
Buddy rolled the Christmas tree!
And one of my favorite things about Christmas – Christmas cards! I have lots more that didn’t fit on this side of my kitchen too! One of my triplet mom groups did a Christmas card exchange so I have triplet Christmas cards too! I love my triplet mom friends! We even did a Secret Santa this year and I got the sweetest gifts! And I really had fun buying gifts for my triplet mom too!
Ok this was a little long (I know most of my posts are long!) so I’ll end it here! Stay tuned for an 8 month update!