2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated the boys’ 2nd birthday yesterday and we had the best time! This year we didn’t plan out every detail and we didn’t go overboard on decorations. We lucked out with a beautiful day so we had water toys for the kids and we had the whole party outside mostly. Everything was perfect! Luckily my mom got some pictures because I was busy the whole time and only got a few. Thanks Nana!
The boys started playing in the water a little early. In their regular clothes. They didn’t seem to mind.
They hung out with the big people some too. They think they’re big. (I’m still pretending they’re not).

And they ate lunch with the big kids. They thought they were so cool.

Mason loves pizza. Ha!

Then we played in the water for real. So fun! James refused to get in the pool. His bathing suit was dry at the end of the party. Mason on the other hand spent the entire day in the water.

We had lots of kids at the party! So fun!

And of course we had cake! Yum! I LOVE CAKE! (I’m really a fat kid on the inside).

The boys had cupcakes that matched the cake. They were really excited about the cupcakes too.

Then this happened. James did NOT want his cupcake. I tried to give it back to him a few times then I gave up. And I ate it.

Mason LOVED his cupcake. Ha!

This was the aftermath. He even rubbed it on his belly!

Then Brian sprayed him off with the hose. Mason did NOT appreciate that. At all.

Logan didn’t eat his cupcake either. He was mostly just interested in the water bottle.

Funny story about the water bottles. Mason must have opened at least half of the water bottles in the water cooler. I’m not sure if he opened them himself (I don’t think he knows how to do this) or if he convinced other people to open them for him. He also doesn’t know how to drink out of water bottles so he pretty much took one sip then poured the rest out. Silly boy.
The boys also found the other coolers. Lucky for them Uncle John knows how to work juice boxes. They don’t ever drink juice so this was the best thing ever.

They found the beer cooler too. Oops! Ha! (He put it back right I promise. After the picture of course).

And this is how I felt after party. Yep. It’s a post birthday party selfie. You’re welcome 😉
I was exhausted. But it was worth it. We had a great party. The boys had fun. And we loved seeing everyone and their kids.


Do you see those big boys?! The ones in that picture? The big boys who I still refer to as my “babies”?! They’re TWO! I have 3 TWO year olds. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I really can’t. I will still call them my babies. And I will still check on them every night to make sure they’re still breathing. But they’re TWO!
Here’s how big we are now!
Mason: 25 lbs. 9 oz. 32 in.
Logan: 22 lbs. 4 oz. 31 in.
James: 25 lns. 7 oz. 31 in.
So they’re all short. As in barely on the growth chart short. So that’s why they look a little chunky. Hopefully they’ll grow up from here. Ha! I love their bellies though. 🙂
This is where they started in case you don’t remember. So tiny.
It’s actually hard to believe these big boys started off sooooo tiny. They’ve come so far! I’m so proud that I get to be their mommy. 🙂
Ok back to now. When they’re two! But before we turned 2, we had to make one last trip to the ER. You know, just because. This was our first non-sick visit. Our first trauma visit. Luckily everything is ok! Here’s what happened – the boys are learning how to go up and down stairs so every morning when we leave for school the boys walk down the stairs holding one of our hands. Well . . . Thursday morning Mason tripped . . . and took Brian down with him. Mason got a pretty nasty black eye but otherwise he seemed fine . . . then he threw up. So we went to the ER just to be sure. And he’s fine.

See he’s even smiling. He flirted with the resident. Then the doctor asked if she could take Mason home with her. I said no. That was before he started putting trash and crackers in my purse.

But I kept him. And because he had a traumatic morning, I took him to lunch.

And I got him a giant cookie that was the size of his face. He tried to pick the M&Ms out at first. Then he realized that was taking way too much time so he just ate it. All of it.

We took the boys out for their birthday dinner on Thursday, the night before their actual birthday. They love Mexican food (so do I! And they have margaritas) so that’s what we got! Of course they love cheese dip.

Logan ate his entire bowl of cheese dip off of these 2 chips. Then he tried to feed one of said chips to Addison. Yuck! I’m just glad it wasn’t me!

This guy also loves salsa. He takes after his Mommy!

And Mason? Well Mason loves all of it.

I gave them one present the night before their birthday. A Rody horse. Because these boys love to jump. Only Mason was brave enough to try it out. He LOVED it! As of today Logan has also tried it. James wants nothing to do with it.
Ok then the hard part. I had to put my 1 year olds to bed for the last time! Wah! They were not impressed with my picture.
Then they went to sleep and woke up as TWO year olds! I got pictures of each one on birthday morning and they showed their personalities for sure! First happy Mason
Logan with his thumb in his mouth

And James said no. James always says no. Ha!

They did cooperate for group pictures! The one at the top is the best one. This was the last one. Again showing their true selves. Mason is hiding. James is eating a muffin (aka “fuffin”). And Otis snuck in there too.

After school I got them cake pops. They love cake pops! The guy at Starbucks said “here’s your cake pops” when he handed them to me and the boys begged for cake pops the rest of the way home. I’d say it was worth the wait.

They opened a few gifts that night too. They were pretty happy with the first two so I held on to the rest. They still haven’t opened their main gifts from us yet. But they are obsessed with the mini magnadoodles I got them. They were an add-on item on Amazon. My impulse buy. But if you are reading this and you have kids this age, you need one per kid! Best $12 I’ve spent in a while.

They also got Magnatiles. Mason loves them. So does Brian. But Mason is a magnatile hoarder.

Today we had a free day at home! First one in a LONG time! And bonus . . . the rain stopped and the sun came out. Nina and Pop brought over cupcakes and birthday presents too! The boys got mini cupcakes. But my MIL knows me well and brought me a regular sized cupcake. Chocolate. Yum! The boys loved their cupcakes. Well, except Mason. Mason just ate the icing. Logan’s icing fell off but he still ate it. Just by itself and with his fingers. Exactly how I would do it buddy.
Nina and Pop got the boys a water table and picnic table so we played outside! And the boys wore their swim trunks. Too cute! They loved getting wet but they would not get in the baby pool. Ha!
Logan helped Daddy and Pop put the picnic table together. I’m sure he was an indispensable part of the picnic table building efforts.
The boys loved the picnic table too! They really look like big boys sitting at the big boy table! Again wah!!

Lolo loves squeezy pouches.

And James brought one of his favorite toys to the table. A few bowls.

Ok so that’s it. That’s our 2nd birthday. But before I sign off, one more picture. James insisted on wearing this shirt tonight. It was still in the plastic but he found it while I was putting away clothes. And begged Brian to open it. Then he kept saying on until I put it on him. He’s still wearing it as I write this. Over his pjs of course.
And in case you’re wondering what exactly is happening in this picture, they’re watching Mickey. The intro to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to be exact. James talks to Mickey during the song. Ha! He’s too cute!

No One Is Turning 2 Over Here!

They can’t be turning 2 right? I guess I’m in denial. And a little (ok a lot) sad. I’m not ready! I know I said it last year when it was almost time for them to turn 1. But I’m really serious for real this time! I’m so not ready! They’re still babies! I mean, I still check to make sure they’re all breathing every night before I go to bed! (Even if Brian has just checked on them I still have to check too!)

2 means so many things that I’m just not ready for.
2 means the terrible 2s.

2 means they really aren’t babies anymore

2 means they are going to start talking. Like talking where people can understand them. People who aren’t me.
2 means they are going to develop attitudes and have their own opinions that may or may not be the same as mine (this may have already happened).
2 means tantrums, meltdowns, tears. And that’s just from them! What about me?! And Brian?!
2 means they are going to climb out of their beds and I’ll have to put them in big boy beds then they’ll never sleep again ever. Which means I’ll never sleep again (I mean, I’ll continue not sleeping).
2 means they will start asking why and I’ll have to start making up answers so I don’t repeat “because I said so” over and over and over times 3. They say why now but they say it when they’re being bad. As in “WHY are you throwing rice all over the floor?!” I guess I say why out of frustration.
And of course 2 means that next year they’ll be 3 and I really can’t deal with that!

I’m not ready for 2. I’m definitely not ready for 3 2 year olds. They already have big bad attitudes and I’m just not ok with that getting any worse. I’m just not ready! Why can’t they stay babies forever? Babies are sweet and cuddly and sometimes squishy (I say sometimes because mine were not squishy) and they don’t say no when you want to pick them up and hug them.

They have learned some fun things as 1 year olds. Like they now go up the stairs on their own.

They stop half way to look out the front door.

And James stops on the stairs and sits down, says cheese, then says no when I get my camera out to take his picture. I have lots of pictures like this:

They play with toys and blocks and trucks. They knock things over too. Just like all little boys do I guess.

They use spoons and forks. James must always have a fork (he doesn’t quite say it right. The r is silent so I’m sure you can imagine what it sounds like). They also help clean up. Sometimes. Other times they dump the toys OUT and get in the basket. Mason is the worst about this. He’s also the best at cleaning up so maybe it evens out.

They give hugs and blow kisses. They say and wave bye bye. They love Addison and say her name now. They jump in their beds. Logan LOVES jumping in the bed. They love to close doors. And they can spot a security breach a mile away. Especially when it’s the pantry. These kids love to eat! They also love Addison’s room. She really needs to keep her door locked! She has lots of fun things in her room!

And they get so excited when they see us it melts my heart. James gathers up his blankets every morning and waits to be picked up. 🙂

They love books. And they’re starting to learn the words to some of their favorites. I asked Mason to smile the other day. He moo’d instead. Ha!

They’re starting to learn and observe things around them. James recognizes when we’re close to school already. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and they LOVED the animals. Their favorites were the zebras and flamingos.

They’re also starting to talk. They babble nonstop and they always have (yes even Logan just not around strangers). But now they’re starting to say words. Real actual words. Their favorite word at the moment is no. The answer to everything is no. From all 3!! “Can I have a hug?” “No!” “What’s your name?” “No!” James has answered with “yes” once. That’s it. 1 yes among 1 million “nos”!

And of course they are little boys so if one of them has something or gets to do something, they all want to have it or do it. So sometimes they get on each other’s nerves. And sometimes they all cram into one chair.

They finally fit in the chairs that I’ve been dying to put them in the entire 1.5 years we’ve been going to high risk newborn clinic. So that’s another plus I guess.

They look like such big boys sitting in the big boy chairs! Maybe I can do this. But I’m not ready. Logan’s classic look as demonstrated in this picture explains my feelings on the boys turning 2.

I guess I have no choice but to let them turn 2. So I’ve been working on teaching them that they’ll be 2. So far when I ask how old they are James says 8 and Mason and Logan just stare at me, like are you speaking English mom? Maybe someday they’ll cooperate. For now it’s a good thing they’re cute.

I’m sure 2 will bring fun things too.

1 Year Adjusted Birthday!

The good thing about being born super early – 2 birthdays! An actual birthday (April 29) and an adjusted birthday – the day you were SUPPOSED to be born (July 23). I took this opportunity to make the boys wear their party hats again. And eat cupcakes again of course. They definitely liked the cupcakes better this time! Here’s the pictures!

James was unsure about the cupcake at first. But Logan dove right in!

Mason: He had a clear advantage due to his mouth full of teeth.

Logan: I think Logan enjoyed his cupcake the most. Especially the frosting. I think he licked all the frosting off of his.

James: James started out unsure about the cupcake, then he realized that cupcakes are delicious and he enjoyed it. Like he should.
James almost gave up early
But then he finished strong
Ok so I may be the only person who celebrates adjusted birthdays but these guys deserved it! They had a long, tough first year (and 3 months) to get here! And it was an excuse to put their hats on again. And cupcakes. They got to have cupcakes for dinner. They must have the coolest mom ever.
Oh and before the cupcake dinner, the boys and I went to Altitude Trampoline Park to pick Addison up. And I took a picture so I’ll share that too while we’re in the sharing mood.

Happy 11th Birthday Addison!

Eleven. Addison is 11!!! That seems so old. She thinks she’s old for sure. Ha! I guess every 11 year old thinks they’re grown? Idk. Addison and her friends do. I probably don’t help. I convinced Brian that Addison needed a phone for her bday. Maybe she’s not old enough? Idk. It’s done now though! And she was soooooo happy! Her phone privileges are not unlimited though. I made her sign a phone contract.

Look how happy she was to use HER OWN PHONE!
This is probably the best part of being a mom I think. Doing things that make your kids this happy. And Addison is such a good kid that she deserves things that make her this happy! We didn’t get to go out for her birthday dinner last night so we went for breakfast this morning instead. All 6 of us. I took pictures of course!
He was happy I promise
First time to drink apple juice! So yummy
Ok now I’m probably going to sound a little annoying but Addison is truly the best kid I could have asked for. She is sweet, smart, thoughtful, caring, all the good adjectives you can use to describe a person. Oh and she’s super silly. And loves to dance. She does have her faults of course. I mean she thinks leggings are pants. No matter how many times I tell her they’re not. And she loves taking selfies. (I love taking selfies too.) And she has an Instagram account but she only has like 3 pictures on it because she deletes her pictures if they don’t get enough likes or if she decides she doesn’t like them anymore. Who does this?
Oh and Addison is the best big sister ever. I mean I was a great big sister (still am, my siblings aren’t dead) but Addison may be better. She is genuinely excited when the boys reach new milestones, when they learn new things, when they get healthy after being sick. She goes in their room first thing in the morning every morning to say hi to her little brothers. When she came home from her week in Memphis yesterday she went straight to the van to see the boys.
Ok so here are some pictures of Addison.

And some selfies of course. I usually find these on my phone days later.

And sometimes I take selfies with her. Because I’m a cool mom like that.

Ok now I have to go! Headed to Chicago to meet up with 37 other triplet moms of triplets born in 2014! I’m sooooo excited! Flight is delayed so I had extra time. Thank you Little Rock Airport from the free wifi!
I’ll leave you with some old pictures of Addison. Because she was super cute. And a little fat.
Addison’s First Birthday!
First trip to the fair. The giraffe had to come too of course
Chuck E Cheese outtake
Sassy Addison a few years ago
Ok now I really have to go! Happy birthday Addison!


It happened. The boys didn’t listen to me and they turned 1. I have mixed feelings about it really. I’m sad. But also really amazed at how far they’ve come in the last year. From 2 lb 27 weekers to healthy growing (still little) 1 year olds! This last year has been the longest, scariest, craziest year of my life by far. It doesn’t seem long enough still though. I guess it’s a mom thing. Brian doesn’t seem affected by the fact that they are ONE! We did get here a little differently than most people. We spent the first 5 months in the NICU. We’ve guarded these guys like our lives (and theirs) depended on it, and well theirs kinda did. In all we spent 151 days in NICU and we’ve been admitted back into the hospital 5 times since then, luckily all short stays. Although we don’t know “normal” we do know that these guys are strong little fighters.
I’m still not ready. I wish it wasn’t their birthday for several reasons. The obvious reason – I want them to stay little. But also because I wish I could have kept them in longer so they could grow bigger and stronger before coming into this world. Today is not just their birthday. It’s also the 1 year anniversary of the scariest day of my life. Seriously. Everything happened so fast. I had no control whatsoever. Maybe that’s why I have all of this anxiety.  Sometimes I think it’s my fault, that I could have done something differently. I would do anything. Sometimes I can’t sleep because of it. I guess maybe it’s this way for all preemie moms. I consider myself one of the lucky ones though because we made it through. My boys are here today and they’re thriving. There’s also wine. Wine is my best friend sometimes.

Here’s where we started and here’s a link to the blog post from one year ago about the day they were born (They’re Here). It made me tear up when I read it!

Mason 1 year ago
Logan 1 year ago
James 1 year ago

And now:


I can’t get over Logan’s face in these pictures from this morning! Ha! Thanks Laura and Caroline for the awesome birthday bibs!

And here’s a sneak peek from our photo session from last week! I’m so in love with this picture! We have the best photographer ever! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures (and I’ll share them of course)!

I know I’ve posted a lot lately so I’ll try to keep this one brief (yeah right). Well it’s not brief (not even close) but it’s mostly pictures so that’s ok right? And they’re ONE YEAR OLD!!

Here are our 1 year stats (from last Friday in newborn clinic):

Mason: 17 lbs. 1 oz. (9.9% for adjusted age; 2.5% for actual age), 26.5 inches
Logan: 15 lbs. 7 oz. (1.4% for adjusted age), 26 inches
James: 17 lbs. 12 oz. (17.7% for adjusted age, 5.4% for actual age), 26.5 inches

Did you notice the actual age percentages?!!! Yay Mason and James! We are very short even for adjusted age (0.4 and 1.4%). Oh well. I didn’t really expect them to be tall. Maybe they’ll grow and surprise us all.

Here’s the digital images that I used for the chalkboard posters from my fellow triplet mom Amanda at Triplet Treasures on Etsy! These have all of their 1 year stats including some of their favorite things and what they can do!

Mason actually has 5 teeth now! 4 across the top and 1 on the bottom! And Mason and Logan are both starting to army crawl. James is completely mobile. And he’s getting fast! He also learned how to sit on his own from his belly! He did it tonight like it was nothing!

We saw Dr. Peeples last Friday in high risk newborn clinic and we got a great report! This was more of a social visit (in my opinion) than the previous visits! We are making no changes except we get to stop giving the nasty multi-vitamin. We’ll go back and see Dr. Peeples in about 3 months and we’ll do another swallow study for Logan and James then she may discharge us. I guess that’s good news but I’ll miss newborn clinic!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the boys from the past month! Warning . . . I have lots of favorites this month!

The holy grail of triplet pictures – 3 smiles!
Brian loves that I take lots of pictures!
Dueling pianos
Dinner time!
Mason is super smiley all the time! And he has crazy eyes sometimes! He’s probably the sweetest baby ever too! If you met Mason at the party for the first time that was definitely NOT his normal demeanor! He hardly ever cries! (But when he does he’s super angry – I call that Angry Mason and I hate when Angry Mason joins us!) Oh and Mason seems innocent but he’s a toy thief! And a cup thief too!
Logan is too funny! He does smile and it’s super cute and so sweet. But his signature look is definitely the bitchy resting face or the duck lips face. Ha! He’s also a big talker! Logan wakes up first most mornings and talks to himself (very loudly) until we get up.
Logan sleeps with his little booty super high in the air so I snuck in and took some pics the other day at the end of naptime!
He caught me!
James is super sweet too. And also super needy! He’s a big baby for sure! But he gets so happy when he sees us I just love it! He’s also into everything! His favorites right now – the cords to the swings and the dog bowls of course!
Mason and Logan have both been sick this week but luckily it hasn’t been anything serious this time! Logan missed school Monday so he came to work with me for a minute Monday morning. So of course we took a selfie. Logan wasn’t impressed.
James had a hypertension clinic appointment that day too so he got to take a mom selfie too! Good news though – blood pressure looks great! We go back in 2-3 months and if everything is still good we can stop meds! Yay!
Also not impressed
And of course here are our last pictures before we turned 1! Notice James didn’t last in the matching sleeper for long! He decided to round out the first year by projectile vomiting on Brian (again).
And Logan decided he wasn’t ready to sleep just yet!
And Addison had to try out the little car too. The boys love it so why not right?! I think she’s just a little too big. And James was super confused!
We had our amazing party on Saturday. You can read about it here if you missed it (The Party)! We had a pretty great day for the actual birthday too! Nina and Pop came over to play and they brought dinner for the big people!
We also got the best happy birthday post from our triplet girlfriends! Thanks Sophie, Harper, and Bristol!
Oh and of course we took our LAST sticker pictures too! Maybe I’ll make some more stickers. I’m sure Brian would be totally ok with that right?


And of course we had lots of outtakes:

Brian made Mason cry
Logan really hates pictures apparently!
James wanted to play instead of take pictures
They were done

Ok so I failed at keeping it brief but this one was mostly pictures so not much reading at least! And they are ONE!!! I still can’t believe it. I’m still in denial. All that good stuff. But I’m also super proud of all they’ve accomplished this year. Some people say we’ve made it, that we’ve survived. I don’t really understand what that’s supposed to mean. What I do know is that we have 3 One Year Olds now! And the adventure continues.