Meet the Manns

Hi! I’m Angela. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas with my family. We started out as a little family of 3. Then in 2013 we decided we wanted to add on to our family. BUT we got a little more than we planned for. We went in for our first appointment and we received the surprise of our lives . . . TRIPLETS!!! We couldn’t believe it. And neither could our family and friends. Spontaneous triplets are very rare – only 1 in 8100 births are triplets. Since then, our lives have changed drastically. But I’ve met my closest friends – other triplet moms and my best friend who saved my boys’ lives when they were teeny tiny. I’ve nicknamed her DB (for Dr. Bestie). Maybe before we became friends. Yep. I chose my BFF and it all worked out for me. Good deal for me!

Our Three Little Manns

Mason, Logan and James were born April 29, 2014 at 27 weeks and 6 days. My pregnancy went really smoothly, I gained weight during my second trimester, and I thought we were on track to make it to 30 weeks (my realistic goal I set for myself!). Then one night, after I had seen my OB (Dr. Dora) that same day, I ended up rushing to the ER. The boys came only about 15 minutes later! They were ready I guess! They were tiny but they were fighters!

At birth, Mason weighed 2 lbs. 2 oz., Logan weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz., and James weighed 2 lbs. 6 oz.


They did great for the first week or so then we had some hiccups. Mason and Logan needed surgery because they both had large PDAs (basically a valve in the heart that is supposed to close but theirs didn’t). So we transferred to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. All 3 boys also had brain bleeds (this is very common with preemies). Mason had a grade 3/4 which meant he was at risk for some pretty serious complications. BUT they all resolved on their own luckily though! Yay! And now we have 3 healthy, typical little boys.

We spent 5 months in NICU but we came out stronger. I didn’t get to hold them at first, which was super hard. I held James for the first time when he was 8 days old. I held Logan the next day, but then didn’t hold him again until he was almost 2 months old. I held Mason for the first time when he was over 1 month old!

First time holding James
Brian holding Logan for the first time
First time holding Mason

Mason and Logan tried out all of the ventilators except one. Mason was extubated at 6 weeks old. Logan was extubated 1 day shy of 2 months old. The boys were finally reunited at 2 months old after Logan got off the vent!

Brian and I got to hold all 3 for the first time right after they turned 2 months old too! It was one of the happiest, proudest moments of my life!

Logan came home first to everyone’s surprise! He came home when he was 99 days old on August 6.

Mason came home 11 days later when he was 110 days old on August 17.

Then James decided he liked the NICU and wasn’t ready to come home so he stayed until September 26 when he was 151 days old (almost 5 months).

Last day in NICU!

We had 3 tiny fighter babies. We went through a lot of struggles that first year. But look how cute they were! I wish we could go back sometimes!

And now the boys are 2.5 years old. And they act every bit the part. They are into everything, they argue, they whine, they get excited over little things like school busses, and they give the best hugs and the slobberiest kisses that just melt my heart.

Here they are now

Fall 2017


Here’s how they’ve grown over the last few years!
Summer 2017

Fall 2016


 Summer 2016


Fall 2015


Spring 2014 – 1 Year Pics


Fall 2014


A Little About the Mann Family Before Triplets

I am originally from Memphis TN and I am the oldest of 5 kids (I have 3 brothers and 1 sister). I lived in Memphis until a few years ago after Brian and I got married. Before that, I had never left Memphis. Brian is also from Memphis but he moved to Little Rock when he was 6 years old. Brian is the middle child of 3 (he has 1 brother and 1 sister).

Brian and I did the long-distance relationship deal while I was in law school and got married after I graduated. I’m not sure why he stuck around but I’m glad he did!

After the wedding, I moved to Little Rock, I took the bar exam in Arkansas and Tennessee, and we never looked back. I was a little upset about moving away from home but I have found a wonderful law firm, we bought a house in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect neighbors, and I have made lots of new lifelong friends. Now I can’t wait to raise my growing family in Arkansas!

We have one other kid but she’s grown up now. At least she thinks so. She turned 10 right after the boys were born. She’s a smart, sometimes sweet, and sassy little girl who thinks she’s grown up and in charge. Addison spends most of her time at dance or on her phone or ipad, and loves spending time with friends. Most of all though she’s the best big sister ever!



Here’s a few pictures of our small family of 3:

We also have a super expensive four-legged family member named Otis. He’s a giant beagle we rescued from a trailer park. And he will soon have had not 1 but 2 knee surgeries. Most expensive free dog ever. But he LOVES the boys. And Logan loves to yell at him. Poor guy!

About My Blog

I originally started my blog to keep family and friends (and anyone else who wants to know) up to date with our lives, through the pregnancy and then through our lives with 3 babies. When I found out that we were having triplets I immediately began researching online to see what we can expect. I didn’t find much on triplets. Most of the information in books and online is about twins. The best resource I found on triplets were blogs from other triplet parents. I found these blogs extremely helpful and I became absorbed in them immediately.

I had always thought about writing a blog before but always decided against it because I never had anything interesting to say. Well . . . that changed pretty quickly! At least I think I’m interesting! And now 3 years later I’m still blogging. And I LOVE it!

My Other Blog

I recently started a second blog too! This one is about my adventures with Young Living Essential Oils. I have always wanted to check out essential oils and the benefits they can provide for me and my family but just never did it. I have so many regrets for waiting! I am in love! And I love to write and talk about myself so . . . another blog. Here’s the link if you’re interested! Click HERE for my Oily Mama Blog and other good info on Young Living Essential Oils! I also put a tab at the top of my page to link to the Young Living blog.

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  1. Cute blog! I told Jackson he has some friends on the way. He didn't react at first…but then he pooped his pants. I think he was overwhelmed with excitement! Note to self- 8 week old babies don't take big news all that well. 🙂 We're all super happy for you guys & can't wait to meet the littlest Manns this summer! – Melissa Gore


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