James Day!

James was soooo excited for James Day! He was last to come home, and therefore last to get his day. But he knew what to do. His day was technically September 26, a Tuesday this year. So we celebrated the following Saturday. So Friday night, I told him “James tomorrow is your day!” And he was beyond excited. He immediately said he wanted Cracker Barrel and a new puppy (Paw Patrol, from Cracker Barrel). So that’s what we did. Cracker Barrel. And the zoo. James also requested to go to Nana’s house. But that was a little far. So we settled for the zoo.

James is pretty needy. At Cracker Barrel, he refused to let me open his biscuit, but he definitely still wanted jelly. So I had to put jelly on the side before each bite. #rotten


He got a new Paw Patrol puppy too but I didn’t get a picture. Oops. (Also, for the record, my kids have never actually seen Paw Patrol but they love it still).

The zoo was sooo fun! Brian took a day to rest so I took the kids by myself. With Addison. She was a huge help. I thought MLJ would last 2 hours max, but they last 4 hours! And they walked the whole time. I even convinced them to carry their backpacks so I didn’t have to carry their things. It worked out well until the end, when I ended up carrying 3 backpacks. Oh well, I’m calling it a huge success.

Here’s some zoo pics!


We got snowcones too. They were huge, but they boys loved them! Logan kept trying to trade though.

And my favorite zoo pic – the result when I asked them to smile for 1 nice picture. This is better though.


The zoo wore Logan out! He passed out before I even got into the driver seat.


And I decided we needed ice cream on the way home too. James requested a Frosty. Because “they’re one of Nina’s favorites.” Ha! I didn’t even know that. But now I do!


So about James . . . James is very smart, very stubborn, very talkative, and the most difficult of my 3. By far. I can usually talk some sense into him. He actually does have the ability to reason. But it takes a lot sometimes.

James thinks he’s in charge. (But he’s not.) He always wants to pick. But he does understand that Mason and Logan get turns to pick too. And he’ll let them pick. Sometimes he provides suggestions though.

James loves essential oils. He always asks to be in charge of the nighttime oil (Tranquil Roll-On). And if I forget he remembers. Ha! And he asks for oils for his owies. He totally gets me.

James throws epic tantrums. This morning’s tantrum was over pants. Yep. Pants. Epic meltdown because I made him wear pants. You know, because it was chilly outside (ok not really but I thought it was supposed to be cool).

James claims he likes soccer. I’m not so sure.

James "loving soccer"

James hates clothes. I’m not sure why. Maybe we ruined him with naked potty training. He’s fully potty trained. But now he hates clothes. He seriously takes his clothes off the minute he walks in the house. Sometimes before he even makes it upstairs.


And he hangs out naked as much as possible.


James loves school. And Ms. June and Ms. Sarah. He apparently really works hard and doesn’t throw tantrums at school. He even made it on the school’s Facebook page. Just doing big boy lessons. Like a boss.


James has recently become very brave. He does all the scary things on the playground. Like climb monkey bars taller than me. And climb rocks also taller than me where he could fall and DIE! (jk he wouldn’t actually die. Probably. But that’s what this mommy feels when he’s up there being so brave!)


James’s also loves food. His favorite – cereal. And he’s renamed all cereals. Sponge Bob Cereal = Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Crapton Crunch = Cap’n Crunch. Daddy’s Cereal = anything Brian buys for himself. His fave is Sponge Bob Cereal. James also loves play food. Like he hoards it and carries it around the house.

Ok now some of my favorite James pics from the last few months 🙂


And of course, we can’t forget where this guy started. 151 days in NICU. Last to come home. Super ornery from the beginning. But so so sweet. And a big mama’s boy.