Free from Three in Mile High City

It’s that time again! Time for my annual 2014 triplet mama trip! This year we went to Denver. And It. Was. So. Fun!!! I had the best time ever. I think this was my favorite trip so far! 45 triplet moms went on the trip this year! I think I had met a little over half in person at previous trips. And I definitely made some new forever friends!

I love my triplet mama friends! I know I’ve said it before but my triplet mama friends are some of my best friends in the entire world. Yeah, we met on Facebook. Yeah, that may be a little weird. But we have triplets. Weird is basically our thing.

My roomies are basically 5 of my favorite people in the world. We talk every single day! But we live so far away from each other that we basically only see each other in person on these trips.


So some of what happens in Denver stays in Denver but here’s some of my favorite pictures and stories from the weekend (PG of course)!


Most of us arrived on Thursday, even though the official trip is Friday-Sunday. I paid extra to not have a 6 am flight, but all of my roomies did have 6 am flights so they arrived hours before me (and started the festivities hours before me too). But Melinda’s flight was delayed so we met up at the airport! Love this girl!


First picture after the airport – an elevator selfie of course!


Thursday night we went to dinner just our small group, plus another friend Jennifer. She probably legit thinks we’re insane. Ha! Denver has so many rooftop bars, restaurants, etc. I LOVE IT! We ate dinner outside Thursday night. Oh and Denver is also pretty hipster, which I also love.


Then we went to a country bar. Not my thing, but it was ladies night, so . . . free drinks! We didn’t stay long. But of course we had some shots first. This may not have been the first one, but it definitely wasn’t the last. Shondra (or maybe La’Shondra at this point) was super proud of the shots!


This is Maggie. She has the best hip hop dance face ever. Oh, and we told her to bring slutty clothes, so she brought her J. Crew gingham top. Apparently slutty isn’t Maggie’s thing. But dancing is totally her thing.

IMG_2141 (2)

We met Maggie in person for the first time on this trip! Maggie was my secret sister last year. (Another cool triplet mom thing – secret sisters – we send gifts, cards, texts, etc. all year). That’s how we met. She’s #blessed but also super awesome! Awesome enough that we let her in our little group! Ha!

We met a guy at the bar on Thursday who looked just like James. Ali made me show him a picture! Ha! I don’t have any pictures of adult James. That would be weird. Actually, I don’t have any other pictures from Thursday. Let’s just say it was a super fun night. Not the greatest morning on Friday though. Ha!


We had a super full day on Friday. First we went to Red Rocks and did an “easy” hike, then lunch at Red Rocks. Friday night we had our first group dinner. Then we did a pedal hopper after dinner and it was so fun!

Red Rocks

Red Rocks was so beautiful! The “easy” hike was not so easy, but it was definitely worth it. I also learned that I really need oxygen. Like way more oxygen that is in the air in Colorado. I struggled a little. Definitely didn’t attempt to run while in Denver!

Red Rocks group photo!



And of course a Red Rocks selfie


Roomie-besties Red Rocks photo


And one with Ali, my Asian twin (also the guy who took this picture was no older than 14. Pretty sure he should have been in school).


Friday Night

Friday night we had our casual group dinner. Mexican. Yum!

I think this is most of the group at dinner. Amber (the one on the far right) is actually part of our group too and not a photo bomber as it may seem from the picture.


A few of my favorites – Shalamar, Ali, and Jen. I’ve known Ali and Jen for what seems like my entire adult life. Ha! And I just met Shalamar and she’s now one of my faves too.


This place had a 3 marg limit. They were pretty delicious.


After dinner we went on a pedal hopper tour. I can’t even describe it. So here’s a picture:


It has seats all around, some have pedals like a bike that make it go. You can drink on these things but you have to bring your own drinks. Oh and you can get in the middle with the “driver.” I use the word “driver” loosely because he only has a brake and no reverse. We know this because our guy had to get out and push us to back up. And he wasn’t strong enough so he needed some triplet mom help. Ha! He did play some pretty awesome tunes, including some JT, so he’s cool.


And if you drop something you have to yell “man down” and the guy will stop. Regina lost her sweater more than once and had to run out into the street to retrieve it. Ha!


Here’s a few more pics from Friday. The pedal hopper stopped at 2 bars. One of them had an epic game of flip cup that we took over.


And they also had chalkboards, which we also took over.

This one is our hashtag #freefromthreeinmilehighcity


And this one started out as a penis and ended up as a war between the Gators and A&M.


Maggie and I also stumbled upon an Oktoberfest festival going on. In September. But whatever. They had an awesome statue.


And speaking of statues . . .

IMG_2128IMG_2110 (1)

I’m not sure how that cow didn’t come crashing down. But I know that we know it’s a cow because Shondra tried to milk it. And there may be a video of Shondra helping me get up there. Ha!

And of course another elevator selfie. From Friday this time.



Saturday was a much more low key day. We had no plans except our fancy dinner. So we went to brunch and walked around. And I found another statue.


Saturday dinner was our fancy dinner. By fancy dinner I mean we dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant. And dinner was steak with french fries. Kinda weird. The restaurant had fun shooters too, including one with coffee. Which I needed.

Here’s a group picture. We clean up pretty well right? It’s amazing what we can do without 3 tiny humans running around. Oh and don’t mind Courtney’s hand. No one knows. But we’re definitely all guessing.


I ordered my dress from Rent the Runway. I loved it! The whole thing was pretty amazing. The dress. The fact that I didn’t have to buy the dress for full price to only wear it once. My roomies ordered their dresses from Rent the Runway too. Love it!



Sunday we had to leave. 😦 I’m so sad to leave my friends! I can’t wait for the next trip! Savannah in May. It’s already on my calendar. (Our group actually does 2 trips per year. I’ve done 1 each year and I have missed 2. And don’t want to miss any more!)

And in case you’re wondering, they do have direct flights from Denver to Little Rock. But the planes are tiny. So tiny you have to walk outside to board. (It was so cold!)


But I had the best surprise waiting for me when I got home!


I’m not sure if they were more excited to see me or go up the escalators. Either way, I was excited to see them. And the sign is clearly written with invisible ink. I’m told it said “Hi Mom” but we’ll never know for sure.

A few fun facts about Denver and my trip:

  • Denver is flat. Who knew?
  • Oxygen is pretty amazing and there’s much less of it in Denver
  • Denver has 0 humidity. And it turns out I actually like humidity. At least a little.
  • You can buy marijuana in Colorado. You just walk into a dispensary. It’s very clean and professional. The people who work there are very knowledgeable. And obviously a friend told me all of this.
  • Maggie thinks gingham is slutty (you probably saw this above)
  • Melinda still loves grilled cheese but apparently she is ok with bread shaped grilled cheese now and no longer insists on teddy bear grilled cheese
  • Ali and I should never drink rumple. Ever.
  • Joanna Cline has a 9 pm bedtime but she CAN stay up past then. If she really wants.
  • My concept of ”easy” hike is way different than others
  • Triplet moms really know how to party. Like really party. Like we’re in college.
  • Elevator selfies are my jam
  • I’m still pretty good at flip cup. Amber apparently doesn’t know how to play though because she poured herself a full cup. And Melinda pours her beer under the table. #cheater
  • Football on Saturdays isn’t just a guy thing and it isn’t just a southern thing. Maggie yelled at the dinner table about something.
  • Far fewer people drive Subarus than I expected
  • The Denver airport is at least 10 miles long. I know this because my plane was at the very last gate when I arrived.

Ok I think that’s all. At least all I’m allowed to share. 😉


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