Lolo Day 2017

Today was Lolo day! A day all about Lolo. In case you don’t remember from the last few years, we celebrate each of the boys on the days they came home from the NICU. Lolo was first, August 6, at 99 days old. Remember this guy?


He was so little! I remember being so terrified when we brought him home! I mean really? Some days I wasn’t sure he would ever even come home at all. And then he came home first?! And somehow we were supposed to now keep him alive?! Well we did it. And now 3 years later he’s our funny, sweet, little Lolo.


Even at 3 Lolo is still my little guy, He weighs a whopping 25 lbs. And that’s with shoes on. And holding 5 trucks. So probably closer to 24 lbs. He’s a little guy. But so so cute. And he makes up for the tiny size with his big personality and super loud voice.


Lolo LOVES his monkeys blanket and takes it everywhere. Lolo still sucks his thumb. But only when he has a blanket. Lolo always holds the corner of the blanket to soothe himself. Sometimes he holds 2 corners. Sometimes he puts a corner between his toes too. And where does Lolo sleep? In my bed. He comes in at around midnight every single night. And he must be up against me at all times. So basically I can’t roll over or he’ll push me out of bed.

He’s also my only kid who will voluntarily nap. He’ll just lay down and go to sleep. On the couch, in Mason’s bed. And naked naps are his jam. He’s a sleepy little guy.

Lolo is OBSESSED with trucks, cars, trains, excavators, firetrucks, ambulances, police cars, etc. Pretty much anything that moves. Sometimes Lolo may sleep with a firetruck in his bed. And for a while he insisted that we read “A Crack in Track,” which is a Thomas the Train book, every single night.

Logan loves Minnie Mouse. He has a little Minnie who goes everywhere with him. He made me buy her at Cracker Barrel. See, here’s what happened: he was playing with her while we waited for our table. Then when they called us to go sit down, he put her down. I thought that was the end of Minnie. I was wrong. When we finished eating Lolo announced that he needed “to go get my Minnie.” So she came home with us. Because I’m a sucker. And he’s super cute.

Logan loves movies. We just got Cars (the movie) and he loves it but he calls Lightning McQueen Mater. And I have been unable to convince him that’s not right. Lolo also loves Zootopia. And he calls the bunny “Zootopia.” And he calls 101 Dalmatians “Down Down Dalmatian.”

Lolo also likes TV. His favorites are Mickey and Daniel Tiger. He likes to sing the songs from Daniel Tiger too. So freaking cute. Except when he sang “a tiger family trip” the entire way to Memphis a few months ago. Ha!

Logan is also very demanding. He always “needs” something. Usually “I need Mommy” or “I need to go downstairs” or “I need to get in mommy’s bed” or “I need candy.”

Logan has the most country accent you’ve ever heard. Red is 2 syllables. He also pronounces some of his letters in really weird ways. So sometimes he’s hard to understand. I have him figured out though.

And Lolo is a pretty picky eater. He usually announces he’s done and throws his plate in the sink after only a few bites. A few things I’ve learned he likes are hamburgers, PB&J, and chocolate. Of course chocolate. Oh and cookies.


Today for Lolo Day we did things Logan loves. First, we went out for donuts. Chocolate of course.


We brought brothers along too. They had chocolate donuts too.

Then we went to the fire station. Where Logan was so excited he could hardly contain himself. And of course he announced “I need to drive the fire truck!” And he did.


Logan actually told me “no more pictures!” today! Too bad for him because I’m in charge here. And I like pictures. But this was his no pictures face.


Then for dinner we let Lolo pick where to go and he picked pizza. He also learned that crackers and ranch are delicious together.


And of course Lolo took a nap. Without pants on. Oh and in Mason’s bed. Mason was NOT happy about this.


Ok and here’s a bunch of random pictures of Lolo. Sort of a compilation of my faves.


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