Mann Fam Pics – Summer 2017

I just got our summer family photos back this week and I. AM. IN. LOVE! They are so perfect! I always feel like there’s absolutely no way we got good shots but somehow Miranda always comes through with some amazing pictures. I mean my kids were NOT cooperating. Not at all. We bribed them with ice cream. Didn’t help much. And we had a penguin friend along for our photo shoot. And he made it into some pictures too. Ha!



This is pretty much how MLJ act when asked to take a picture. Escape time!


We got some great shots of the boys too! I’m not sure how . . .


My absolute fave! 20

And the aftermath. Mason did not fall down. But he did think it was funny that Logan and James fell down.21


And of course Addison took some beautiful pictures. Before you scroll, be prepared. She basically looks grown.


Addison and Mason. Because she’s the best big sister!


And this one with me. Another fave!


The boys took some individuals too.


Mason loves pictures. Well, not when I’m taking them. But these are so perfect. They capture my mischievous, friendly, little guy perfectly.


Mason took one with me too!



Lolo was not cooperative. At all. Notice him running away. With the penguin stowed in his shorts.



James is my difficult kid. But he’s so photogenic. I’ve been told I can’t say he’s “pretty” so we’ll go with “he’s so handsome.”


And proof that he’s difficult:


And some candids.


Thanks again Miranda for always capturing my family so perfectly and for dealing with our craziness!

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