Mann Fam Photos Fall 2016

I am in love! Seriously I LOVE family pictures. Every time we take them I am always a little scared we didn’t get anything good. Then I wait impatiently in anticipation to see what magic Miranda has done this time. And y’all . . . this time she outdid herself. This. Right. Here.
Ok so that’s probably my favorite picture ever. Like ever ever in the whole wide world. I bought a GIANT canvas of this one to put in the boys’ playroom.
And guess what? We got so many more great shots too!

Lolo’s face in this one is too precious. Remember RBF Lolo? Well he still exists but laughing, happy Lolo makes his appearance way more often.

A little ring-around-the rosies. LOVE!

And an accidental picture of all 3. They were playing and just happened to line up just right. (Plus some Miranda magic I’m sure).

And this one is just perfect. It’s going in a frame.

And a Daddy picture too. 🙂

She got lots of amazing individual shots too!
He insisted on wearing the hood for a while.

Silly boy!


And my favorite shot from the whole day!

And one with me and each of my boys! I love that Miranda gets these each time!
Thanks Miranda for exceeding all expectations again! I will cherish these forever! And I hope these kids get easier for you as they get older! I keep thinking next time will be easier and that’s just not the case. Ha! But it’s so worth it in to me!

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