Thanksgiving 2016

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. I am over a week late with this post. Nothing unusual there I guess.

We started our Thanksgiving in Little Rock with the other Manns.
Contrary to what you may think based on this picture, my kids did NOT eat Thanksgiving food. They each ate their roll. Mason and Logan ate ONLY their roll. And James ate his roll and some cranberry sauce. All 3 of them ate turkey BEFORE dinner but then said “I don’t like it” when it was time to eat dinner. This is how many meals go these days. “I don’t like it” and “it’s gross” are pretty much favorite phrases around here.
We had all but 1 cousin together and they had so much fun! And we got a pretty decent picture too.
And I got a few more pictures on Thanksgiving. Mason sweeping the backyard and Logan selfies.

Oh and I introduced Lolo to Cool Whip. And taught him the best way to eat it – off your finger straight from the tub of course. He loved it.

Later that night I basically tortured Logan because I put footie pjs on him. So dramatic.

Mason didn’t mind that his feet disappeared.

We went to Memphis to see my family the day after Thanksgiving. The boys were pretty good in the car. James fell asleep on the way there. With 1 boot on. (Mason and Lolo did not fall asleep and they had 0 shoes on).
The boys figured out that Nana doesn’t know the word “no.” And she has bacon.

And my parents had an old table in the attic that was perfect for the boys. My dad made a 3rd chair and painted the chairs in MLJ’s colors. It’s perfect!

The boys loved playing with Alan. He’s basically a kid so it worked out perfectly. And he can read so that’s a plus.
And Nana also had some old magnets (see where I get my hoarding tendencies from?) and the boys loved them!

And of course they loved looking a the “big cars” out the front window. They are obsessed with all vehicles. Lolo especially. We were convinced he only knew how to say “vroom vroom big car” for a while.

Oh and our elves showed up in Memphis too. And they got Grizzlies jerseys. Because of course.

We also played football outside. The big kids played football. The little kids played with leaves. And may have helped some of the leaves off the tree.

I love the look of wonder and amazement on their sweet little faces.

And of course more selfies. Their idea not mine.

Joey and Brian threw leaves on the boys’ heads. They loved it so much they tried to do it themselves. So funny!

We also got to see Liam, Stephanie and Uncle Cliff while we were in Memphis. The boys are still talking about it. “I eat dinner Liam. I eat hot dogs.”

And we were in Memphis on Friday so of course we had cake pops! Nana got the boys special turkey cake pops. I think they liked them.

And the aftermath. Ha! This kid is crazy.

And they slept on the way home. It was so quiet.

So, we had a great Thanksgiving. And I had a 3 day trial last week after Thanksgiving. The few days off for Thanksgiving was a much needed break for me. Oh and I won my trial too. Now on to Christmas. We do have a tree and so far it is still standing and it still has ornaments. Even on the bottom. We’ll see if that lasts.

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