Happy Halloween Piggies

My 3 Little Pigs loved trick or treating! We actually made an entire loop! They tried to go in a few houses. (Sorry Nathan and Bryan!) But they figured it out pretty quickly. They even said trick or treat a few times (mostly just James) and thank you way more than I expected. But every house they said next house! I want more candy! Whiny James had a few meltdowns (ok I’m lying . . . he had lots of meltdowns). Mostly because he wanted to do some things by himself, but he only wanted mommy to help him when he wanted help. “Mommy do it” is a bad bad bad thing. Just ask Brian. Anyway, here’s some pics from trick or treating tonight! I struggled to get good pics of all 3 together! This is as good as it gets. Even with candy bribes.

Sweetest big sister. Even if she was with us involuntarily.

Trick or treat!

These 2 just wanted to eat candy.

The boys also had a Halloween carnival at school today. They mostly just wanted the candy. Of course.

Of course Saturday night we had our annual neighborhood Halloween party. We have the best neighbors ever! And Don and Tracy throw the best parties ever. I’m just glad we get to benefit from Tracy’s Halloween obsession 😉 I didn’t get many pictures. But they boys had a great time. And stayed up way past bedtime.

Mason was fascinated by the light inside this pumpkin! Ha! It’s basically magic so I get it.

Mason also loved this tractor. He kept getting on it!

And this is the only picture I got of Addison. Wrapped up like a mummy in TP. Oh and I got wrapped up too but I don’t have pictures.

And of course the adults dressed up too. Cindy’s “bad choices” costume was my favorite.
Well I guess I got 2 pictures of Addison. Ha! And Lauren peeking out the other side.
The boys painted pumpkins this year too. At night. Because that’s the best time to paint pumpkins of course. Luckily (for this purpose only) it’s still hot outside here so we just let them paint outside. They apparently paint at school because when James saw the paint he said “I paint fingers” and “I paint feet.” Luckily he didn’t really attempt that once we told him no. I loved the pumpkin painting!
They had a little help too.

It was so funny watching them paint. They paint so differently from each other. James mixed all of the colors together. And he used his and Lolo’s paint. Mason kept his colors separate for the most part and did not like getting paint on himself. Lolo tried to wipe the paint off of his pumpkin with his towel that he was supposed to use to clean his hands, which he also painted.

We also went to the pumpkin patch this year. Twice. Brian and I took the boys last weekend. Then this weekend Chesca and I took the boys again and Addison went with us too. The boys LOVED it. But like the Halloween picture attempts, I also failed to get good pics of all 3. Mostly because James made me carry him. “Carry you” is almost as bad as “Mommy do it.”
Here’s some pics from the first pumpkin patch trip with Daddy! MLJ loved the animals. Mason and Logan fed the goats. James stayed back and said “I don’t like it” repeatedly. Then he talked about the animals on “Old McDonald’s Farm” for days.

They loved the hay ride the most! I LOVE this picture of Lolo and Brian!

And this is my favorite picture I think. My 3 little ducks all in a row. Actually following me. (Note: this does not happen often).

And we tried to take a family picture. I think it went well. Ha!

And then we went back to the pumpkin patch again this past weekend because the pumpkin patch is awesome. The boys were actually better behaved this time. And James actually fed an animal. Sort of. He took food to an area close to animals and dropped it far away from the actual animal.

We saw the pig races this time too. The boys mostly just wanted to climb the fence and run away. But they did enjoy the pigs when they actually ran by.

We saw more pumpkins. Or punkins as my kids call them. And when you imagine how that’s said, just say it in the most country accent possible.

And their most favorite thing at the pumpkin patch – this plastic playground thing.

They liked this tunnel too.

And the favorite thing this trip was the cow train. Mason rode by himself like a big boy! I’m so proud. He’s so big!

James rode with me. And he loved it!

And Lolo rode with Coco. He loved it too and said “I like the cow train” at least 1 million times after we left.

Ok that’s enough for tonight. Happy Halloween! Hopefully it will actually feel like Fall soon!