2 Years at Home for James

James came home 2 years ago today, after 151 days in NICU. And our family was finally all under 1 roof. Look at this little guy! Big for a NICU baby though!
He took his dear sweet time, but he’s worth the wait . . . most of the time. Ha! James is spoiled rotten. He’s only the baby by 1 minute but he certainly acts like it. He’s lovingly called whiny James. Often. But he’s also so sweet. To me. Not always to other people, like Brian. Ok he’s a mama’s boy. Like the epitome of a mama’s boy. His favorite thing to say is “Mommy do it.” Cute the first few times. Now not so much. Especially because he says “Mommy do it” for things I don’t actually WANT to do. Like change his diaper. Thanks James.
Seriously James is a cranky little dude. He can throw an amazing tantrum. He used to hold his breath. Luckily he’s stopped doing that. It’s not good when your kid turns blue from holding his breath. Trust me. But sometimes I do take pictures to commemorate the tantrums and time outs. Because . . . well just because.
He’s very mistreated.
James is very smart. He knows lots of his letters, he can count to 10 (sometimes), he knows everyone’s name, he knows his colors, and he knows everyone in our family. He asks to see random people. Nina, Pop, Coco, Liam, Nana, Grandad, Lizzie, Lou Lou. He knows Addison is at dance when she’s not home after school. And he understands that he has to be patient so I can actually cook his dinner. (Well sometimes he’ll just go sit at his table and wait like a little beggar but at least he’s not standing at my feet crying).
James is obsessed with shoes. He especially loves his batman shoes. He asks for them. They’re super stinky though so I have to wash them All. The. Time. I’ve posted these pictures before but here’s James in his batman shoes, cheesing for the camera.
James loves cake pops. We go to Starbucks every Friday for cake pops. And he knows this. He asks for Starbucks. He recognizes Starbucks. And he knows that we don’t get cake pops except on Fridays. And today of course for James’s Coming Home Day!  The bag is almost as awesome as the cake pops themselves.
James saves the bag after he’s done. Then he fills it with other things, like fake food. Fake food is probably his favorite toy. Even better if he can carry the fake food around in a bag, like a ziplock. I’m so glad we have actual toys so he can play with Ziplock baggies. He loves real food too. I’m sure no one can tell with those cheeks.
James also LOVES taking selfies and making videos. He especially loves making videos to send to Coco. Ha! I have lots of pictures of James that look like this. And some that are even closer close-ups.
James also LOVES Church and Jesus. Or Gesus to James. He recognizes churches and crosses and yells Gesus! He also refers to my Tory Burch shoes as Jesus (I mean Gesus) shoes. Smart kid.
James also has a pretty long list of things he doesn’t like. His second favorite thing to say after “Mommy do it” is “I don’t like it.” Currently on his list of don’t likes: tags in shirts, tags on towels, blankets other than Aden and Anais blankets, duck tape on his diaper (yep he’s joined the stripping naked club with Mason so he’s also involuntarily joined the duck tape club), and lots of food. I guess it’s good that he knows what he likes and doesn’t like, but seriously he’s cranky and very particular.
James is also very talkative. He has recently started speaking in complete sentences. Including “Mommy do it” and “I don’t like it.” He also answers questions with yeah or ok. Ha! That’s probably my favorite thing. But James and Logan gang up on me in the car and make me sing. Logan will request the song usually. Almost always “Mommy McDonald” which is Old McDonald of course. Then James picks the animals. We went through a phase where Old McDonald apparently ran a dairy farm. Because every verse was “one more cow.” Now we have snakes, cows, and horses. Weird farm. But whatever. They love it.
James talks a lot but he’s very quiet. He’s so soft spoken that sometimes you can’t hear him. Especially when his brothers are around. Because they are VERY loud.
James is also painfully shy. He does not like new people. I have to hand him to a teacher pretty much every morning at school. Last weekend we went to see Elmo. James was soooo excited. Then this happened.
This is actually where James lives. On my hip. All the time. He wanted to get away from Elmo as fast as possible. Then today he asked to go see Elmo again. Of course. Lolo was fascinated by Elmo as you can see. And Mason loved him too. No fear.
Here’s a few more pictures of James. Just because. I mean he’s pretty stinking cute. I just love his bleach blond hair and chubby cheeks.
I’m pretty sure he’s actually saying cheese in these.

He used to sit on the stairs on the way up every day and say “picture” or “cheese” so of course sometimes I actually complied. He’s too cute to say no.

Ok just a few more. Because he’s my Jamesy. This is probably the most typical James look. Serious, studying something.
And then he smiled. Because he loves pictures. And he has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen ever.

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