Summer with Zizzie

Zizzie is Lizzie, my sister. She goes by Lizzie, Wizzie, Zizzie (and other things I can’t write here). Not her actual name Elizabeth. Not ever. Mason called her Zizzie and it stuck. Best. Nickname. Ever. My kids LOVE Zizzie! And she spent the whole summer with us! Yay! So fun! My kids LOVE Lizzie! It was a change but we loved it. Even Brian. The boys have started including Zizzie in our family. And they say Zizzie here when we pull in the garage. So cute. Now we FaceTime so they say it’s Zizzie every time the phone rings. So cute!

Lizzie is my way younger sister. She kinda looks like me, sounds just like me, and is almost but just not quite as cool as me and as smart as me, and definitely not as nice as me. (Mean is in our genes apparently because somehow I’m the nice one). We may make similar faces.

I saved this blog post for today because TODAY IS HER 21st BIRTHDAY!!!  Here she is drinking her first ever margarita (wink wink):

Lizzie taught the boys some pretty awesome things this summer. They now dance for a bite. And they (ok mostly just Mason) ask for ice by saying ice ice baby. Ha! And James says “hup nanas” whenever he sees Lizzie, even on Facetime. “Hup nanas” obviously means help bananas. Which of course means I want to help make a smoothie. That one took me a while to figure out. But they love to help make smoothies.

And they love to drink smoothies. Little beggars.

And Lizzie also introduced them to peanut butter.Which they also love. But I don’t love. So no Lizzie means no peanut butter. Sorry guys!

Addison now loves smoothies too. And she knows how to make them. So that’s a bonus.

We had some other perks to having Lizzie here all summer too. Addison loved it. And Lizzie knows how to do hair. Big plus.

My kids just love Lizzie. Maybe because she’s the crazy aunt. Maybe because she’s fun. Maybe because she’s kinda like me, and almost as awesome.

Lizzie and I also got out a few times. Like this night when we went to a concert.

I LOVED having her here this summer! We had so much fun. We both love Mexican food. Because, seriously, who doesn’t. I’m not surprised AT ALL that Lizzie went out for margs on her birthday. I say good choice. These are the kinds of texts and snapchats I get from Lizzie. Ha! It’s always a surprise to open one up!

And of course we share a mutual love of selfies.

Except that one time Lizzie licked me during a selfie. No thanks dude.

Lizzie also likes taking selfies with my kids. Mason especially.

Oh and we love to shop. Thanks mom! One time Lizzie got these super America-tastic Converse. She loves America more than anyone I’ve ever met. So of course we watched all of the Olympics, even the weird sports like ping pong.

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