Mason Day!

Mason came home from the NICU 2 years ago, after 110 days in the NICU. This picture popped up on my Timehop app this morning and I teared up a little.

I mean look at this tiny guy!

I remember everything about that day. It was terrifying. For different reasons than the day we took Logan home. But we now had 2 babies. And 2 oxygen tanks, 2 pulse ox machines, 2 sets of tubes. It seems like forever ago.
Now Mason is a crazy 2 year old. He has the cutest personality. He’s happy, friendly, smiley, and super mischievous. I mean look at this face. He’s clearly up to no good! And notice he isn’t wearing pants.This is how he looked at me when I asked him where his pants were. (We had been home about 3 minutes before he took his pants off).
Mason makes friends everywhere he goes. He’s also super happy to play by himself. His favorite toys are blocks, puzzles, and books. He’s very good at building and working puzzles. And he loves playing outside and in the pool!

And of course he loves America. If you haven’t seen his video you’ve missed out. I tried to post it here but videos never work on here for me! He says USA! (pronounced ooh-eth-ay)

He’s probably the best behaved out of the 3, except when it comes to mealtime. Then he throws his food on the floor or feeds it to the dogs.
And sometimes he rubs his food in his hair. This day it was yogurt.
Mason hates shoes, pants (see above), and veggies. He’s pretty much ok with everything else. His favorite thing ever is probably ketchup. That’s kind of a veggie right? Well it’s the only thing slightly resembling a veggie that ever enters his body except in squeezy pouch form. Pants? Mason takes his pants off immediately when we put him in bed at night. So far he’s keeping his diaper on so I’m ok with it.
Mason is starting to really talk. He calls himself Sason. (Logan calls him Mason (I know his actual name!) and James calls him Nason). Mason speaks in complete sentences now too! I am super impressed. His first sentence was “I boke it” which obviously means “I broke it.” His most frequent sentence is “I want this” or “I wear this.” And lately “I want to eat ice.” He loves ice. And he knows how to ask for it. He does have a lisp which is also super cute. And makes him hard to understand. But we’re making progress so I’ll take it!
Oh and speaking of ice, he always wants to ice his knee when I ice my knee. Usually I just put the wrap on his leg (because he says “I wear this” but sometimes he gets the actual ice pack).
He also loves pictures. He’ll look at me and say “cheese” at least once every few days. Lots of times I miss it because he doesn’t hold the “cheese” very long! But here’s a recent one! Love! He actually brought his living room chair to the table because I took the other chairs away (they are perfect weight and height for carrying around the house to reach various light switches). So Mason is smart and cute.
Oh and Mason absolutely LOVES his Zizzie. He named her Zizzie, which will be her name FOREVER.
Oh and selfies. Mason is the best at taking selfies.
And he likes to line things up. Maybe he’s catching some of my OCD tendencies. Oops! He actually rearranged the chairs to this table in various formations for about an hour the day we got it. Ha! This was before they (Logan) discovered the alternate use for the chairs.

He also knows which chair is his and where it goes. This picture cracks me up because the chairs are out of order but Mason still sat in his. He just pushed them down so his chair was where it belongs. He’s definitely my child. Things have a place!

Oh and he climbs too. He saw Logan climb up on the barstools so he immediately followed him up. So I guess Mason is partially to blame for the lack of barstools too.
I have lots of pictures of Mason eating. I guess because he’s a funny eater. So here’s a few more pics of Mason eating.
Cake pops!

Mason also loves shoes. Mine and his own. Although his shoes come off immediately when we get in the car. And at least once he popped his shoes off in church, in the communion line. Thanks dude.

Ok here are some more of my favorite Mason pictures. Always up to no good! And he makes the best faces!

Notice the 1 shoe. This was first thing in the morning.
And no pants in this one

And little Mason the last time he had a lot of hair! I miss his hair! Maybe I’ll let it grow out again when it’s cold outside!

Lolo Day!

2 years ago today, after 99 days in the NICU, they let us bring Logan home. This tiny guy right here:

That first night was TERRIFYING! I stared at him all night. And he stared back.

I was sure we weren’t ready. But I guess I was wrong.
Here’s my favorite Lolo picture. On my rocking horse from when I was little! He LOVES it!
2 years later, Logan is a funny, sassy, happy little dude. He loves ceiling fans, lights, light switches, cars, animals (and the farmer), and shoes that aren’t his. He is a big jumper. He jumps so high in his bed that he’s basically parallel to the top rail. Yikes! Oh, and he climbs. So we no longer have barstools. Ugh. Thanks Logan! But he makes up for it by giving sweet kisses. And there’s always a hug to follow. And he says “aww” with the hug.
He is the smallest of his brothers but he is definitely the boss. His teachers confirmed this for school too. He will straight up push someone out of his way. And they will move.
He is starting to talk too. He’s always babbled but now he is starting to attempt complete sentences, although he usually gets the words mixed up.
He goes by Lolo now. If you ask him his name he says “I Lolo.” Mason and James sometimes pretend they too are Lolo. James has started calling Logan by his actual name now which makes me sad but also makes me happy because it’s super cute. Mason calls him Lolo or Gogan. Also super cute.
We celebrated Lolo Day today of course. First Nana, Grandad and Loulou came by with brunch. And Coming Home Day presents! Lolo LOVED his new Mickey Legos!
Mason and James got presents too! And James decided Loulou is the coolest!

Lolo also watched the Olympics with Daddy!

And because it was Lolo Day we let him turn the lights on and off. (insert eye roll).

Then we went to Senor Tequila for dinner. We drive by Senor’s every day after school and we have the following conversation. James always spots Senors and says dee-yup! Then Lolo says “mmm dip!” Lolo loves dip. He loves salsa the best. So we had to go.

Mason loves Mexican food too!

Here’s some recent pictures of Lolo. My love.

Helping Zizzie make smoothies 🙂

Yum cake! My kids LOVE cake!

Lolo found Lolo! And he was actually pointing to . . . a ceiling fan of course. Ha!

This big kid eats cereal. With a spoon.

Pants optional.

Coolest kid on the block.

Lolo loves to rock rock (wah-wock) and read books

I have proof of the climbing too. This all happened over the course of about 24 hours. First he climbed up on the triplet table and got into his chair, put his bib on, and asked for dinner. That was Friday night. Then Saturday morning he climbed up on a barstool to get the Apple TV remote. Then later that day, Brian came into the living room and found Lolo ON TOP of the counter! Seriously this kid is crazy!
And I wasn’t joking about the shoes. If Lolo sees shoes that aren’t his, he will sit down, take his own shoes off, and put the newly-discovered grown up shoes on.

This particular day he found mommy’s shoes, then he found daddy’s shoes so he switched.

And I saved the best one for last. He’s going to kill me when he gets older! Ha!