Muppies and Fuffins

Two year olds are so fun. (Usually.) But my favorite thing HAS to be watching them learn how to talk. True to form, my kids talk nonstop. And I use the work “talk” loosely because they mostly babble nonsense and no one can understand them. I’ve managed to decipher some of it. And they get sooooo excited when I figure out what they’re saying. Their entire little faces light up when I guess correctly. James started talking first so he did this first. Now Lolo does it. It’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

So here’s a few things they say. Pay attention. There’s gonna be a test. (JK)
First, they know their names: Sason, Lolo, and Games. James calls Mason Ay-son.

They all like to pretend that they are Lolo. Their favorite thing to say is I Lolo. All 3 of them say I Lolo even though they know they are NOT in fact all Lolo.
I also recently taught MLJ that they are triplets. Or tee-pits/tee-wis
They know other people’s names too. Addison is Ass-in. And Lizzie is Zizzie(according to Mason) or Wizzie(according to Lolo). Chesca is Sessa. Oh and the gogs. They especially love Ose.
I’m not sure where to start so I guess I’ll go in the order of how we do things for the day.
First we get dressed. Here’s what we wear:
Shorts (they usually get this one right)
Gackets when it’s cold or rainy
Gammies for bed
Bi-pers because of course
We love to pway with toy-ees. Some of our favorites:
And Lolo loves the Rody hoosand pretty much anything where he can bowse bowse
We love to go Ow-side. Sometimes we play in the pooh or wawer
TB. Yep we watch tv. On TV we watch Kickey and Doc Doc. Logan actually says Mickey. James calls him Kickey. They have a progression. First they’ll ask for Kickey, then Doc Doc, then puh-baw, then just generic TB.
Foo. Of course we eat food. (Well I give them food. They don’t eat it usually). But they always ask to eat eat. We eat with fokes and poons and we eat off of pates and bows. And the meals we eat are bef-us, wunch, dee-na, and nack. Of course nack is our favorite meal. And our favorite food is cee-wool
Here’s what we eat (or don’t eat):
Bwed (not the thing you sleep in)
Pretty much every night they boys get nanas/banas/namas and yoyoafter dinner. They love nanas and yoyo so at least they eat that.
And every Friday we get pa-pops
Muppies/fuffins. I know everyone wants to know what muppiesand fuffins are. Well, they’re muffins. James and Mason have always called muffins fuffins. Lolo started calling them muppies this week.
Every night before bed James gets his me-me. The other boys also get me-mewhen they’re sick. Then we brush teefwith a too-bus and put the too-bus in the seek.
Nigh-night. We have our routine every night! First baff then bed.
Logan LOVES blane-tits and stuffed animals. He sleeps with these guys (a small zoo):
He’s also a hoarder so he carries these things around most of the time.
Mason sleeps with fwoggy and bay-kits.
James knows that all animals are Lolo’s. He has a muh-key but he isn’t a big fan. But he likes gankets.
And at bedtime we read La-laand then James asked for uh one, or Bears in Beds (aka Beh Beds). Then we turn the wight off and give huhs.
We know our animals too. Some of my favorite animal pronunciations:
Ki-ee and dah-ee (Lolo’s stuffed animals)
On Sundays (or usually Saturday night actually) we go to Chuch. We see the coss and Gesus there. And sometimes the boys howl. Oops.
Oh and Mason has a lisp so here’s some special Mason words (say them out loud. You’ll thank me later):
Also, Mason’s first complete sentence: I boke it. Then he added on and said I boke it puppy. He was very concerned. (It wasn’t broken).
Some really important words:
Hallo/ello (yep they say hello like little British people)
And some other random words:
Bowse bowse
More (but the “r” is silent” also like little British people)
Oh and my new favorite actual sentence: I do it. Ha! I know this will get frustrating but James has started wanting to do things himself. (For the record, he’s still whiny though).
And their favorite word is still no. And uh oh.

2 Year (and 12 Year) Pictures!

I got the best thing ever in the mail this week! Pictures! These are from right before the boys turned 2. I LOVE THEM! Thanks again Miranda! Seriously if you live anywhere near Little Rock, you need to have Miranda take pictures of your kids. She’s amazing.

We got a few of all 6 of us. Thanks for cooperating boys! Lolo has weapons in this first one. Ha!

And this one is probably an accurate depiction of how difficult it is to take pictures of my family. But everyone is looking. And it shows real life so I love it.

We also got a few of all 3 boys together. This took A LOT of work! And lots of Doc McStuffins and Mickey on our phones.

This one is a pretty accurate depiction of all 3. Mason is happy, Logan looks super serious and a little mean, and James looks concerned and may be whining. Oh and Logan of course has something in his hands. He’s a little hoarder.

3 smiles! Yay!

The individual shots are my favorites!

Up to no good


So happy! I love this happy face!

And I was late with the boys so Addison had a little photo shoot before we got there. I love them all. She loves them too! We’ll call this her 12 year photos (her birthday was June 5)!

And lots of dance pictures. Of course 😉

We got some great ones of Brian with the boys too! They love their daddy! 🙂
They didn’t love it as much when I threw them up in the air!

Lolo held on for dear life! We do this at home all the time and I’ve never dropped anyone! I promise! They usually love it!

James liked me at least.
Thanks again Miranda! We love all of them!

I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ll post a big catch up soon! I promise! Someone please make me do it this week! I have a lot to say! Shocking I know!