2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated the boys’ 2nd birthday yesterday and we had the best time! This year we didn’t plan out every detail and we didn’t go overboard on decorations. We lucked out with a beautiful day so we had water toys for the kids and we had the whole party outside mostly. Everything was perfect! Luckily my mom got some pictures because I was busy the whole time and only got a few. Thanks Nana!
The boys started playing in the water a little early. In their regular clothes. They didn’t seem to mind.
They hung out with the big people some too. They think they’re big. (I’m still pretending they’re not).

And they ate lunch with the big kids. They thought they were so cool.

Mason loves pizza. Ha!

Then we played in the water for real. So fun! James refused to get in the pool. His bathing suit was dry at the end of the party. Mason on the other hand spent the entire day in the water.

We had lots of kids at the party! So fun!

And of course we had cake! Yum! I LOVE CAKE! (I’m really a fat kid on the inside).

The boys had cupcakes that matched the cake. They were really excited about the cupcakes too.

Then this happened. James did NOT want his cupcake. I tried to give it back to him a few times then I gave up. And I ate it.

Mason LOVED his cupcake. Ha!

This was the aftermath. He even rubbed it on his belly!

Then Brian sprayed him off with the hose. Mason did NOT appreciate that. At all.

Logan didn’t eat his cupcake either. He was mostly just interested in the water bottle.

Funny story about the water bottles. Mason must have opened at least half of the water bottles in the water cooler. I’m not sure if he opened them himself (I don’t think he knows how to do this) or if he convinced other people to open them for him. He also doesn’t know how to drink out of water bottles so he pretty much took one sip then poured the rest out. Silly boy.
The boys also found the other coolers. Lucky for them Uncle John knows how to work juice boxes. They don’t ever drink juice so this was the best thing ever.

They found the beer cooler too. Oops! Ha! (He put it back right I promise. After the picture of course).

And this is how I felt after party. Yep. It’s a post birthday party selfie. You’re welcome 😉
I was exhausted. But it was worth it. We had a great party. The boys had fun. And we loved seeing everyone and their kids.


Do you see those big boys?! The ones in that picture? The big boys who I still refer to as my “babies”?! They’re TWO! I have 3 TWO year olds. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I really can’t. I will still call them my babies. And I will still check on them every night to make sure they’re still breathing. But they’re TWO!
Here’s how big we are now!
Mason: 25 lbs. 9 oz. 32 in.
Logan: 22 lbs. 4 oz. 31 in.
James: 25 lns. 7 oz. 31 in.
So they’re all short. As in barely on the growth chart short. So that’s why they look a little chunky. Hopefully they’ll grow up from here. Ha! I love their bellies though. 🙂
This is where they started in case you don’t remember. So tiny.
It’s actually hard to believe these big boys started off sooooo tiny. They’ve come so far! I’m so proud that I get to be their mommy. 🙂
Ok back to now. When they’re two! But before we turned 2, we had to make one last trip to the ER. You know, just because. This was our first non-sick visit. Our first trauma visit. Luckily everything is ok! Here’s what happened – the boys are learning how to go up and down stairs so every morning when we leave for school the boys walk down the stairs holding one of our hands. Well . . . Thursday morning Mason tripped . . . and took Brian down with him. Mason got a pretty nasty black eye but otherwise he seemed fine . . . then he threw up. So we went to the ER just to be sure. And he’s fine.

See he’s even smiling. He flirted with the resident. Then the doctor asked if she could take Mason home with her. I said no. That was before he started putting trash and crackers in my purse.

But I kept him. And because he had a traumatic morning, I took him to lunch.

And I got him a giant cookie that was the size of his face. He tried to pick the M&Ms out at first. Then he realized that was taking way too much time so he just ate it. All of it.

We took the boys out for their birthday dinner on Thursday, the night before their actual birthday. They love Mexican food (so do I! And they have margaritas) so that’s what we got! Of course they love cheese dip.

Logan ate his entire bowl of cheese dip off of these 2 chips. Then he tried to feed one of said chips to Addison. Yuck! I’m just glad it wasn’t me!

This guy also loves salsa. He takes after his Mommy!

And Mason? Well Mason loves all of it.

I gave them one present the night before their birthday. A Rody horse. Because these boys love to jump. Only Mason was brave enough to try it out. He LOVED it! As of today Logan has also tried it. James wants nothing to do with it.
Ok then the hard part. I had to put my 1 year olds to bed for the last time! Wah! They were not impressed with my picture.
Then they went to sleep and woke up as TWO year olds! I got pictures of each one on birthday morning and they showed their personalities for sure! First happy Mason
Logan with his thumb in his mouth

And James said no. James always says no. Ha!

They did cooperate for group pictures! The one at the top is the best one. This was the last one. Again showing their true selves. Mason is hiding. James is eating a muffin (aka “fuffin”). And Otis snuck in there too.

After school I got them cake pops. They love cake pops! The guy at Starbucks said “here’s your cake pops” when he handed them to me and the boys begged for cake pops the rest of the way home. I’d say it was worth the wait.

They opened a few gifts that night too. They were pretty happy with the first two so I held on to the rest. They still haven’t opened their main gifts from us yet. But they are obsessed with the mini magnadoodles I got them. They were an add-on item on Amazon. My impulse buy. But if you are reading this and you have kids this age, you need one per kid! Best $12 I’ve spent in a while.

They also got Magnatiles. Mason loves them. So does Brian. But Mason is a magnatile hoarder.

Today we had a free day at home! First one in a LONG time! And bonus . . . the rain stopped and the sun came out. Nina and Pop brought over cupcakes and birthday presents too! The boys got mini cupcakes. But my MIL knows me well and brought me a regular sized cupcake. Chocolate. Yum! The boys loved their cupcakes. Well, except Mason. Mason just ate the icing. Logan’s icing fell off but he still ate it. Just by itself and with his fingers. Exactly how I would do it buddy.
Nina and Pop got the boys a water table and picnic table so we played outside! And the boys wore their swim trunks. Too cute! They loved getting wet but they would not get in the baby pool. Ha!
Logan helped Daddy and Pop put the picnic table together. I’m sure he was an indispensable part of the picnic table building efforts.
The boys loved the picnic table too! They really look like big boys sitting at the big boy table! Again wah!!

Lolo loves squeezy pouches.

And James brought one of his favorite toys to the table. A few bowls.

Ok so that’s it. That’s our 2nd birthday. But before I sign off, one more picture. James insisted on wearing this shirt tonight. It was still in the plastic but he found it while I was putting away clothes. And begged Brian to open it. Then he kept saying on until I put it on him. He’s still wearing it as I write this. Over his pjs of course.
And in case you’re wondering what exactly is happening in this picture, they’re watching Mickey. The intro to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to be exact. James talks to Mickey during the song. Ha! He’s too cute!