Lolo’s First Haircut!

We almost made it 2 years before Logan needed his first haircut. In all honesty he probably could have waited. BUT we had 2 year old pictures scheduled AND we had a free Saturday morning so I decided it was time. Here’s a before picture.

See not much difference. He had little wings on the side but that’s about it.

Logan showed absolutely NO emotion or expression whatsoever during his haircut. It was a very serious occasion. This is how he acted the entire time. Ha! I’m not surprised in the slightest. This is typical Logan behavior. He did cooperate though so I’m calling it a win.

And he got a sucker so I’m pretty sure it’s a win in Logan’s book too.

Mason and James got haircuts that day too. It was haircut number 3 for them though. They also cooperated. So all in all it was a great haircut experience.

Mason is a pro. He is always happy so of course I got a smile out of him. And he knew they had suckers AND cookies. So he started with a sucker then asked for cookies.

James does not usually allow strangers to even talk to him, much less touch him, so this was a major accomplishment. He did great!

We went to Guillermo’s (a coffee place that Brian swore didn’t exist for like a year until we finally went there together one time) before the haircuts. The boys shared a cinnamon roll and we got coffee. Win for everyone. And the boys didn’t have to touch the germy toys at the haircut place. Double – no make that triple – win. And it was rainy so they got to wear their jackets (“gackets” in James speak). They love their jackets so more winning. Unfortunately they don’t love taking pictures as much as they love their gackets.

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