Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! I know we did! We had Easter at our house again this year and we had the best time! And we had a beautiful day so we spent most of it outside! I took lots of pictures (with some help). Unfortunately I didn’t get one of all 4 of my kids together! Mom fail! Oops! Maybe next year. For now, here’s a bunch of pictures of my kids NOT together.
Happy Mason
Grumpy Logan. Ha!

And of course James. Not being whiny for a few minutes.

We started out with bubbles. These kids LOVE bubbles!

Even Addison loves bubbles!

And of course we had an Easter egg hunt. The boys did great! James lost interest pretty quickly, but Logan and Mason filled up their buckets! So fun!
James lost interest mostly because he realized the eggs had candy inside.

And of course Aunt Lizzie helped out with the candy. She was a fan favorite for sure.

Oh and that picture right there (above) is the only one I got of all 3 boys! The backs of their heads.
And Addison had her own Easter egg hunt. She got the real eggs. And funny story . . . we may have dyed some uncooked eggs accidentally. So that made things a little more interesting. (No eggs broke except the one we (Addison) dropped on Saturday night during the dying).
We had a few other people celebrate Easter with us too! Brian may disagree but I loved having everyone here! Contrary to what you may assume based on the mean face, Logan also had a great time.
And a few more pictures. Just because I love them.
Oh and I was there too. And I managed to get in a few pictures.

And this is how I look most of the time. Camera in hand, laughing (often at myself).

Oh and Brian doesn’t cooperate EVER for pictures but I got one.
And also, for the record, the boys are 23 months old today. Yep. They turn 2 in 1 month. I’m not ready for that AT. ALL. Maybe time will just stop between now and then. One can hope right?

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