Big Catch-up!

So I’m pretty behind on my updates but . . . well, we have 3 toddlers. THREE. TODDLERS. Think on that for a minute. That’s crazy. I live in crazy town. No doubt about it. These boys are in to everything. But I totally stop and take pictures to document it. Because it’s hilarious. All I can do is laugh about it. Well laugh, sometimes cry a little, and drink.
So, anyways, this will be long but lots of pictures so if you do read all the way through you get to see cute babies in the midst of my rambling (I mean this is really for me you know). I don’t even know where to start. But here goes. We’ll call this the 21 month update.
The boys have all learned so much over the past few months. I know it’s developmentally a good thing but they are everywhere! They can open doors, climb stairs, talk (sort of), feed themselves (again sort of but not very well), and they also have attitudes. I’m pretty sure they get that from Brian’s side of the family 😉
Here’s a little about each one.
I have current weights for Mason and Logan because they get weighed every month for their synagis shots. (They know what’s coming when we go too. Poor guys).  James’s weight is probably close to Mason’s. I think he’s bigger now. But maybe it’s just his cheeks. So current weights for M and L:
Mason: 24 lbs. 0 oz. – 27%
Logan: 21 lbs. 10 oz. – 6%
James: close to Mason?


Mason is very happy and generally a good kid. He’s smart, but also very opinionated. He likes everyone. BUT Mason does what Mason wants to do when Mason wants to do it. Ha! He also has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He’s a thief. Thief of toys, thief of food, thief of pacis. And he thinks it HILARIOUS. Mason is also the pickiest eater (even though he may be the biggest). He pretty much refuses to even attempt to eat anything that resembles a veggie. But he’ll shove an entire banana in his mouth at once. Oh well. At least he eats.
Mason knows how to talk but usually he chooses not to. He talks when he needs to though. Like he’ll ask for help, he’ll ask me to open something for him (usually the dr kit or Noah’s ark), and he’ll ask for more. He CAN say a lot more. And when he does talk he’s the most coherent out of all 3.
Mason also got his 2nd haircut recently. I took him out all by himself. We had an hour wait so we went to the toy store. So fun!
Sometimes Mason helps out with the chores. He also will bring us things that we ask him to bring us. Score! He’s obviously the favorite (jk Logan and James!)


Logan is still the little guy but he’s growing! He’s in the 6th percentile for his actual age. Yay Logan! He is the best eater out of all 3. He actually does eat his veggies.  Mason steals his food sometimes too (of course). Logan is very silly but he’s also pretty shy around people he doesn’t know. But he will blow kisses to pretty much anyone. He’s a sweet boy.  He still sports the bitchy resting face but not quite as often as before. I see the little smirk like in the picture above very often. He’s always up to something. If only I knew.
Mason and James call Logan LoLo so now we call him that too. He’s LoLo now. It suits him I think.
Logan babbles a lot but he doesn’t say a lot of words. He knows some of his animal sounds (sheep, elephant, and monkey are his favorites). And he’ll say his own name (LoLo of course). None of the boys will even attempt to say Mason or James. So weird to me.
Logan has had lots of dr appointments lately because he’s had a rash on his face since December. Yep. 2 months now. We’ve seen several different drs but now we’re seeing a dermatologist every week it seems. And it’s FINALLY getting better. Yay! Logan likes the dermatologist office luckily. They give him suckers when we check out. And he gets to walk like a big boy.

It is NOT a pediatric dermatology clinic. Logan REALLY wants to play with all of the fun things on this cart every time we go. So far he’s behaving.

Logan is also a troublemaker.
Exhibit A: squeezing his squeezy pouch in my running shoes. Thanks Logan. I really appreciate it.

And Exhibit B: Painting with yogurt.


James has earned himself the nickname Whiny James. Ha! He’s VERY opinionated. Example: the picture below of James screaming in the bathtub by himself is a result of James refusing to get in the bath on bath night the night before so I had to make him take a bath the next night.
And another time James didn’t get what he wanted:
But James is also very sweet. He says I love you (sounds kinda like “li luh lo”) and it melts my heart. He gives the best hugs too.
James talks A LOT. And of course his favorite word is NO. That explains James in a nutshell. James says lots of words so I can’t list them all, but here’s some of my favorites: elephant (elfant), butterfly (buf-why), potato (tato), slide, firetruck (only he combines to 2 words so you can imagine what he says), bath, cracker, cookie, medicine (me-me), and the list goes on. Most of his words are probably incoherent to most people but I can mostly understand him. And he gets the biggest grin on his face when I repeat what he says.
Oh and James loves to slide! He requests that we get the slide out almost every time we come home. Sometimes he even starts asking to slide before we get out of the MannVan.
James also still loves his giraffe wubbanub. His name is faff-faff. Well, we had a tragedy about a month ago. The original faff-faff died (the paci fell off of the stuffed animal part). He went to the wubbanub graveyard with all of the others.
James did not handle it well. So because I’m an amazing mom I got him a new one. But he only gets faff-faff in his bed. We don’t even take him to school. So we’re making progress.
James also feeds himself now. I give the boys yogurt (yo-yo) every night at the end of dinner. Well recently James started refusing his yogurt and throwing massive tantrums. Then I figured out that in the big boy class he’s in now he feeds himself. So I started letting them feed themselves yogurt. James LOVES it. So proud of himself.
Ok enough of the updates. Here’s more pictures though! The first set is just a random night at dinner when I happened to catch all 3 personalities in pictures.
The boys also played in the snow for the first time. And I use the word played very loosely. They HATED it. They lasted maybe 2 minutes.
They also weren’t too sure about the boots. Logan tried them on the night before.
They do love outside though. That’s another word James says. Outside. Ha! We’ve had a few really nice days lately. One weekend a few weeks ago we went to Brian’s parents’ house and the boys played outside. Logan of course brought his stethoscope. Because of course.
And we still eat snack in the floor. With bowls of course. James sometimes goes to the other room with his though so no one steals his food. Ha! He doesn’t get those cheeks by chance.
And I didn’t forget about my other kid. She’s just too cool to hang out with me anymore. She does take random selfies on my phone though. Like this one.
So I’m not sure how I’ll survive the terrible 2s at this point. But I’m sure my friends will help.
Cheers to all the moms out there! We can do this! Wine can help.