Family Photo Time – Fall 2015 Edition

I’m so in love with our Fall pictures! I have the best photographer EVER! Thanks so much Miranda! Seriously she’s amazing. Logan and James were both sick and super uncooperative. Usually I just have to worry about Brian being uncooperative. For the record, he was good this time 😉 Mason, on the other hand, was all about it and we got some great Mason pictures!
Here’s my favorite one to start!
And this amazing one of the boys in their wagon!
This is real life right here. I felt like every picture would look a little like this – like cat wrangling, laughing, and a few tears (James). But I love it too!
Logan and James made some extra mean faces
And one attempted shot of me with the boys. I’m pretty happy with this one. They’re in order and looking at the camera and I look ok.
Ok so I’m just going to post pictures. You don’t have to read my rambling this time (edited: you don’t have to read AS MUCH OF my rambling this time).
So the pictures:
And the giraffe became part of the family for family pictures too. Of course. If you don’t know, Addison had a giraffe too when she was little. Hers was a stuffed animal, but still a giraffe. And I still have it because I’m a hoarder.
Miranda also got some great shots of me with each of the boys! I LOVE THESE!
And a few more with Mason because he was loving life that day!

And this one. This one is perfect. Brian is the best daddy and this captures it all!

And we got some of Addison and me too! And they’re beautiful!
And last but definitely not least, Addison took some amazing pictures by herself too. She’s so photogenic and I love it!
And one last one. They’re out of order. Miranda is good though. She realized it herself and immediately fixed it
I lied. One more. I took this one with my phone. But James was sooo tired all he wanted to do was sit in the wagon. I love this one too!

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