First Haircuts!

I didn’t want to do it but Brian made me! He made me cut off Mason’s curls and James’s almost curls. 😦 I held it together and didn’t cry but I’m still a little sad (maybe a little more than a little sad). They look like big boys now! James especially! We did this last Saturday so I’ve had a week to get used to it. I love their haircuts just not the fact that they got haircuts (that makes sense in my head so just go with it).

Here’s Mason’s big boy haircut!

And James’s big boy haircut!
They don’t look like babies anymore! Brian totally doesn’t get it. Maybe it’s a mom thing!
Here’s Mason getting his hair cut!
And James. He was very cooperative. He leaned away from the girl but that’s it.
No tears from either one! We bribed them with cookies in case you couldn’t tell from the pictures!
Logan went too but he doesn’t have much hair still so he didn’t need a haircut! He tagged along for moral support. And trains. They have trains there.
It was way outside our comfort zone but we let the boys out of the wagon and let them play. They had fun and they were good! Yay! They loved the train table.

And the mirror!

Oh and it was rainy that day so they got to wear their raincoats for the first time. Brian about killed me for taking this picture in the pouring down rain. But I was staying dry in my raincoat and the boys were staying dry in their raincoats so I figured no big deal. Except that Brian doesn’t have a rain coat so, well, he got wet.
Here’s a few more before pictures where you can really see their baby hair!! Mason’s hair was super crazy that day. That was the day Brian threatened that he would cut their hair if I didn’t take them to get it cut. 😦
And a few more pictures from last Saturday. Mason loves shoes, especially my boots. Ha! At least he has good taste in shoes.

And my dad, aunt, and my brother Alan came to see us that day too because we missed Thanksgiving. The boys had so much fun!

I guess Logan will get his first haircut at some point. Hopefully never though because I may not be able to handle the first haircut again.

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