We  had a super fun Halloween this year! Last year the boys were too little and it was too cold so we stayed in. This year we went out, trick or treated, and went to a party! What a difference a year makes!
First, a few pictures of the boys in their costumes:

James did not really like his costume at first. But he was ok after a few minutes.

And like the good guy that he is, Mason helped Brian pack the cooler.
Mason was the tester when our costumes came in the mail, so here’s a few pics of Mason from a few weeks ago. He was so cute that I left the costume on him for an hour or so. I mean, seriously, how cute is it to look over and see a little dragon playing in the living room?
Our little (big compared to us) cousin Liam came over for Halloween! He’s about 3 months older than MLJ. Before we dressed in our real costumes, we dressed up as quadruplets. Ha! I planned this for a while. Brian said no. I did it anyway.
And Brian made Mason wear a wig too. Gross.
Liam went trick or treating with us too. We even shared our wagon! And Liam shared his candy. We don’t really eat candy. So the boys held candy. And Logan maybe had a few suckers.
We went to just a few houses – down the street and into one long cul de sac. And someone who wasn’t me pulled the wagon. Yay! I just walked around, watched, drank wine, and assisted with getting candy from the houses that left bowls out. Oh and we got some of those teeth that we had when we were little. Remember those? Well they’re extremely uncomfortable. (Oh yeah, I let Brian pick out my costume, so I was a ninja turtle).
Addison and her friend Caroline MADE their own costumes – Mario and Luigi. Too cute! They had so much fun! (The party was for kids and adults).
After trick or treating, the boys went to bed and we stayed for the big people party. These are all my amazing neighbors. Except the lady to my right. I have no idea who that is.
Chesca and I made jello shots too! Apple cinnamon Fireball jello shots. Yum! Brian did NOT approve. Oh well! We made them anyway.
I also earned a new costume as a result of my being a bad influence with the jello shots:
The boys had a Halloween carnival at school on Friday too. They weren’t really big enough for any of the games, but they LOVED the “pumpkin patch.” Mason REALLY liked the pumpkins. They may have all had teeth marks in them when we left. Sorry to the kids who got those pumpkins!

Logan wanted Daddy to hold him. He wasn’t quite sure about the parking lot pumpkin patch.

James picked out a pumpkin all by himself.

Oh and they played the fishing game. Kind of. They were a little dangerous with the fishing pole. Imagine that.

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