Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

We’ve been going to the pumpkin patch every year since we moved to Arkansas (4 years ago). It’s become a tradition in our house. We missed last year because the boys were so little. So no way we were missing out this year! The boys were so good and I think they had fun! I know I did! And like any good mom, I took TONS of pictures. So these are my favorites!
First we saw the pig races. Yep, they have pig races. I didn’t get any pictures of that though. Oops. I also didn’t take any pictures on the hay ride. Oops again. The rest of the pictures make up for it though!
They had a little petting zoo so we saw the farm animals. The boys really liked them. But Mason REALLY liked them. He kept trying to touch them. Maybe next year buddy.
They also had sunflowers. I LOVE sunflowers!
And this is my favorite picture ever I think. Addison is so beautiful! And she hated me for taking this picture but I love it.
And we got a family picture! Yay! The boys are extremely uncooperative for pictures if you haven’t noticed.
Ok and of course we went to the actual pumpkin patch. You know, where they keep the pumpkins. The boys do NOT like grass or dirt or anything of that nature so this could have gone one of two ways. And I expected the worst. And they surprised me.

And in true Logan fashion, Logan’s bitchy resting face made a special guest appearance (a few times that day actually – and most days really):

Then they got up. Because they’re boys and because they don’t sit still ever. Mason may have fallen over in the dirt. But he was fine. No tears. Just lots of dirty Mason.

And of course we HAD to put them in the wheelbarrow thingy too. They loved it. Can’t you tell?!

And this. So sweet. Best big sister ever.

James got kisses too! He looks a little unsure about it though. This is probably the first time he let Chesca hold him though so maybe this was a little too much at once. Ha! I think it’s adorable.
Brian and Addison rode the cow train. Not me. That thing hurts. And Brian covered his face when I tried to take his picture. He hates me I guess.

The boys had story time during the cow train ride.

Ok almost done! They had swings too though so I put the boys on the swings. Mason loved it. Logan was unsure but not really a fan, and James HATED it. I got pictures of course.
We’ll definitely be back next year!

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