17 Months

These boys are getting so big! Too fast! They are all standing without holding on and starting to take steps! Like WALKING steps! I can’t believe it! James will take like 5-6 steps now. Mason and Logan will take 1-2. Mason has no fear so he’s really taken off lately. He’s also had lots of bruises lately. Mostly on his head. So we may have 3 walkers by 18 months. Scary!
This is my favorite picture from this month.
I don’t  have a big update this month. We’ve just been hanging out, staying busy, and learning how to walk apparently. Mason did get sick. BUT he got through it without going to the hospital. Yay Mason! I did take him to the dr. on a Saturday. I actually took all 4 kids by myself, during naptime. But we survived! They were actually really good.

James really, really, really wanted out!

Fingers crossed we can make it through this winter without any hospital admissions!
We had one other dr. appointment this month – Logan and James went to the ENT. This was our first of many visits. The ENT will take over their swallowing issues. The plan right now is to redo James’s swallow study in March (and hopefully he’ll actually improve this time) and take Logan OFF thickeners in March without another swallow study. Yay! I really liked the dr. so I’m glad he’s taking over. I guess we’re pretty much too old for newborn clinic. 😦  But ENT has all the good snacks! The boys got suckers and cookies because they were so good!
Logan LOVED his sucker.
James did NOT love his. He held his hands out for me to wipe off the stickiness!
We had some company one weekend too. I only got a few pictures but I love these!
Ok so here’s what everyone is doing this month!


Mason is the smiliest, happiest baby ever! He loves pushing the walker around the house. He loves books, Little People, and flashcards. He seems sweet, but watch out . . . he bites. He has 12 teeth and he doesn’t use them for good. Ha! We’re working on it. He also has so much hair!
I’m not cutting it still. It’s not in his eyes and he doesn’t have a mullet (yet). Plus I love the curls and I don’t want to cut them off!
Mason loves to talk. His favorite word: mine. Ha! He also says mama, dada, bye bye, night night, baby, more, ball, book, bottle (ba), and bath. We’re working on animal sounds and he’ll repeat baa and moo but I don’t think he knows them just yet. He also plays peek a boo with a blanket and he tries to do it with his hands, but he doesn’t quite get that he’s supposed to cover his eyes. So if you say “where’s Mason” he puts his hands on his head. He’s close enough! Ha! Mason also points to his mouth and hair. We’re working on nose, eyes, ear, and belly.
A few more Mason pictures!

Brian let him look at boobs during his breathing treatment. #badinfluence

Mason loves the bouncy house!

And he really loves the swing! He said weee!


Logan is Logan. Ha! I don’t know how to describe him. He’s serious, sassy, and very silly. Logan will walk around the house pushing the walker or anything else he can push for hours. He is the most social of our boys. He plays with his brothers and laughs all the time. But not if strangers are looking. Then it’s serious time. Logan makes 2 faces often – the bitchy resting face that I’ve shared before and a smirk, like he’s up to something. Which is probably the case most of the time.
Logan talks nonstop but I’ve decided that he speaks his own language. He clearly knows what he’s saying but I have no clue. He says mama, dada, bye bye, and a lot of other things I can’t decipher. He’s our best eater but by far the littlest. He’s the only one who cleans his plate most nights (and by that I mean he’s the only one who ever cleans his plate and he does it most nights). He still only has 1 tooth though.
Here are a few more pictures of Logan
He wasn’t sure about the Jelly Bean Racer at first. Now he loves it. But his feet don’t reach the floor because he’s super short so I have to push him.

He loves looking out the window

And licking it too sometimes.

He wasn’t sure about the swing. He liked it though I promise!


James is a trouble maker. That’s the best way to describe him. He’s super sweet, very lovey, and very needy. He really wants to walk. He’s been trying to stand up from the middle of the floor this week and he’s taking about 4-5 steps regularly now. But he won’t do it if I want him to. It has to be his idea. He’s a difficult one. I just posted all about James for his coming home day a few days ago. Here’s that post in case you missed it. (James’s Coming Home Day).
James talks a lot! His speech therapist actually sent a note home last week to tell me how well he’s doing. He says mama, dada, uh oh (his favorite word), bye bye, hey, bottle, cup, milk, cracker, quack, ball, book, bath, and he tries to say “who is that” in the mirror because I say that! Ha! He also says and signs more. And sometimes he signs “eat.” He also knows what a duck says! (hence the word quack in the list of words he says). James can point to his nose (but he prefers to point to mine), his mouth, ear (he prefers to point to Logan’s at the table though), his hair, and sometimes his belly. He also role plays when he plays more than the other 2. He stirs in bowls, pretend drinks from anything shaped like a cup, and talks on the play phone. And he gets into EVERYTHING! And drops everything and says uh oh. This includes lots of food and his cup at every meal.
Here are a few more pictures of James.

He likes to sit in things

And he stands. And he’s fat. Ha! I love it! He doesn’t look like a preemie now!

He also loves the safe. Like I said, he’s trouble.

Ok well I thought this would be a shorter post but I was wrong. Like always. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures.

Sometimes they share!

Addison is playing volleyball again this year and the boys go to all of her games. And sometimes they watch.

This is how we make the boys eat dinner when we go to parties.

We let our friend Cooper share our wagon.

And Addison and I took silly selfies

Taking pictures of all 3 is getting really hard lately! This was the best I could do that day.

This is what happened right after that last picture. This is a more accurate depiction of picture time at our house.