James’s Coming Home Day!

One year ago from yesterday, our family was finally all home. Together. James spent 151 days in the NICU and I honestly felt like he would NEVER come home. But he did. And he’s trouble, but we expected that!

Here’s a few pictures from last year! It seems like forever ago!

And one more – James’s first night in his own bed! He still sleeps with his giraffe!

James is a super sweet baby. Probably the sweetest of all 3. He gives hugs and kisses (with his mouth wide open of course). He loves his mommy. Maybe too much! He is super clingy. I’m usually holding James whenever we go somewhere. He has a little stranger anxiety, but we’re working on it.
James is usually the first to do new things. He’s ALMOST walking. He talks quite a bit. And he signs a few words. He’s in to EVERYTHING! His favorite thing ever is the dog bowl. Here’s a picture from when he first discovered it. He knew it was bad then. He doesn’t care. Today he spilled the entire bowl of water on himself though and he did not like that. I laughed at him. Then I helped of course.
 James also throws epic tantrums. His teachers say he’s “in his feelings” whatever that means. But he’s definitely a sensitive one.
He also has the best and biggest smile, sometimes a smirk, when he’s happy!
Of course we celebrated James’s coming home day! We went to the zoo! It was hot but we had a great time!

The boys liked the alligator best!

We also ate a snack at the zoo and I let James try ketchup for the first time. He loved it. And he’s a pro. He dipped his french fry all by himself. (And of course licked the ketchup off and redipped over and over again).

We tried to take a selfie but James wasn’t in the mood. He just wanted the phone I think.

Addison took a normal picture of us instead.

And a selfie of herself. Ha!

We also got a great picture of all 4 kids! All looking! Yay!

And of course Addison always takes great pictures!
We went to a birthday party last night for our neighbor Cooper. James was in a cranky James mood. We tried out the swing but James did NOT like it! Ha! (Mason LOVED it btw). We ate dinner at the party too so we had to improvise for the boys. This worked out pretty well though.
And like the other coming home day posts, here are my favorite James pictures!

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