James’s Coming Home Day!

One year ago from yesterday, our family was finally all home. Together. James spent 151 days in the NICU and I honestly felt like he would NEVER come home. But he did. And he’s trouble, but we expected that!

Here’s a few pictures from last year! It seems like forever ago!

And one more – James’s first night in his own bed! He still sleeps with his giraffe!

James is a super sweet baby. Probably the sweetest of all 3. He gives hugs and kisses (with his mouth wide open of course). He loves his mommy. Maybe too much! He is super clingy. I’m usually holding James whenever we go somewhere. He has a little stranger anxiety, but we’re working on it.
James is usually the first to do new things. He’s ALMOST walking. He talks quite a bit. And he signs a few words. He’s in to EVERYTHING! His favorite thing ever is the dog bowl. Here’s a picture from when he first discovered it. He knew it was bad then. He doesn’t care. Today he spilled the entire bowl of water on himself though and he did not like that. I laughed at him. Then I helped of course.
 James also throws epic tantrums. His teachers say he’s “in his feelings” whatever that means. But he’s definitely a sensitive one.
He also has the best and biggest smile, sometimes a smirk, when he’s happy!
Of course we celebrated James’s coming home day! We went to the zoo! It was hot but we had a great time!

The boys liked the alligator best!

We also ate a snack at the zoo and I let James try ketchup for the first time. He loved it. And he’s a pro. He dipped his french fry all by himself. (And of course licked the ketchup off and redipped over and over again).

We tried to take a selfie but James wasn’t in the mood. He just wanted the phone I think.

Addison took a normal picture of us instead.

And a selfie of herself. Ha!

We also got a great picture of all 4 kids! All looking! Yay!

And of course Addison always takes great pictures!
We went to a birthday party last night for our neighbor Cooper. James was in a cranky James mood. We tried out the swing but James did NOT like it! Ha! (Mason LOVED it btw). We ate dinner at the party too so we had to improvise for the boys. This worked out pretty well though.
And like the other coming home day posts, here are my favorite James pictures!

Babies Behaving Badly

You know how people say “good thing he’s cute?” Well those words come out of my mouth OFTEN these days. These boys are BAD. I mean they’re super cute, super sweet, and they’re miracle babies. So they can pretty much do whatever they want. But come on guys! My dad is already laughing. Like I deserve this somehow. I have no idea what I did to deserve misbehaving children. I was the perfect child – every parent’s dream. 😉 #truestory. So what do I do when they misbehave? I take a picture first. And I laugh at them. Because, seriously, raising kids is entertaining. And frustrating. So I may as well laugh.

Ok so here’s what my boys have been up to lately:
Playing in the dog bowls:

Sneaking into Addison’s room and playing with her things. Her ipad is a favorite. Addison has learned to keep her door closed, but sometimes she forgets. And then this happens:

Banging on the windows. And acting innocent while doing so.

Pulling the leaves off the plant. Again, acting like he did nothing.

Playing with the oxygen tank. It’s soooo loud!

Turning off mom’s computer while she’s trying to work.

Messing up mom’s pile of hoarder stuff (I keep everything. Logan loves it)

Stealing everyone’s cups. Everything belongs to Mason. In case you were wondering.

Playing in the dishwasher. Their favorite thing in there – the knives of course.

They found the chips in the pantry the other morning. I was making breakfast so I let them play with the bag of Doritos. It was closed after all. Weellllll . . . Mason figured out how to open it. So they ate some Doritos before their eggs. I felt bad taking them away because (1) they worked really hard, but (2) they worked TOGETHER. Teamwork deserves a reward in my opinion. At least the first time.
Logan figured out how to turn the water on in the tub

Then he showed his friends his new trick.

And I got a new buffet for my dining room. You know, so I could put things in it. But no, the boys had different ideas. Nothing will go in this for a while.
They fight over toys. Like this mallet for the xylophone. Another favorite – drum sticks.

And the walkers. We have at least 4 things they can push around the house but they fight over them anyways. Mason’s new word – mine. Very cute. Very bad. Very funny.

Logan even steals pacis. He does not USE a paci and has not used a paci since, oh, last October probably. But he’s quick to yank one out of Mason’s or James’s mouth.

Prime example of Mason thinking EVERYTHING belongs to Mason – he stole the chocolate chips for my chocolate chip muffins. And refused to let go!

They also make the BIGGEST. MESS. EVER. when they eat!

Logan discovered that he can squish his peas last night. Then he ate them.

James likes to drink syrup (not really). What this picture doesn’t show is that he ultimately dropped it on the floor under the table. And FYI, in case you were wondering, yes the little syrup bottles at Cracker Barrel are in fact breakable.

James’s new favorite thing – sitting in things. He also sits in my lap which is super cute and I love it. Ok so this one isn’t really James behaving badly. But it’s still hilarious.
Oh and they throw tantrums sometimes too. Those are super fun. NOT. I can’t help but laugh at them sometimes though.
Logan’s meltdowns are usually a result of Logan getting himself stuck. Like this.

Mason doesn’t seem to care that James is upset. Not one bit.

My all time favorite meltdown picture:
And they’re needy.
They are also exceedingly difficult for pictures! That’s why I rarely get pics of all 3 these days. This is how picture time goes. And Brian HATES it so he gets mad when I ask him to help.

16 Months Old (Plus the 15 Month Update Too)

I’ll go ahead and warn you – this will be a long post! I completely missed the 15 month update so I’m catching up for 2 months! I don’t even know where to start! But because it’s September, I’ll start with a picture of the boys in their Grace shirts. We wear gold for Grace. Grace is one of our 2014 triplet friends who was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago. She’s pretty awesome and we think about her often!
Here’s a picture of sweet Grace! I feel like she’s always smiling! Please keep Grace and all the other cancer kids in your prayers!
Ok so in the past few months, here’s what we’ve been up to: we turned 1 year adjusted (our due date bday was July 23); we had appointments for swallow studies, eye exams, newborn clinic, cardiology, and our 15 month checkup; we got new carseats; we grew teeth; started drinking out of big boy cups; switched to whole milk (all 3 of us!); we’re working on baby sign language; and lots of other fun stuff! First, here’s what everyone is up to these days! Weights are from the 15 month newborn clinic appointment.


20 lbs. 15 oz. (22% actual, 41% adjusted) 28.3 inches (4.3% actual, 0.2% adjusted)
Mason is the sweetest, happiest baby ever! (I think I’ve said that before!) He’s also a mess! In the last month he’s learned how to sit up, pull up, stand, and cruise! He still army crawls mostly but he CAN crawl the right way. And he’ll totally do it . . . until he sees someone watching him! Ha!
Mason has 10 teeth! 10! Crazy right?! And apparently he bites? He hasn’t ever bitten me but I’ve heard rumors that he knows what to do with his teeth!
Mason is really trying to talk these days! I obviously can’t understand him but he’s trying. When he doesn’t have his paci in his mouth, or some other paci he found lying around the house. They’re all Mason’s! Ha! He waves, claps, and says mama, dada, ball, and book. His favorite toys are books.
Oh, and at school Mason is the bad one apparently. But I don’t see it. Ok I totally see it but in my mind he’s the good one for some reason. He’s a sneaky one! Mason will stay super quiet so no one pays attention to him then he’s getting into something in the other room by the time we realize it!  And he doesn’t listen AT ALL. Mason does what Mason wants to do. Exclusively.
Ok here’s some Mason pics!


18 lbs. 1 oz (1.9% actual, 6.5% adjusted) 27 inches (0.1% adjusted, nowhere near the chart for actual age!) Logan is growing! Yay Logan!
Logan is funny, sweet, and very VERY opinionated! And very loud! He talks just to hear himself talk. I have no idea where he got that from! He says mama, dada, bye bye, and waves, claps, and shakes his head. He’s also still making mean faces at people. Ha! I love it though! They say Logan is the good one at school but I’m not so sure. Maybe he’s good at school. At home he’s a mess and he’s kinda mean. He steals pacis for fun, even though he doesn’t even use pacis! Ha!
Logan is standing and cruising along walls, furniture, everything. He’ll let go for a couple seconds too but he sits down as soon as he realizes it. He loves to walk behind the push walker though! And by walk I mean run basically.
Logan FINALLY grew a tooth. Yay Logan! He just has the 1 still. But it’s a start! He’s the best eater out of all 3. He’s the only one who will eat veggies. He’s also the worst about drinking from a cup. He knows how to do it, he just chooses not to do it.
Here’s a few more pictures of Logan. I actually took Logan to Addison’s Rosary Rally for her volleyball team by himself last week and we had a great time! Logan was super good when I had him one on one!
Brian loved this one!
Every night. Ha!


20 lbs. 2 oz. (13% actual, 29% adjusted) 27.3 inches (0.3% adjusted, nowhere near the chart for actual!) My kids are short in case you haven’t figured this out yet!
James is the most advanced physically but he’s BY FAR the neediest! I thought it would be sweet to have a mama’s boy, and it is, but it’s exhausting! James LOVES his mommy! (and his daddy too). He doesn’t like many other people though. I feel bad but James is very picky about his friends. He’s the sweetest out of all 3 boys though. He gives hugs and kisses (open mouth, eat your face kisses). And James also grew a tooth. 1 tooth for James too!
James stands up, cruises, crawls SUPER fast, and runs behind the push walker. He will let go and free stand (that’s what we call not holding on) for a few seconds. He talks quite a bit too. He says mama, dada, ball, book, bottle (sounds like ball), cracker (I have a witness), and he waves, claps, and brushes his hair. He also high fives and fist bumps. Ha! I’m serious. And James signs more and all done. Oh and James’s favorite word is “uh oh.” He says it correctly, like when he drops his food or cup off the table and when he throws his paci out of his crib. He also says “uh oh” when he wants to sing Old McDonald or when he just wants attention (all the time).
Here’s some pictures of James!
He thinks he’s king of the babies in this chair!
Ok now for the appointments! I’ll try to keep this brief!
Eye Dr.
All 3 boys went to the eye doctor for ROP follow ups. ROP is retinopathy of prematurity, which is common in preemies.  All 3 boys had zone 3 grade 1 ROP, which is very mild. They all “graduated” last August, right after Logan came home. We had followups to make sure everything is still going well. All 3 boys’ eyes were structurally and developmentally normal. Yay! They can also tell their “prescription” at this age too, which I had no idea they could do!
Here’s how they did (they should be farsighted at this age btw):
Mason: a little nearsighted. This means he’ll definitely need glasses, but likely not until school age
Logan: farsighted and just where he should be. Hopefully he won’t need glasses
James: nearsighted but not as much as he should be. He also has an astigmatism in one eye. He’ll also likely need glasses but not until school age.
Mason and James will go back in 6 months for followups. Their vision issues are normal. I have horrible eyesight plus preemies are more likely to have bad eyesight in general so this isn’t uncommon.
Swallow Studies:
Logan and James had follow up swallow studies to see if we can go down on their thickener. They didn’t do very well 😦 They actually both did almost exactly the same as their first swallow studies almost a year ago. They’re both going to ENT for followups just to make sure nothing else is going on. We go next week. But it’s just a precaution. We’re not anticipating anything major.
Addison and I took Logan and James to this appointment because Brian wasn’t feeling well. The boys did great! But Logan was not impressed. Ha! The radiologist even commented about Logan’s bitchy resting face!

And of course James and I took a selfie!

And pictures right before the actual test.
Newborn Clinic
I took the boys to newborn clinic BY MYSELF! And we all 4 did great! I felt like a rockstar. Seriously. Huge accomplishment!
We saw Dr. Kim this time. Everyone did great! A couple therapists came in and did developmental evals. They boys are catching up! Yay! They’re still behind but that’s expected. They get therapy at school so we know they’re getting what they need already! The biggest news from newborn clinic was that WE SWITCHED TO WHOLE MILK! All 3! Yay! That means no more formula and no more mixing 3 different recipes every single night. And we stopped using the pulse ox for Logan every night. We still have it in case we need it but we haven’t taken it out of the closet in the last month. It’s been amazing! We will have one more newborn clinic appointment at the end of October. I know they aren’t newborns anymore but I’m glad we can still go because (1) we love our neos and (2) they are following our thickening issues. So we’ll be back!
15 Month Appointment
The 15 month appointment picture is at the top. And nothing exciting to report. They got shots. They got a good report. And we will go back at 18 months for 1 more shot and then no more shots until they’re 4! (except flu shots).
James had a cardiologist appointment. He had 2 small holes in his heart (they all had small holes in their hearts actually). James had a PFO and a VSD. They are/were tiny on the last echo so the cardiologist discharged him and said he’s all clear. Yay James! And of course pictures.
Other happenings this month:
We went to Sam’s again.

Logan slept for part of the trip

The boys have been fake sick a few times. Fake sick is when they get sent home for diarrhea. That doesn’t count in my opinion. #fakesick. Exhibit 1:
I tried to take them to work with me but it just doesn’t work out anymore.
James – we left after he turned my computer off for the 3rd time.
Logan – almost, but not quite as bad as James
Oh and we got new carseats this month! Because we’re big boys now! I had the carseat people at Arkansas Children’s Hospital install them to make sure they were put in correctly. And luckily I know how to do it now because I’ve already had to take them out to wash the covers! (Ugh). They seem to like them! We use our wagon every single day to take them in and out of school!
Addison started school too! 6th grade!
Before that she went to work with me a few times. And lunch. We always go to lunch! And she talks on her phone because she’s cool like that.
We also went to Cracker Barrel. Logan made us buy him a squishy lizard. And James tried to drink syrup. Mason just ate pancakes.
And a few random pics! (Then that’s it I promise!)
We love books!
Playing in the balls with Lizzie!
Perfect pic of Mason and James! Ha!
Hanging out at mom’s work!
And in case you didn’t notice Logan in the above picture, here’s a zoomed in version. Ha!
Ok sorry for the super long post! I’m all caught up now though! Coming soon – Babies Behaving Badly!