Logan’s Coming Home Day

Today is Logan’s Coming Home Day. I may or may not have made up this occasion but we’ll be celebrating it every year. For each of the boys.

Logan came home 1 year ago today. Look how tiny he was!

That day last year was so surreal. I remember being so scared. We had spent the past 99 days in the NICU. With other people taking care of him. And now they just sent him home and we were 100% responsible for making sure he stayed alive! We did it though! He’s been home with us for a whole year! Go Logan!

Today we went for ice cream to celebrate Logan’s Coming Home Day. He LOVED it!

And we had bbq for dinner. Logan’s favorite! (ok all 3 love bbq!)

Today Logan is a sassy, loud, opinionated little guy. He loves to jump (in bed especially), he talks non-stop, he sucks his thumb when he’s tired, and he makes the best faces. He has the sweetest smile . . . but he also has bitchy resting face so he makes mean faces at people he doesn’t know. Ha! And he blows kisses, sometimes to strangers. He’s probably the most laid back and happy baby of the 3, but he’s also super serious sometimes. He’s too funny.

Here’s a few pictures of Logan 1 year later! He’s come a long way!

Not a fan of the grass
Helping me work
Logan loves work selfies!
Logan also loves sno cones!

And here are some of my favorite Logan pictures from the last year. Just because.

The day Logan got his oxygen off for the first time!

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