1 Year Adjusted Birthday!

The good thing about being born super early – 2 birthdays! An actual birthday (April 29) and an adjusted birthday – the day you were SUPPOSED to be born (July 23). I took this opportunity to make the boys wear their party hats again. And eat cupcakes again of course. They definitely liked the cupcakes better this time! Here’s the pictures!

James was unsure about the cupcake at first. But Logan dove right in!

Mason: He had a clear advantage due to his mouth full of teeth.

Logan: I think Logan enjoyed his cupcake the most. Especially the frosting. I think he licked all the frosting off of his.

James: James started out unsure about the cupcake, then he realized that cupcakes are delicious and he enjoyed it. Like he should.
James almost gave up early
But then he finished strong
Ok so I may be the only person who celebrates adjusted birthdays but these guys deserved it! They had a long, tough first year (and 3 months) to get here! And it was an excuse to put their hats on again. And cupcakes. They got to have cupcakes for dinner. They must have the coolest mom ever.
Oh and before the cupcake dinner, the boys and I went to Altitude Trampoline Park to pick Addison up. And I took a picture so I’ll share that too while we’re in the sharing mood.

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