Roadtrip to NW Arkansas

Brian had a work trip in NW Arkansas (about 3 hours away) so we all went with him for a little weekend trip! We had fun but it was tiring to say the least! The boys were super good for the ride up there and back! And we got this awesome picture. Awesome except that Brian ruined it. He’s lucky I like him (most of the time).
The boys LOVED the hotel! We stayed at Embassy Suites so we had 2 rooms which was perfect for us! I don’t think we’ll ever stay in a non-suite hotel again if we can help it! The boys slept great and we didn’t have to stay super quiet! But the boys’ favorite part of the hotel – exploring! They especially loved the cabinets and the room safe.
And they also loved the microwave buttons
I think they liked looking out of the glass elevator too!
We had to improvise a little with feeding but we made it work! Here’s how they drank bottles:
And here’s how they ate dinner. In travel high chairs in the floor!
We were kind of a big deal around the hotel. Everyone knew about us! Ha! The staff was very accommodating and even the other guests knew “the triplets.” I was in the lobby one day with the kids and Brian had to go back up to our room. Someone spotted us from the elevator and said something like “there’s the triplets” and someone else said “yeah they’re on my floor!” And of course Brian said “they’re mine.” Ha! I guess we do cause a bit of a scene. Especially when we travel around like this:
Brian had to work during this trip but we got out and did a few fun things! Friday night I went to dinner with some triplet moms from NW Arkansas! I had a great time! They have dinner together regularly and they scheduled one because I was coming up there! So sweet!
On Saturday I took Addison and the boys to the Bentonville Farmers Market while Brian worked. This was my first time to take them all by myself! And it went great! We got out, walked around, Addison got a giant sno cone, and the boys had their first sno cone too! Logan loved it. Mason hated it and tried to remove it from his mouth with his hand! Ha! James didn’t care for it much either. Oh well. We’ll try again when they’re older.
And we took a selfie of course!

And we learned that James must be strapped in at all times. Or he’ll stand up in the stroller. Oops!

Brian and Addison went to a baseball game that night and I stayed in with the boys.
This mascot is super creepy right?!
We had a great weekend. James approved. Most of the time!

Then we came home and went to our friend Gigi’s first birthday party! She was too busy for a picture but I got this super cute one of Brian with the boys!

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