14 Months Old

I haven’t posted all month about the boys so I’ll apologize in advance for the long post. (Edited – I am actually splitting this month into 2 posts – 1 just about our Memphis trip. Stay tuned for that one too!) But I also promise LOTS of pictures. We’ve had a super busy month. All 3 boys are mobile and they’re getting fast. And they most definitely DO NOT travel in a pack. We’ve learned lots of new tricks. Some good, some funny, some not so good or funny. I think this is the most exhausting phase so far though. Brutal honesty folks. I’m tired. They’re into EVERYTHING! And I need a drink most nights. But usually I’m so tired I just fall asleep. Usually on the couch.

This was during “naptime”
Under the coffee table. Mason’s photobomb is my favorite though
He gets stuck then I have to rescue him
They like to knock the ball pit on its side. The hole is the top

Now that they’re mobile, we finally had to buy a permanent gate for the top of our stairs. And they LOVE it. Of course.

We actually went to the doctor today because all 3 babies have been sick over the last few weeks. Luckily they appear to be at the tail end of their illnesses so nothing to do now except wait. Oh and they’re teething. So that’s fun. But we got updated weights. And of course I checked out their percentages. They’re moving up! Yay!
Mason: 20 lbs. 1.5 oz. (17% actual, 36% adjusted)
Logan: 16 lbs. 15 oz. (0.6% actual, 2.8% adjusted)
James: 19 lbs. 8 oz. (11.5% actual, 27% adjusted)
Ok so here’s what everyone has been up to this month!
Mr. Mason finally started crawling this month! Well, army crawling, but he gets where he needs to go. Yay! He’s so excited to be on the move! He hasn’t quite figured out how to get into the sitting position on his own but he’s trying. And he’ll pull up sort of if he has something pretty low to pull up on.
Mason is also the happiest, sweetest baby. He’s also a troublemaker at the dinner table. He’s VERY picky. I haven’t quite figured out what he likes because he’s not very consistent. I know he likes cookies and crackers. And I know he doesn’t like any type of fruit that I’ve tried to give him. Some foods he’ll try, then he’ll eat a few bites and I’ll get excited and think I’ve found something he likes. Then he’ll start throwing food all over the place, smearing it into the wall, etc. We’ll keep trying. He’s also the only one with teeth still and he has 7!
Logan is a mess. He’s very sweet, but very serious around people he doesn’t know. And very loud and opinionated. Logan talks NONSTOP. He says dubby-dubby-dubby all the time. That’s what I decided he’s saying. It means “my mom is the coolest ever” in case you were wondering.
Logan is probably the most social out of the 3 right now. Mostly just with his brothers, but it’s the cutest thing ever. He’ll talk to them, laugh with them, etc. And I think he misses them when they’re gone! The other night Mason was sick so he didn’t eat dinner. Well Logan was very concerned! He kept hitting Mason’s seat and looking at me as if saying “mom help! Mason’s missing!” It was so cute! I had to take him and show him that Mason was just sleeping!
Logan is mobile but he has the weirdest crawl. We call it the wounded soldier crawl. He pretty much uses one arm to pull himself. And no legs. Just the one arm. He’s starting to crawl on his hands and knees some but mostly he uses the wounded soldier method. Logan is also pulling up to standing. And he stands ALL. THE. TIME. He also falls down a lot. Oh and he crawls underneath things then sits up and gets upset when he hits his head. This is fun. Not.
Oh best thing I’ve discovered about Logan this month – he LOVES selfies! He went to school a grand total of 1 day last week so he spent some time with me at work. He was actual really unhappy. Until I pulled out my phone for picture time. Then he started cheesing.

He even made Nina take a selfie with him when she watched him!

James is into EVERYTHING! He’s crawling. Like full speed crawling. And when you try to catch him he speeds up and laughs. Stinker. And he’s pulling up to standing ALL. THE. TIME. Like Logan. Only James did it first. He’s also cruising. Next step – walking! Yikes! I pulled out one of our push walkers over the weekend and James “walked” across the room. He wasn’t super happy about it but he did it! His PT told me he’ll be walking soon. I’m a little scared!
James is very sweet, a little shy, and a huge flirt. Tonight at dinner he was flirting with 2 tables of ladies across the restaurant the whole meal. Then when one of them came over to say hi he got super shy and buried his face. Ha! He doesn’t really like many people up close and personal! So of course he’s the needy one too.

Ok so stay tuned for another post about out Memphis trip (almost a month ago now!). It’s pretty much already written so I’ll post it in the next few days probably. Or maybe not because we’re going to Fayetteville this weekend. Wish us luck! 3 babies in a hotel may be crazy. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Also disclaimer – I wrote this on June 29, the day they actually turned 14 months old, but I got tired after several hours so I quit. So everything is actually from then.

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