Memphis Trip

My Grandma turned 80 this month so we went to Memphis to celebrate with her! We had such a great time! We got to spend time with my family. Everyone was there too so it was kind of like Christmas. 

Eating at Nana’s in our new highchairs. In the wrong order.
And we went to the Memphis Zoo. And used our new stroller! Thanks Joanna for letting it go and thanks Alan for picking it up and bringing it to us! Here are a few pictures from the zoo! The boys loved it!

Addison got to pet the sting rays! I did too! They felt REALLY weird.

It was pretty hot so Mason got a baby mohawk!
My mom took advantage of the fact that we were all in the same place at once so we took family photos. Coordinating outfits too! Matching if you’re my brothers and my dad. (They should have thought this one out a little better maybe.) I apologize in advance for the Griffith Family Photos

Nice matching shirts guys!
And this one is my favorite I think. Ha!


And some more non-posed pictures from Memphis!

Logan and Teresa
Mason and Grandma


Alan teaching James he can do whatever he wants
Mason and Lizzie – LOVE THIS ONE!
Selfie with Addison
Then on the way home we got stuck in traffic so we ended up stopping to let the boys get out of their seats. And we took them to McDonald’s. Don’t judge. We don’t eat McDonald’s EVER but that was the best option at the time. The boys weren’t impressed. As you can maybe tell from the picture, Mason was more impressed with his placemat than his food. But they were super great travellers so that’s the most important thing!

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