Triplet Moms Take Chicago

We all have triplets!

If you’ve talked to me at all in the past year you’ve probably heard me talk about my “triplet mom friends” and you’ve probably made fun of me because, well, I met them on Facebook. If you had asked me a few years ago if I would make friends with complete strangers on Facebook I would have said no way! That’s super weird. Well, things changed. I felt really lost when I found out I was having triplets. Then I found my triplet mom friends. These women mean the world to me. Some of these ladies have supported me, made me laugh, and probably cried with me during the hard times. And I’ve tried to do the same. They’ve provided a sense of normalcy to having triplets. Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to meet some of my triplet mom friends in person! 38 triplet moms with triplets born in 2014 (actually 37 triplet moms and 1 super awesome quad mom) met in Chicago. I was super nervous and so excited on the way there! But even though we had never met in person it was like meeting up with old friends. We’ve been through so much together and most of us are super close already! We had 146 kids among our group of moms! And we totally pretended we didn’t have kids for a few days! So fun!

I have become really close with 3 girls. My “due date buddies.” 2 of them came to Chicago! We missed our 4th friend Lindsay but we Facetimed her and took a picture in front of The Bean together!
Here’s a picture of my awesome roommates! Poor Sally probably didn’t know what hit her! We met for the first time on Friday and she was stuck with me all weekend!
Ok so Friday I got to leave Little Rock earlier than I originally expected which was super awesome! I was supposed to be in court all day but I ended up not having to be there! Yay! So I learned about same day flight changes (only $75!) and changed my flight super last minute and didn’t miss the whole first day! Yay! I also had to learn how to take a cab. I seriously asked and was told “get in the cab line.” I guess that’s easy enough!
Friday night the whole group went to Gino’s East for dinner. Here are a few pictures:
A bunch of triplet moms!
A selfie with my signature drink – The Selfie
One of the smarter moms in our group decided we should wear nametags because we had never actually met each other in person. Well I’m not a fan of nametags, so here’s mine.

And just in case I was wrong:

After dinner we went to a bar. Of course. We were kid (and husband) free!
Shondra may be doing the shocker
Love Mama Shea!
Saturday was super fun too! We started the day at the spa. Then we played tourists all day!

Oh and apparently everyone knows I love selfies so Rachel, one of my favorite triplet moms, got me a selfie stick! I LOVE IT!!! I used it a lot! You don’t have to ask anyone to take your picture which makes it super awesome. And yes, I’m totally aware that it looks super dumb.

Group selfie in front of the Chicago River. See it’s pretty awesome
Then we went to The Bean
We went to the Sears Tower too but the line was super long so we didn’t go up. But I got a picture from outside looking up. It’s soooooo tall!

We rode a rickshaw to the next location! It was super cold. But Antonio was pretty awesome. And not as scary as the other bike driver guy.

Shondra looks so scared!
We went to the Hancock Tower instead when we couldn’t go up in the Sears Tower. Oh and we did “The Tilt” on the 95th floor. The glass window tilts out and you’re leaning over the ground! Way scarier than I expected!
And a selfie of course
Saturday night we went to Ditka’s for a group dinner. It was super fun. And we got dressed up so even more fun!
Summer due date group
Then we went out again of course. Craziest thing ever happened on the way though! I ran into my friend Charles from Memphis randomly on the street! So random but awesome! Here’s some pics from Saturday night. I may have stayed up way past my bed time! But the bar we found had beer pong, a photo booth, karaoke, a lady who squirted soap on your hands for you in the bathroom, AND a dance floor (which we didn’t discover until we had been there for about 2 hours). Seriously so fun! And I may or may not have eaten pizza in the hallway of the hotel at 5 am.
Love Sumer!
Of course we took photo booth pictures!

And this statue. Shondra loved him.

And we took a group selfie at Walgreens too! With the now notorious selfie stick.
Sunday I had a late flight and so did Shondra and Sally so we went to Navy Pier.

And one last selfie before we said goodbye! An airport selfie!

Oh and then we sat on the runway for 2 hours before leaving because of weather. So I got home super late. But it was so worth it! I had the best time!

So on top of hanging out with my triplet mom friends in real life (so Brian can no longer say they aren’t real because I’ve seen them now!), I loved Chicago. Except that it was really cold! It’s supposed to be summer! But I still loved Chicago. They must dye the water in Lake Michigan and the Chicago River though because no way it’s that color in real life. Also apparently Chicago has a thing for revolving doors. They’re everywhere! And I HATE them! I’m a little scared of them actually. I tend to get stuck in them or outside them. True story.

And in case you’re wondering, Brian took care of the boys and Addison all weekend and he did great! He’s superdad in case you didn’t know. He even took them all to the Apple Store (plus one of Addison’s friends).

I can’t wait until our next triplet mom trip! We’ve already started planning! Yay! I loved meeting everyone! I only wish we had more time! And I didn’t get to say bye to everyone. So if I didn’t say bye give yourself a hug for me (maybe in private because you may look weird doing it)!

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