Happy 11th Birthday Addison!

Eleven. Addison is 11!!! That seems so old. She thinks she’s old for sure. Ha! I guess every 11 year old thinks they’re grown? Idk. Addison and her friends do. I probably don’t help. I convinced Brian that Addison needed a phone for her bday. Maybe she’s not old enough? Idk. It’s done now though! And she was soooooo happy! Her phone privileges are not unlimited though. I made her sign a phone contract.

Look how happy she was to use HER OWN PHONE!
This is probably the best part of being a mom I think. Doing things that make your kids this happy. And Addison is such a good kid that she deserves things that make her this happy! We didn’t get to go out for her birthday dinner last night so we went for breakfast this morning instead. All 6 of us. I took pictures of course!
He was happy I promise
First time to drink apple juice! So yummy
Ok now I’m probably going to sound a little annoying but Addison is truly the best kid I could have asked for. She is sweet, smart, thoughtful, caring, all the good adjectives you can use to describe a person. Oh and she’s super silly. And loves to dance. She does have her faults of course. I mean she thinks leggings are pants. No matter how many times I tell her they’re not. And she loves taking selfies. (I love taking selfies too.) And she has an Instagram account but she only has like 3 pictures on it because she deletes her pictures if they don’t get enough likes or if she decides she doesn’t like them anymore. Who does this?
Oh and Addison is the best big sister ever. I mean I was a great big sister (still am, my siblings aren’t dead) but Addison may be better. She is genuinely excited when the boys reach new milestones, when they learn new things, when they get healthy after being sick. She goes in their room first thing in the morning every morning to say hi to her little brothers. When she came home from her week in Memphis yesterday she went straight to the van to see the boys.
Ok so here are some pictures of Addison.

And some selfies of course. I usually find these on my phone days later.

And sometimes I take selfies with her. Because I’m a cool mom like that.

Ok now I have to go! Headed to Chicago to meet up with 37 other triplet moms of triplets born in 2014! I’m sooooo excited! Flight is delayed so I had extra time. Thank you Little Rock Airport from the free wifi!
I’ll leave you with some old pictures of Addison. Because she was super cute. And a little fat.
Addison’s First Birthday!
First trip to the fair. The giraffe had to come too of course
Chuck E Cheese outtake
Sassy Addison a few years ago
Ok now I really have to go! Happy birthday Addison!

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