13 Months

I don’t have any stickers to commemorate this month. I’m a little sad. 😦 Brian is NOT sad. If I wasn’t so busy I would totally make stickers just for fun (and to irritate Brian of course). I still have lots of pictures though.

We’ve had a few firsts over the past week so I’ll share those first!

First bath in the big bathtub
First Trip to Sam’s
First time in our Triple Wagon

I’ll start with our 13 month stats. We went to Nutrition Clinic today for weight checks. Mason is the biggest now! We totally knew that would be the case because he’s visibly fat now. Ha!

Current weights and lengths:
Mason – 19 lbs. 4 oz. (13% ACTUAL, 31% adjusted) 70.5 inches (9.2% adjusted)
Logan – 16 lbs. 3 oz. (0.3% actual, 1.9% adjusted) 67.2 cm (really short for both)
James – 18 lbs. 3 oz. (5% actual, 15% adjusted) 68 inches (0.8% adjusted)

So they’re all still really short. Shocking I know. And I know 0.3% is not technically “on the chart” for actual age but I’m counting it for Logan because this is the first time he’s been above 0.0% actual.

Fun fact – now that Mason is gaining weight well (too well) we’re switching him to the regular 22 cal/oz. formula recipe. So we now have 3 different recipes. Ha! Oh well. Logan and James are both sticking with the same plan. And best news – no one got in trouble for not gaining weight today (which means I didn’t get in trouble too so yay!)

The big thing we’ve been working on this month is eating normal food. At school they get a “chopped” version of the lunch everyone gets at school. James is our best eater. I can’t think of anything he doesn’t like. Logan also loves to eat. Mason not so much, although you can’t tell by looking at him. Mason only likes bread products. Crackers, puffs, etc. (Actually they all LOVE puffs and crackers.) Mason takes pretty much anything else out of his mouth. That’s right, he reaches in with his hand and removes the food. I’m still making baby food for them but I’m also starting to make them regular food too. Last night I made them turkey meatballs. And I’ve made them banana oatmeal cookies too (they’re super weird). James can’t have dairy and we haven’t introduced eggs yet so I have to get creative. But I pretty much give them anything else.

The boys are making good progress developmentally too. They’re mobile now. Yikes! We ordered a baby gate for the top of our stairs and will be installing that very soon!

Here’s a brief update about each baby. And pictures of course.

Mr. Mason has 6 teeth but doesn’t use them to eat. He doesn’t bite either so I guess that’s good! He also has LOTS of hair. He’s still our happy, content little (big) guy. And he has the best laugh ever. He’s not super mobile but he rolls all over the place. He can army crawl but chooses not to most of the time.

Mason’s favorite toy – books. He likes to eat them. I guess we can teach him the proper way to use books when he’s older. For now we have to keep them away from him or they end up with teeth marks in them.

Here are some pics of Mason from the past month:

Not sure what to do with all these toys!
Mason LOVES this toolbench!

Logan is a mess. Like always. He is mobile but he has the strangest way of crawling. We call it the wounded soldier crawl because he reaches with one arm and pulls himself forward. It’s super funny, but I guess it works because he’s everywhere. Logan has also learned how to sit up on his own and he loves it. He’ll post up somewhere and play for a long time. He’s also just learning how to pull up. He mostly just pulls up to his knees. He can pull up to his feet but doesn’t know how to get down yet so he gets upset.

Here are some pictures of Logan from this month:

Demonstrating the wrong way to sit at the table
Sick Logan got a sink bath at Nina and Pops house
Logan will sleep anywhere
Look what I found!

James is, well, he’s James. He’s super sensitive but so sweet. And he’s all over the place. He can really crawl. His favorite destination – the dogs’ water bowl. He’s also realizing that we have dogs so he’ll go for Otis sometimes. Otis doesn’t mind luckily. James started pulling up a few weeks ago. He was the first one. I thought about knocking him down but then other moms told me that doesn’t work. They get back up. Oh well. Now he’s pulling up to standing all the time. Especially in his bed and especially at bedtime. James has also started throwing toys. As in, he throws his toys out of his carseat and out of his swing when he’s mad or bored. Funny. Except when we’re out of the house and we have to clean the toys every 5 seconds.

Here are some pictures of James from this month:

He actually likes the big bathtub now! Yay!
Standing like a big boy
In the dog bowl

The boys have had a few stomach viruses this month too unfortunately. Nothing like the ones we had a few months ago luckily. But I think we’ve all been at least a little sick. Bonus . . . I got to bring little friends to work.

James was fake sick the first time.

Then last week Logan and James were sent home from school so they had to sit out for the 24 hour probation period. Again not sick, but they came to work with me for a few hours because I could not miss work. I did get some work done luckily. They were very good most of the time.

They were only still because I had food
This made it difficult to get work done
And of course Logan and I took a work selfie. And of course Logan was not impressed.

And here are a few more random pictures from the month:

Rough day at school
Very interested in the meat and cheese tray at Sam’s
James sat in Mason’s lap
My favorite outfits I think

We went to Rexfest at our church and took our wagon for it’s maiden voyage. They did pretty good in it, although James was super fussy that day so most of my pictures are just Mason and Logan

Ok I guess that’s it. These boys are definitely keeping me on my toes! But they’re so fun!

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