The Party

The. Party. Was. Perfect! We had so many people show up and celebrate with us!

I did a gentleman theme (kinda). Mustaches and bowties and some argyle of course. Everything else I just stuck with the ONE theme and the colors to match the birthday outfits (I ordered those first!)

I think the boys had fun. Well, Logan and James had fun. Mason woke up from his nap (right before the party started) in a horrible mood, not like himself at all! Poor guy just didn’t feel very good! He also threw up in my hair right before the party started. Oh well! It definitely wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last! Hopefully no one noticed!

We did cupcakes this time instead of whole cakes. I ordered them from Dempsey Bakery again so they matched the smash cakes actually! Love them! The boys . . . they could have gone without and been just fine.

They still didn’t like cake! Mason definitely was not in the mood for cake!

Logan and James didn’t appreciate the cake too much either. They enjoyed smearing icing all over the place. But they did NOT actually eat the cake (again). They did, however, wear the hats this time. Yay!


Here’s some pictures of the birthday boys in their awesome bday outfits!

And a few more pictures from the party!

Mason and Gigi
James and Teresa
Mason with Nancy
James and Pop
James with Pop, Nana, and Grandad
Logan with Lou Lou
Mid-party nap!
James and Grandma
Logan after cake

Oh and right  before the party started the mail man showed up with a surprise package from my triplet mom friends! Thank you so much Ali, Lindsay, and Shondra! The boys LOVE their ball pit! Logan checked it out first. Naked with sunglasses. Because how else would you play in your ball pit?

And of course the girls had fun too! This is just the ones left when I finally picked up my camera again at the end!

Here’s a few pictures of my decorations! I of course went overboard. But they only turn ONE once right!? I made everything myself (with a little help from my friends over on Etsy!) Links to Etsy shops I used are under the pictures!

Birthday Outfits are from Sew Sew Collectibles on Etsy! I sent her a picture of my leg warmers (from Baby Leggings) and she made the outfits to match! I started with the birthday outfits then built everything else around those! I just love love love their birthday outfits!

Chalkboard posters are from Triplets Treasures! I ordered these from another triplet mom and she is AMAZING! She made my invitations too! She made me the digital files (with lots and lots of input from me) and I printed them myself! Here’s a better picture of the posters!

Tassel Banner is from Pomtree.  I actually ordered all the parts then I put it together myself! I LOVE IT! We used the banner for pictures the other day too! I’m trying to figure out what I can use this for again!

Wreath. I made this all by myself! I’m pretty proud of it. I just went to Hobby Lobby and looked around until I found something I liked. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it . . . .

Hats. I made these myself too! I found a tutorial with a  template for the cutout here. And I looked up how to make the pom poms because I couldn’t find any I liked in the store! I found a tutorial here. The rest I made up on my own! They’re mostly just scrapbook paper though.

A big huge thank you to everyone who came! And to Marcia and Lynnette for the food! I tried to claim it as my own but I came clean.

ONLY 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!!! I guess it’s happening whether I like it or not!

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