2 NICU Reunions

The past 2 weekends we’ve gone to 2 NICU Reunions! If you remember, we started at UAMS and ended up at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. So 2 NICUs. Luckily same drs at both though! Yay! We were only at UAMS for 2.5 weeks (Mason and Logan transferred to Children’s right at 2 weeks for their surgeries, then James came a few days later). Then we spent almost 5 months at Children’s! Wow! But 2 NICUs means 2 NICU reunions!

Just for fun, here’s a pic of our first ambulance ride! Mason and Logan are in those travel isolettes!


The UAMS Reunion was first. We had lots of fun! We saw a few of the doctors who helped save our babies and who kept them alive during the first few weeks. And we met up with 3 other triplet families! 3 sets of triplets all born within a few months! I had met 1 mom before and another mom I already knew through Facebook but had never met in person. And the third set of triplets are older! We saw one more set of triplets there but I only said hi to them and didn’t get to meet them really.

We got a great picture of the 3 sets of baby triplets and moms!

And we got a great family photo too! Everyone but Logan looking at the camera! I LOVE IT! Of course Logan is making his signature look – the mean face (that’s right he has a signature look because he’s awesome like that). In case you missed it, Logan is PASSED OUT in the group photo above. Ha!

Here are a few more pictures from the UAMS Reunion:
3 sets of baby triplets and 2 of 3 big triplets!
Logan hanging out with the big kids (they’re only a few months older!)
Mason with Kloey – another triplet big sister
We went to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital NICU Reunion this weekend. So fun! We saw several of our NICU friends, 2 of our primary nurses, our favorite Specialty Nurse, and some other friends too! James was a little cranky so he has his giraffe in most of the pictures! Mason was a little flirt! He smiled pretty much the whole time. And Logan . . . well he was Logan. He talked a lot, made mean faces, and smiled a little. And I took lots of pictures!
Audra and Lori were 2 of our primaries and we LOVE them!
We got to see our NICU buddy Cole! We saw a few other friends too but I didn’t get pictures! You can see Riley trying to get in on this one though!
Oh and they had a photo booth:
I think Addison’s are better!
And a few more random pictures!
I also made a storyboard poster of our NICU stay! This was soooo hard! I loved going through all the old pictures but it brought back lots of memories (some scary ones!) and it was hard to choose too! And I’m a little OCD so it had to be perfect (it’s not I know). I think it turned out pretty good though! Now it’s going in my mom box where I’ll keep it forever!
The group shot above was so hard to get! We had pretty much the entire room behind us trying to get the boys to look! Here’s a few outtakes!
James was not happy. And Mason really liked that sheep!
And here’s my favorite picture of the day! Mason rode his first tractor! Here’s how it went down – I saw the tractor and said “I’m putting a baby on that” and Brian said “no.” So I did it anyway. And Mason loved it. So I made the right choice obviously.

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