Our First Easter

We had several firsts this Easter! The boys’ first Easter and our first Easter where we had family over to our house! Needless to say it was a busy day. But it was probably my favorite Easter so far! First we went to Easter Mass and we had to STAND even though we were 20 minutes early!! But Dr. Miquel, my favorite neo, was there and she stood with us! Yay! She’s the one who saved Logan’s life when he had the pneumothorax! She held Logan and I’m pretty sure he remembered because he loved her too! And she let him do whatever he wanted too so he now likes to stand in his carseat. Ha!

I took LOTS of pictures of our first family Easter so I just  have to share!

My favorite picture first! This shows all 3 personalities perfectly! And thanks to Ali, one of my triplet mom friends, for the bunny ears!

We loved having everyone over! Here’s my next favorite picture! The boys with all 4 grandparents! Idk what the prize would be but I probably deserve a prize for getting all 7 to look at the same time!

A few more group pictures:

Nana and the boys
Nana and Grandad with the boys

And lots of other random pictures:

Logan and Grandma
My dad and Otis
Logan didn’t nap! So he joined us for lunch!
Lizzie and Mason
James and Teresa – he had ham in the mesh feeder!
Logan tried a roll at lunch!
Addison and Joey – LOVE
Logan and Grandpa
James and Teresa again!
Grandpa and Pop – he looks interested doesn’t he?
And this pretty lady:

And because she’s in college and we all love selfies (come on, don’t kid yourself you know you like them too!), we took a selfie with Mason. He seemed pretty into it too!

The Easter bunny came of course!

The boys got straw sippy cups! They tried them out tonight and Mason loved them. I’m pretty sure he didn’t get anything out (it was water) but he decided all the cups were his! Ha!

The boys had a great time getting spoiled! They had lots of friends on their play mat!
And because everyone spoils these boys, someone (cough, cough Joey) gave Logan a beer. Ok it was a beer CAN. A closed beer can.
I felt bad taking it away from him because I know that cold can felt soooo good on his poor teething gums! Of course my Grandma instigated this whole thing. She told Joey “he looks like he wants it” so he should let him have it! Ha!
And we had an Easter egg hunt too of course! Addison was the only egg hunter. And she’s 10. So Teresa hid them REALLY well! Otis helped though so Addison found all of them!
And then after everyone left we took our bunny ears pictures!
Logan and Brian
Logan and James with Brian
Addison and Mason

And because trying to take pictures of 3 babies is a lot like herding cats, some outtakes of my picture with the boys! I thought letting them have plastic eggs was a good idea at first. Then I quickly realized it wasn’t.

I hope everyone had a great Easter like we did! I can’t even begin to imagine what next year will be like!




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