11 Months

WHHHAAATTT???!!!! Seriously! 11 Months! Only 1 more month until they’re 1! This is so crazy to me! They still seem so little still!

We’ve had a super busy month but . . . drumroll please! . . . NO HOSPITAL STAYS!! Yay! We did have a few more rounds of the stomach virus (4 in all) and Addison has been sick 3 times BUT overall we had a much healthier month! And RSV season is officially OVER! Double (no make that triple) yay! We’re still being extra careful with our little preemie babies but hopefully we’re out of the danger season for this year!

This month we’ve been learning lots of new tricks and really starting to develop big personalities! All 3! Who would have guessed that they’d have big personalities? Ha! We’ve also been eating! They love to eat, unless it’s a bottle, then they’re like, meh maybe I’ll eat it, maybe I won’t! So I’ve been keeping track of everything they eat and how much. And Mason and Logan get extra calories added to their table foods via calorie powder (gross if you ask me!).

Here’s a few more pictures before we get to monthly updates! I have so many! Stay tuned for a picture-only post later this month!

Waiting to see Dr. Peeples! Yay!
Not sure we’re Irish but we still wore green!
Cheering on the Hogs! They won that game (but not the next one)
Watching some March Madness with Dad

Ok now for some monthly updates! Current stats first:
Mason: 15 lbs 1.5 oz (1.7% for adjusted age)
Logan: 14 lbs. 3.5 oz. (0.4% for adjusted age)
James:  15 lbs. 12 oz. (4.2% for adjusted age)

I wasn’t kidding when I said they’re tiny! Part of this is because they were so early. Part of it is because we’ve had FOUR stomach viruses. And part of it (Logan especially) is because we have sick lungs and it takes more effort to breathe than full term healthy-lung babies. We actually went to Nutrition Clinic at the beginning of March for weight checks and, because they didn’t gain enough weight, Dr. Peeples wanted to see them immediately. It’s never good to get that call! But good that we got to see Dr. Peeples an extra time! THEN we went back to Nutrition Clinic 10 days later and guess what? All 3 babies weighed EXACTLY THE SAME! We go back again on Monday after Easter so fingers crossed they’re starting to gain weight again!

We still have ZERO teeth but I think we may get some before we turn 1! Maybe!

We do have some hair. Mason’s hair is really starting to grow and it doesn’t stick up anymore unless we don’t brush it (yes we have to brush it now!) which Brian does sometimes on purpose. Logan has a patch of hair. I pretend it gives him super powers. And James has a full head of fine bleach blond hair!

Ok now for individual updates (and more pictures of course)!

Mr. Mason has made some major progress this month! Most importantly NO sicknesses (except for a few stomach viruses). Mason finally decided to roll over! And I think he loves it now! This kid who hated his belly now sleeps on his belly after only a few weeks of rolling over. He’s working on sitting, but not very good at it. He still needs practice! And he still has the sweetest, happiest little personality I’ve ever seen! Love it!
Here are some Mason pictures!
Mason likes the sticker NOT on his shirt
Mason in a basket!
That picture sums up Logan perfectly! Ha! He’s such a funny little guy! He’s ornery I guess would be a good way to describe him! He’s usually content but he makes these faces that are just hilarious. Usually pouty faces! And he obviously hates monthly pictures. Just look at that face!
Mr. Logan has started rolling EVERYWHERE! He’s really trying to figure out how to move! But he’s only figured out how to go backwards, which is NOT what he wants to do so he gets angry! Oh, and he can sit up unassisted. He does fall over so he still needs supervision. And he talks and talks and talks. We get the boys up at 7 every morning for their morning bottle, but Logan usually wakes up around 6:30 and just talks and plays in his bed. He’s happy but sooooo loud! He may be tiny but he has a voice and he knows how to use it!
Here are some Logan pictures! I could do a full post of just Logan’s faces!
Escape from Babyland!
Oh and Logan LOVES his thumb!

Sweet James is a mess! That’s the best way to describe him these days! He’s really sweet, but also pretty needy! For example, every Sunday at Mass, James ALWAYS has to get out of his seat. He plays really well by himself, but sometimes we have to put him down and walk away and let him fuss for a minute. Then he’s all over the place! James rolls everywhere too! And he’s starting to scoot a little. I’ve only seen him go backwards but his teacher told me today that he scooted forward so he could “touch the floor” past the carpet! Ha! I can’t wait to see it! James can also sit up. Actually he sits really well! He falls sometimes but most of the time he falls gracefully (if that’s even possible being related to me!)

Here are a few more pictures of James:

James loves Sophie!
Practicing sitting with Addison!
Bath time!
Sitting by myself!
James is pretty smart – figured this EZPZ Mat out already!

We also finally got some nice Spring weather so we’ve been outside! Yay! One day we moved the jumpers to the back patio!


Then we went for a walk around the cul-de-sac one day! They wouldn’t look at me so this is the best picture I got!

We also got a pop-n-play, which is a portable pop up play yard and we put that on the back patio! It only takes like 1 minute to set this thing up!

We got a few new inside toys too! We got a Baby Care Play Mat, which is super soft and wipes off easily too! And we got a Fisher Price Crazy Coupe and it’s awesome! All 3 boys LOVE it!

Logan and James

And here are a few more miscellaneous pictures!

This is what happened about 5 seconds later!!

And then 30 seconds after that!

Addison and Logan
Mason showing Logan proper eating technique
Logan showing Mason how NOT to eat

Oh and we took the boys to the happiest place on Earth (for moms): TARGET! James got to sit in the buggy (and yes I totally sanitized it VERY WELL before putting him in there!) He didn’t know what to think! Mason and Logan rode in the double snap n go!

And here’s an outtake from our 11 month photo shoot!

I have lots of blog posts that I’ve been meaning to write over the past year so I’m hoping to get those written over the next month! Stay tuned!

And in case you forgot, the big day is APRIL 29! My teeny tiny little babies will be 1 THIS MONTH! Ahhhhh!

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