A Few of My Favorite Things

With 3 babies we use lots and lots of baby products. Some are great, some are so-so, and others I don’t think we could live without. So I thought i would share a few of my favorites! Links on each one too! Mostly to Amazon but you can get these things anywhere! Note: This is my list for NON-MOBILE babies! I’ll do another one once we start moving!


Bugaboo Bliss bottle props. Best thing ever! This is how we feed 3 babies at once. I asked my triplet mom friends what they recommended and the overwhelming majority recommended these. And now I recommend them any time someone asks! They work great and the lady who makes them is great. And she gave me a triplet mom discount! You can order from her Etsy shop here!

Here’s some pictures of my boys using these bottle props:

Dr. Brown’s Pitcher. Another best thing ever! We make lots of bottles so we mix lots of formula. We use a special recipe to add more calories so we couldn’t use a Baby Brezza. This is just as great though. Not super expensive and makes bottle making so much easier and really cuts down our bottle making time! It also mixes all the powder and doesn’t make lots of bubbles.

Baby Vac. Sounds weird right? Well it is. It’s a booger sucker that attaches to the vacuum. It’s the closest thing to hospital suction that you can get for home. It works so well. Brian tried it on himself too (PSA don’t use it if you have grown man nose hair).

Addison and one of her friends tried it out too! It’s ok to try baby products on our older kid right?

We also have a Nose Frida. This is another snot sucker. This one you suck the boogers out through a straw like thing. Don’t worry it has a filter so the boogers stay away from your mouth! (Addison didn’t know this at first so she thought we were eating baby boogers.)

WubbanubsOmg you need these if you have a baby. At first I thought they were just cute. I mean they’re adorable. But they also work well! The little animals help keep the paci close to their  mouth when they’re little. When they’re bigger it helps them find the paci and put it in their mouth. It also saves pacis from disappearing behind the bed and other places I don’t care to go. Only 1 of my babies still uses the paci regularly (Mason) but the other 2 still like their wubbanubs! Logan chews on the feet mostly. James uses his as a lovie and also loves the tag. We started with 3 but ended up with 9! You can’t have too many of these things!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

Aden+Anais Muslin Blankets. LOVE these! We use them ALL THE TIME. They’re really big but they’re thin enough that I can fold them. I use them in car seats, swings, everywhere really. You can use them to swaddle too but we use Halos for that (see below). I bought lots of these and we use all of them!


Sophie the Giraffe. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Sophie the Giraffe. And you’ve probably thought she’s way to expensive for basically a dog toy. But she’s worth it! We have 3 and we use them every day! One of ours actually broke – squeaker quit squeaking – and the company replaced it for free! You need a Sophie if you don’t have one already. You may need more than 1.

Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing. We have 3 of these and we use them every day. We got one as a gift then I bought 2 more at a consignment sale. These swings go side to side and front to back. We use side to side mostly but when the babies get super cranky I can turn it the other way to distract them. (It works!)

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Seat. We only have 1 of these and we just got it about a month ago but it’s one of my favorites! I wish we had 3! It’s kinda like a bumbo but better. I think it positions babies in a more correct sitting position. It also has toys on it. I called it the magic seat when we first got it because seriously all 3 of my boys really really liked sitting in it.

Play Gym. I don’t know that it matters which one you get on this one. We had this one from Baby Einstein and my boys have loved it since day 1.

Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer. We didn’t get this one until very recently but it makes my list because it’s AMAZING! I actually got to be a product tester for this one. We almost bought an automatic bouncer when the boys were little but didn’t. Now I wish we had! I mean, it bounces by itself! My boys love it! The one we tested isn’t out yet but they have similar ones available on Amazon and at Babies R Us!
Rainforest Jumper. We have 2 of these (only one makes noise unfortunately) but we LOVE them! James especially loves to jump! This is the best jumper that I know of! We have another jumper (Baby Einstein) and we like that one too but it doesn’t jump as well.
Otis likes when the boys jump too!
Halo Sleepsacks. The NICU got us hooked on Sleepsacks and we still use them at 9 months (we swaddle with arms out now). This is one of the best things for sleeping babies! It also helps with fussy babies (like angry Mason when he first came home)! For tiny babies we liked the Swaddle Me swaddles better but we quickly outgrew the newborn size then we liked the halos better.

And here’s how they sleep now:

James – if you look close you can see that he’s holding the tag on his giraffe

Sound Machine. This is one of the keys to sleeping babies (which helps with sleeping mom and dad). We have this one and we love it. We use it EVERY NIGHT.

Snap n Go Strollers. Triple strollers are expensive, bulky, and create lots of attention. Triplet moms recommended getting a single and double snap n go stroller so we did. Best decision ever! These strollers are really just frames that you stick the infant carriers in. And they hold pretty much any infant carrier out there. You just strap them in if they don’t snap on. They’re super lightweight and simple too. Brian and I don’t take all 3 babies out alone ever so this works great for us! This also gives us an easy way to take 1 or 2 to dr appointments. Oh and they both fit in the back of my van easily with extra room.

The day we took Mason home!
The single is super lightweight even a baby can push it!


Bourbon and Scotch. For the dads of course. Ha! I asked Brian if I forgot anything so this is his contribution to the list.


Oreos. A triplet mom staple. This one doesn’t need any more explanation.
Do you have any other amazing baby products to add to this list?

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