Our First Christmas as a Family of 6!

Christmas was a lot different this year than last year! We knew we were pregnant last year, but we didn’t know it was three and we hadn’t told anyone yet! What a difference a year makes! The hectic Christmas family traditions are so much crazier with 3 babies! But we made it and we had a great Christmas! And we took our first roadtrip! (And it was a success!) We even made it to see Santa! And no one cried (they didn’t smile either but I’ll take it!)

I haven’t posted in almost a month because we’ve been so so so super busy! We ended up doing almost all of our Christmas shopping online and almost all the last week before Christmas. We had great intentions of shopping a few weeks ahead of time and getting everything done BEFORE the last minute. But that didn’t happen. Instead, we spent 3 nights at Children’s with James (1 night) and Mason (2 nights) the week before Christmas.

The boys will be 8 months tomorrow (December 29) so I’ll write another post about what we’ve been up to later this week (including why we spent 3 nights at the hospital). This one is just about Christmas!

Here’s our Christmas card! I love it! Thanks to Miranda Carr for taking the awesome photos! (She took the Ho Ho Ho one above too!)

And I put the babies in gift boxes too! I had visions of amazing photos. Kind of like the babies in pumpkins pics I did for fall. Well, it didn’t turn out as well this time! Ha! Here’s a collage I put together! Mason wasn’t in the mood!

James didn’t mind it though!

Addison and I went to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs to see the Christmas lights with Brian’s mom and his brother and his family. It was cold so the babies didn’t go. But Addison and I had a great time!


We spent Christmas Eve at Brian’s parents’ house in town with his family. I didn’t get any pictures but Brian got this one of Mason with his Aunt Katie and cousins Liam (11 months) and Emily (2). The babies were a big hit! Emily especially loved them!
And here’s one of all the cousins at Nina and Pop’s house together for the first time! The boys are out of order because Josie didn’t want to hold a baby so Emily is holding James instead!
Later that night we headed out of town for Memphis! Our first roadtrip! Yay! We packed so much into the Mann Van! Addison had one seat in the back row but other than that the entire back was full to the ceiling except for a small space for me to see out.
The boys did great in the van on the way to Memphis (not as good on the way home!) We got there about 9:30. Then we went to Midnight Mass. The boys slept through the whole thing. And we had the cry room to ourselves.
Then my favorite Christmas tradition – presents at my grandparents’ house after Midnight Mass. The boys were great for this too! Logan slept the whole time. Mason and James were awake most of the time but they were really good! Which is a good thing because we didn’t pack any bottles because they don’t eat in the middle of the night!
Here’s a few pictures:
Brian and James
My favorite gift – LEMONHEADS!
Then we went back to my parents’ house and went to sleep (around 5 am) and waited for Santa! I didn’t get any pictures from Christmas Day at my parents’ house (mom fail!) but it was a great day! The boys were perfect! Addison was perfect too of course! We had planned to stay until Friday (the day after Christmas) but because everyone was so good we ended up staying an extra day! Yay! So fun!
Brian took one picture. His “Reinbeer” that my sister gave him!
Here’s a few more pictures from the Christmas season!

And our Christmas ornaments (I actually have another set that my mom made but I put them on the tree right away before I took pictures!)


Oh and we have an Elf on the Shelf! Of course! His name is Buddy and he gets into a little trouble from time to time. Here’s a few pictures of Buddy from this year. He wasn’t too naughty!



Buddy turned the milk green! Ew!
Buddy rolled the Christmas tree!
And one of my favorite things about Christmas – Christmas cards! I have lots more that didn’t fit on this side of my kitchen too! One of my triplet mom groups did a Christmas card exchange so I have triplet Christmas cards too! I love my triplet mom friends! We even did a Secret Santa this year and I got the sweetest gifts! And I really had fun buying gifts for my triplet mom too!
Ok this was a little long (I know most of my posts are long!) so I’ll end it here! Stay tuned for an 8 month update!

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